Martyred by Layton Colt

Jack's POV

I never believed in myths or fairy tales. I'd grown out of those long before I ever joined the military.

When my CO came and told me about this stone ring we had found and asked for my help, I'd listened with tolerant amusement. It was ridiculous, to be sure. I mean why the hell were we keeping this ancient piece of stone top secret?

Then I met Daniel. And Daniel turned that piece of stone into something amazing. Something out of one of those fairy tales I'd stopped believing in or some sci-fi novel. But I was too jaded at this point to really appreciate what was in front of my eyes.

To me the 'gate was a tool. A way to end my suffering as sure as a bullet to my brain.

It never really registered that I was on another world as I stepped out onto the sands of Abydos. The only thing on my mind was seeing the man who had murdered my son brought to justice. Seeing him dead. Seeing me dead.

I never had a very healthy appreciation for life. The only times I could actually smile was when I was with Charlie . . . but I'll admit the depression started long before I lost my son.

Sara always resented that she couldn't make me smile anymore . . . that suddenly it seemed I never laughed. Our marriage was over but we held it together for Charlie. After he died there was nothing left to hold onto.

But you see the Stargate, it changed me. I came back as someone else . . . someone I used to be but had forgotten along the way. My faith in life . . . in people had been returned.

But if I was honest, the Stargate didn't restore my faith . . . Daniel did.

It's not everyday you'll met someone who would give his life for yours. I've had friends I'd known for years leave me alone under enemy fire just to save themselves.

Then this guy comes along . . . doesn't even know me. And I can't imagine he'd liked what he had seen, I wasn't exactly at my best.

I made it clear I didn't like him. That I didn't respect him. But he still jumped in front of that staff blast, taking the fatal shot that had been aimed at me.

I didn't understand it. Couldn't figure out what Daniel had thought he could gain from giving his life for mine.

It had been stupid. Daniel was more important. He'd been the only one who had a chance to get us home. I'd been expendable, I'd come here prepared to die. I'd come here to die, period.

But he didn't think about that. There was just this split second when Daniel saw someone in trouble and did the only thing he could.

Daniel died for me. Not for the last time, either.

I tried to get him out of the habit of sacrificing himself for this greater good he keeps going on about.

I'd try to explain that jumping into the line of fire and making yourself a human shield was *stupid*.

To little avail apparently. Because he never stopped. His heart . . . his soul wouldn't allow him to not care. To turn the other way and keep walking, something I myself had become far too comfortable with.

Daniel had to fight. Had to give his all in everything he did. No matter the cost to himself.

Daniel saw himself as unimportant. Replaceable.

Daniel saw himself as broken. Someone who couldn't ever be fixed.

He told me once that Sha'ure made him whole. It's somewhat of a cliché. Thousands have probably said the same about their spouses. But Daniel's eyes express what words can't and it's there for everyone to see just how much Daniel loves her, how far he'd go to get her back.

But there was a problem with his quest to find Sha'ure. Daniel knew if something happened to him, he could count on me to keep looking. Which meant he would still be willing to give his life for a cause because he knew Sha'ure would be in good hands.

I never could understand why Daniel trusted me. He should have taken one look at me and known I was bad news. He should have taken one look at me and walked away. Just as everyone else had.

But for some reason Daniel tried to be my friend. And I tried my best to be there for him. I promised to help find Sha'ure, and Daniel never doubted I'd come through.

I vowed to protect my team. And he never doubted that either.

And look where it's gotten him. Dead . . . again.

He finally became the martyr I knew he was destined to become. There's a planet out there now where Daniel Jackson is revered. The man who saved their lives, their planet. He's thought of as more than a god.

But that isn't good enough.

I won't let it end this way, I won't fulfill my promise to Daniel only to tell Sha'ure that her husband is dead.

That I let him get killed.

Too many faces haunt my sleep already. Too much blood on my hands already.

I won't let Daniel be dead.

A little late you say?

Not in this world. You see I use to not believe in fairy tales or myths . . . but I've changed.

I've seen what possibilities there are in the universe. What miracles there are out there.

And I'm going to find a way to get him back.

I watched as they dragged him to the alter. I watched as they killed him.

A sacrifice. A penitence to restore this planet to the good graces of a merciless god. The people had rebelled against Apophis and had lost.

He had brought a war ship and threatened to destroy their planet.

And he would have done it too . . . if he hadn't heard one of the villagers mention the Tau'ri.

His eyes had lit up, and he had grabbed the staff weapon from his new first prime. He held the weapon to the unfortunate villagers neck and demanded to know how the man knew of the Tau'ri.

But these people weren't cowards. They didn't believe any longer this man was a god. He said nothing.

Apophis fired without blinking.

He told them to turn the Tau'ri over to him and he would spare their planet. He told them if they didn't, he would destroy their world.

I don't know if I would have let Apophis destroy this whole planet, or if I would have ordered my team to retreat to the safety of the SGC. I never got the chance to even register what he had said.

Daniel was already pushing through the crowd, standing bravely in front of the man who had stolen his wife.

He'd told Apophis that he was the Tau'ri. The only one.

Apophis hadn't believed he was alone. But he didn't seem to care that Daniel was lying. He had one of the Tau'ri and he only needed one for what he planned.

You see, we're the ones that inspired these people to fight. We convinced them that Apophis was a fraud and then left them to fight him unassisted.

But even though we didn't provide help we were revered. We were strong. We were different. We were untouchable.

We were the one's that had killed Ra. And they held onto that, saw us as infallible.

Apophis was going to disprove that. He was going to kill one of their heroes and take away their will to fight.

He didn't realize he was only making Daniel a martyr. He hadn't known firing that zat three times would mean his death.

Even as I grabbed my own gun in a rage and started towards him the crowds had moved forward. As one the villagers stormed the alter, they jumped on the Jaffa in threes and fours and pulled them to the ground, using the staff weapons to take out the rest.

One villager, Sien, who had taken an instant liking to Daniel charged Apophis. He pried the zat from the snakes hands and fired three times. He killed Apophis, wiped him from existence just as Apophis had done to Daniel.

It was a massacre, Jaffa lay dead everywhere killed in the villagers rage.

I knew Daniel would not have approved. He would not have been happy to know his sacrifice had caused these deaths. But then Daniel never had been able to see how much he meant to people.

**** Apophis is dead. And I will keep my promise to Daniel. I will find Sha'ure. But I won't do it alone. Daniel will be by my side. I know he will. He can't be dead forever.

I won't let him be. I won't let him be a martyr. I won't let him be dead.

They say that I'm in denial. They tell me this time Daniel isn't coming back but I don't believe them.

Death hasn't ever stopped him before. He'll be back. I'll find a way to bring him back.

I am going to find a way to get him back.

to be continued . . .