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turn around




Sasuke was irritated. No, irritated didn't even do the justice to what he was feeling – he was positively fuming.

Pushing Sakura off of him, he gave her one of his deadliest glares. The girl visibly flinched, but only a bit. She looked him straight in the eye, her chin held high, like she wasn't afraid. But Sasuke saw – he saw the slight twitch of her lips, the nervous shuffle of her feet. She anticipated his reaction. It was worse, even – she expected a positive reaction.

"What the hell is your problem?" Sasuke asked her, his brows creasing into a deep frown. He crossed his arms over his chest, looking a lot like an annoyed father who caught his daughter coming back home late.

Sakura's eyes widened ever so slightly. The pink haired girl bit down on her lip, hard, strangely silent. She couldn't form a coherent answer – she couldn't think of anything but the slow realization of how utterly stupid her plan was.

"I…" she began, her once strong will faltering, together with the eye contact she held with Sasuke. "I…"

But she didn't have to finish her sentence – it was a lost cause anyway – because Sasuke's attention was now elsewhere. She curiously followed his gaze, who was now something between disbelief and hurt.

And she met with two sets of familiar eyes.


Hinata held Ino's hand as tightly as she could. Granted, it wasn't much, but Ino's heart still wept for the poor girl. The Hyuuga was visibly shaking with emotion – she saw the conflict in her expression. She wasn't sure what to say to her – if she should say anything at all – how to comfort her. She only returned Hinata's death grip.

"Hey." She called, after seconds of silence and observing the two people on Sasuke's front porch conversing. "Hey, Hinata…"

"T-This was a bad idea." She muttered, blinking away tears. She was so tired. Tired of crying, and trying to explain herself. "H-He's obviously b-busy… we s-should come b-back another t-time…"

But it was clear in her voice she had no intention of coming back. Ever.

And then, she went still. The grip on Ino's hand tightened, and it piqued the blonde's interest. She looked up, and realized that Sasuke knew they were there. He was looking straight at Hinata, after all. And she was looking straight at him.

"Hinata," he mouthed.

It pained Ino. It pained her a lot, because she didn't realize before – she didn't pay attention to what Sasuke was really feeling. It was no secret that she obsessed over him just like any other fangirl – just as it was no secret that she considered Sakura her rival, and spent most of the time competing with her over who'd be a better match for Sasuke. It had never occurred to her – she never even began to think about what was actually going on in Sasuke's head. It hasn't been that long since she grew out of her childish phase, but every part of her being wished she'd done that sooner, and that Sakura had done the same.

Sasuke would never love either of them. That much was obvious. If he ever considered any of them as romantic interests, he'd show it a long time ago. It was just how Sasuke was – if he wanted something, he stopped at nothing until he got it.

And from the expression on his face, it was obvious who it was he wanted to see right now.

And so, before Hinata could hide herself from him like a coward, she yanked the girl forward, onto the porch. She gave Sakura a long, tired look that promised a lot of conversing later, and demanded that she went with her. To her surprise, her best friend didn't protest, at all. She didn't seem triumphant, either. In fact, she looked only like her whole life has taken a whole different turn, and it scared her.

Maybe she has finally grown up, Ino wondered as she led the girl lost in thought down the street. She waved at Hinata, offering her a supportive smile, and soon enough, the girls disappeared, leaving the other two confused teenagers alone.


"She kissed me." He said immediately, now almost refusing to meet her eyes – the truth was, he was afraid to, but Sasuke was the last to admit he was afraid of anything. "Just wanted to clear that up. I didn't kiss her. She came to me."

Hinata couldn't deny the relief that settled in her stomach at his words. She wouldn't believe that it went any other way, anyway, but it was still nice to hear it come from his lips.

"I-I just f-fell on top of N-Naruto-kun." She said. "I-it didn't m-meant anything. I-I tripped, and f-fell on him. H-he… he just d-didn't let me go."

They stared at each other for what seemed like years, when in reality, it was only thirty seconds. Thirty seconds, and it was enough. When he pulled her towards him and encircled her with his strong arms, his lips touching hers, she knew that was it. This, whatever it was between them, never felt more real since that night.

He hugged her tightly, like he never intended to let go. His kiss was slow and tender, almost like he was restraining himself from devouring her. Hinata was sure that was the case. Her own hands wound themselves in his thick raven locks, scratching his scalp as she returned the kiss.

He pulled away, only enough to whisper against her lips, "We probably shouldn't do this on the front porch." Hinata couldn't agree more. The last thing they needed was one of his fangirls catching them – all hell would break loose.

And so, he led her into his house. He planned on taking her to his bedroom – it was so tempting, and he just knew she was ready to do whatever the hell he wanted to do – but he couldn't make it that far. She was far too tempting. Feeling a little smug, he trapped her between a nearby wall and himself, a predatory smirk decorating his face.

Hinata blushed, knowing full well what his intentions were. His hands rested on her shoulders as he leaned in for another kiss, this time licking her lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance, which she gladly granted. It felt so different, yet the same, from the last time they've done this – it seemed like ages, and not just weeks ago. Without the alcohol, the intense sensation only seemed to multiply, as she was now clearly aware of his every move. Their tongues tangled in a tender embrace and she shuddered at the waves of pleasure the simple contact sent to her lower stomach.

He spread her legs with his knee and pressed himself fully against her. His hands sneaked down to her bottom, lifting her up so she had to wrap her legs around his waist to stay balanced. He nibbled on her lower lip and ground his hips against hers, allowing a small grunt leave his mouth at the pleasing contact.

Hinata was excited – she could feel passion rolling off of Sasuke in waves and it was addicting, like a drug. Feeling blunt, she placed the palm of one of her hands on the bare skin of his stomach underneath the plain black shirt, but didn't stop it there. She continued forward, pulling she shirt with her, revealing more and more of pale skin and hard muscles of his abdomen. Sasuke, a little surprised, but catching her hint, somehow managed to keep her upright while his arms detached themselves from her body long enough to rip the shirt off over his head and throw it somewhere on the floor, before they returned to her shoulders, fiddling with the fabric of the clothes covering her. "Hey, I won't be the only one shirtless here." He muttered, thankful that she decided not to wear her famous hoodie today for whatever reason. As the shirt went off, he kissed her collarbone and neck, nipping and biting every now and then just to enjoy the ragged breaths and gasps that left her mouth at the sudden actions.

He really loved her pale skin. It made her look delicate, fragile, graceful. Like a china doll. And he absolutely loved how she was small and soft, and cute. He didn't even feel ashamed of the thoughts going through his head – he knew it was true, so there was no point in denying it. He wanted her. He wanted her right now, and he knew she wanted him too.

Sadly, this time she wore a bra. He reached behind her to unclasp the damn thing, but it was a lot harder than it seemed to be at first sight. After several seconds of fiddling with the clasp, with a frown of concentration on his face, Hinata finally took pity on him and undid it herself. She giggled at the offended look he sent her way – the look that said 'what-you-don't-think-I'd-be-able-to-do-it-myself'? – but she was certain that he was actually grateful for the help. He did decide to have his revenge, an evil smirk stretching his lips as thoroughly teased her breasts, making her squeak out the most delicious sounds. His tongue did wonders to the sensitive peak of her right breast and his hand massaged the other, struggling to keep her balanced as she started writhing in pleasure, her nails digging dangerously into his scalp.

Yes, he wanted her. He planned on teasing her longer, but he just couldn't wait anymore. It's been too long. He needed her.

"Take off your pants," he growled into her ear, dropping her thighs from his grasp so she could stand on her own and unzip her jeans. He pulled at the waistband of his sweatpants at the same time, getting rid of the annoying cloth, together with his boxers.

The second they were both naked, he grabbed her again, her calves wrapping around his waist, and wasted no time in slipping inside of her. It was heaven, it was divine. Even if he had an aversion to physical contact, with Hinata, it was different – it was natural, like breathing air, and it was addictive – he wanted to do it again, and again, and again. His thrusts were violent and strong, but he contradicted them with soft, lingering kisses he planted on Hinata's lips, cheeks and neck. She mewled and melted in his arms, coming undone every time he slid out and back inside.

"Shit," he swore, his eyes rolling in their sockets. His thrusts lost rhythm, and he struggled to regain it, but it was becoming impossible with Hinata's walls clenching around him, pushing him dangerously close to the edge.

"Hinata," his whispered grunt shook her to the core, "I'm going to-"

"Sa-Sasuke," she moaned, grabbing a fistful of his hair, clawing his back.

When she came first, she pulled him closely with her, their foreheads pressing together. What Sasuke felt at that moment was most definitely pure ecstasy. He couldn't form a single coherent thought, nor he wanted to, except – screw alcohol. This was ten times better.

Eventually, after their breathing returned to normal and Hinata was at least eighty percent sure her legs haven't turned to jello and still worked properly, Sasuke let her go and they both proceeded to get dressed. He asked her if she wanted tea, and almost laughed at her expression – like they haven't just had sex against a wall in his living room, and she just came over to simply visit him and hang out – but she nodded anyway and he disappeared in the kitchen to get the water ready.

He watched her move in his apartment from the corner of his eye, and it seemed so natural it made something in his heart clench painfully. It was like she belonged there.

What they had, it was special, and unique. She lied down on his couch, sighing as she relaxed her body and closed her eyes. Sasuke rarely smiled, but she was apparently really good at bringing out different sides of him to the surface, without even trying. He felt the corners of his mouth lift up in a small smile, thinking, screw it. He really was happy. He was at peace.

And just as the kettle whistled, Hinata's phone rang. Sasuke poured the water into cups and added tea bags in them, listening to the conversation going on in the other room.

"Yes, otou-san," it went, "I-I understand. N-no. No, I won't." Silence. Then, a sharp intake of breath. "O-otou-san…" she sounded like she wanted to argue, but thought better of it. Eventually, her voice dropping with submission, she said, "A-alright. I'll be t-there soon." Then, she hung up.

When he appeared with steaming mugs in both hands, Hinata seemed ready to cry. Sasuke placed the mugs on the coffee table and approached her, wrapping his hands around her waist and rubbing soothing circles on her skin. "What happened?" he asked, genuine concern in his tone.

Hinata looked up at him, his eyes filled with unshed tears. "I-it was otou-san. He w-wants me to come back home," she answered. "And… he is really, really mad."




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