It will probably help you to understand this if you've seen the episode 'The Nox,' but if you haven't, just know that Apophis was able to gain powers of invisibility by stealing them from the Nox.

Daniel's POV

I remember waking up on a hard surface. I remember waking up thinking I shouldn't have.

There was a woman standing over me, beautiful and surrounded by light.


My first instinct was to reach out to her, but then that common sense -- that Jack is always saying I don't have -- kicked in and I backed away instead.

It wasn't Sha'uri. It was Amanuet.

As I hit the wall behind me I had realized that I was in a sarcophagus. I still wasn't thinking clearly at this point, and I remember jumping out of it trying to get away.

I remembered what the sarcophagus had done to me the last time I had used it.

Amanuet spoke to me softly. She used Sha'uri's voice and I wanted to tell her to stop but I couldn't speak. I couldn't think.

The world seemed to blur around me. Colors turning bright then dull.

Amanuet told me that she saved me. That after Apophis had fired the second shot she had used the power of the Nox to hide me and protect my body from being disintegrated. She made me disappear and everyone thought the third shot had hit its mark. She said she had been there the whole time, hidden by utilizing the amazing power that Apophis had stolen from Nefrea'u.

Then she had brought me here, and placed me in the sarcophagus.

She looked confused when I finally regained my voice and asked her why. She told me that her host had much love for me. That the host was strong -Sha'uri was strong- and that sometimes her feelings were her own.

Sha'uri was fighting her. Just like I knew she was.

Amanuet had grown cold in an instant. And suddenly her eyes began to glow, and Sha'uri's soft lilt transformed into a voice that was strange and terrifying.

She told me that she had helped me enough. And said that because of me, her king was dead. She had her Jaffa drag me from the palace and I had thought for sure she was going to kill me.

She hadn't. She'd had them take me to the Stargate and then she left. Left me here.

I've been here for hours now. I haven't seen anyone else. It's cold. I'm cold.

I can't go home. I don't have an IDC. My mind is too foggy to remember any of the other addresses I have locked away inside my head. So here I sit. Staring at the ring that has both given me so much and taken so much away.

It almost mocks me as it sits there unmoving. Daring me to use it. To harness its power and escape. But I've got nowhere to go. Unless, of course, I'd like to slam into the iris.

It's morning now, and the sun is rising above the horizon. It's beautiful. Well, if I had to be stranded somewhere, I guess this place is as good as any.

I never realized before how peaceful this planet was. I had been so wrapped up in the people, I never really looked around.

It was truly beautiful. A fitting place to die. Yes, that's right, die. I don't have the energy to move. And it's so cold. And I'm so thirsty.

In the back of my mind there was a voice telling me to get up. Saying that I couldn't let it end this way. But my conscious mind was telling that voice to shut the hell up.

It's just too much. It's all been too much. I'm beginning to think I'm *supposed* to be dead. Maybe both Sha'uri and I were supposed to die that first time on Abydos. What if everything since then has all been one big mistake?

Jack would tear me a new one if he knew I was thinking like this. You see, Jack had lost sight of life once, and he isn't ever going to do it again. And he doesn't allow anyone else to, either.

But I'm a special case, I've been dead twice already, mortally wounded twice, as well. Who am I to think I can defy death?

God, I've got to stop thinking like this. I've got to hold on. My team will come for me. They always come for me.

But they think I'm dead, I have to remind myself. They won't be coming this time.

But they came the last time they thought I was dead, didn't they?

Why, yes, yes they did.

Oh, this is promising. Now I'm having conversations with myself.

I think I've been in shock enough times to realize I'd better get some help soon. But that would require me to move. Moving doesn't look very plausible right now.

I'll just wait for my team. They'll come back eventually, if for no other reason than to check on the villagers. Anytime, guys.

On the other hand, I don't know if I really want to face Jack right now, I just know he's going to kill me when he finds out I'm not dead.

Well, okay. Maybe nothing that extreme, but I'm sure that when I'm well enough he's going to try and shake some sense into me like he's always threatening.

Is it me or is it getting colder? I pull the military jacket tighter around me but it doesn't help. Not even the three suns shining down on me provide me with any warmth.

I just have to wait here. That's all there is to it. I think I might be going into withdrawal again . . . and if that's the case, I'd rather be dead.

I swore I'd never get in another sarcophagus -- made my team promise never to put me in one even if it meant I'd die.

My hands are shaking. I can't stop them. God . . . it's happening again.

At least it's not as bad this time . . . and at least I haven't gone all Goa'uldy, I mean I don't have my mind set on universal domination or anything. That's got to be a good sign.

I'm just cold. And I'm shaking. Like a junky in need of a fix. Hadn't someone said that to me the last time I went into withdrawal from that stupid sarcophagus?

Come on Jack, Sam, Teal'c, where are you guys?

Maybe they really won't be coming this time. Maybe this time death isn't going to let me so easily off the hook. Maybe I should be grateful.

But if I die . . . what will happen to Sha'uri?

Jack will find her. Jack will even if I'm gone -- he'll keep searching for her. I had to hold onto that. I had to remember that.

But still -- I didn't want to die. I've kind of gotten use to this whole invulnerable thing. And I'm sure I haven't used up all of my nine lives yet . . .

No more than five of them, I'm sure.

I have to *do* something. I know I do. I'm not usually the type of person who waits around to be rescued and I really don't want to start now. But I don't have the energy to even stand, let alone go search for food or water.

Maybe one of the villagers would come by. Oh, yea. The village. how far was it? I don't think it even matters. five feet would be three feet farther than I think I'll be able to get.

I decide that I am going to just have to sit around and wait for someone to come find me this time. It may not be my usual style, but I haven't really got a choice in the matter.

I wonder where my team is now. They think I'm dead. Again. I wonder how they're handling it. I mean, they've got to be getting use to losing me by now, right?

Yea, like it ever gets easier. Sha'uri just slipped through my fingers for the third time and it still feels like someone's trying to rip out my heart.

I hope that Jack's alright. He's been through so much already -- and I know he blames me for his gray hair. He worries about me all of the time, and, yea, alright, maybe I can see why he would. I do tend to get into a lot of trouble.

But it isn't like I want for all of this stuff to happen. It just does. When Apophis aimed the staff weapon at that man because of us I knew I had to stop him somehow.

Just like SG-1 would have if I hadn't stepped forward first. They're probably blaming themselves for this. Poor little civilian Daniel -- never knew what he was doing -- we should have stopped him. Right. I knew exactly what I was doing, and they know it. I think that that's what really scares them.

They'd have all done the same, none of them would have allowed Apophis to destroy an entire planet. Even if they don't know that -- I do.

They're all too brave and too kind to have gone back through the 'gate leaving these people to Apophis' wrath. We all know what's at stake when we go out on missions, we know what risks there are and that we might not ever come back.

But none of us are the type to turn down a challenge. All of us have it inscribed within us to fight.

I'm shaking again. And this time, it isn't from the cold. Withdrawal. Perfect addition to such a lovely day.

I'm starting to get a little nervous now. It's getting harder and harder to hold open my eyes. I know I can't fall asleep here -- I know if I do I probably won't wake up. I've just got to hold on. Didn't I already decide that my team would be coming for me?

They'll come rushing in and rescue me from myself at just the last moment, just like always.

God, how long have I been here now? How much longer can I force myself to stay? I've got to move. I have to get something -- go somewhere -- do something. Anything.

I pull myself up, and grab onto a tree to try and stay standing. I'm pretty weak, though. I don't know if it's the shock or the withdrawal or maybe a combination of them both. Whatever it is, I have to get moving before it takes a hold of me.

I *have* to reach the village. I *have* to survive. Not just for Sha'uri, but for all of my family. For SG-1.

Just as I take my first wobbly step, I hear a humming sound and the ground beneath me begins to vibrate. It's the 'gate. Someone's dialing from the other side.

I collapse to the ground and turn towards the Stargate. The wormhole spins outwards, creating the event horizon that had fascinated me from the very beginning. As I watch the blue pool shimmer, I smile. They've come back for me.

I know it.

They've come to bring me home.

The End

Yea, I know. I chickened out. But I just had to give this story a happy ending; it was bugging the hell out of me.

I swore I'd leave it at part one and let the reader decide for themselves what happens. I even had Daniel's body disintegrated so I couldn't bring him back.

But like I told my friends on the Alpha Gate list, I've spent years watching soap operas -- I'm an expert at bringing people back from the dead. Seriously, I can write *anyone* back to life.

I see soap opera scripts in my future.