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Miharu was sitting beside Yoite's rocking chair, sharing a smile with the older boy now and then. They were the only ones home, so it was peaceful.

"Yoite..." azure eyes moved away from his knitting and saw that Miharu was starting to get up.

"It's tea time, what would you like?" the younger boy said with a smile, already knowing the answer to his question.

"Lemonade please... Hey, Miharu?" the last two words were a bit nervous, and that puzzled Miharu.

"Yes Yoite?"

"Can you come here?" Yoite said, still shyly.

Miharu got up and and stood next to his precious friend.

"How do you think the scarf is coming?"

"It looks beautiful, you're doing a great job..." but Miharu was confused, why had Yoite been nervous to ask that?

But then Yoite flushed a dark pink, and kissed Miharu's forehead gently.
The green eyed boy dared not say anything while he felt Yoite's lips on his skin, the moment was too perfect, but once Yoite had broken away and caressed Miharu's blushing cheek, the younger boy still couldn't find his voice.

"I'm sorry that was so sudden... I just wanted to say thank you." Yoite's voice was incredibly affectionate, and accompanied by a ashamed, shy smile, made Miharu want to melt into a puddle. Yoite was so beautiful...

"Y-Yoite, what was that... I should go get your lemonade!" said Miharu shaking his head and blushing.

As the younger boy walked away, Yoite smiled one of this peaceful, happy smiles he would often wear now, and Miharu was surprised the older boy couldn't see his heart glowing.

As Yoite tilted his head back to look at the sky, he felt himself becoming tired.

"I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye, Miharu... I hope I'll sleep with dreams of you... Goodbye, my dear Miharu..."
Cobalt blue eyes closed, and blackened hands began to dissolve. There was one last peaceful smile before strength failed him so much that was impossible, and then Yoite was gone, his body and soul drifting into the sky.

Miharu was almost whistling with happiness as he walked out if the kitchen with a tray, Yoite had actually kissed him! Miharu had been to shy to confess to the older boy, but confidence was pouring from the boy's glowing heart, and he though today, he'd finally tell Yoite how important he was to him.

But then the happy bubble was burst, a glow extinguished. Green eyes gazed at the chair rocking regularly back and forth, and the cream sweater slumped on the back of the chair, and Miharu's heart broke even before he realized what had happened.
Running to the front if the chair, Miharu nearly dropped the mug on the floor; the ball of yarn had rolled of the chair, an almost finished scarf lay on empty clothing. A trembling hand went out to see if they were truly empty, and they were, and Yoite was gone.

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