After posting a sad update to another of my NCIS stories, I had to write something light hearted!

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS or the picture of Ziva or any of the undercover outfits. On a side note, my prom dress from Senior year reminds me of Ziva's in "Undercovers", so that's good enough for me!

Ziva sits in the car as her father drives. Texting Vance and Gibbs simultaneously, she feels like a teenager. She looks up for a moment when her father turns right, but looks back down when her phone buzzes. Looking at it, she finds a text from Tony. He tells her he found the glasses she wore undercover as a nerd. Smirking she replies he is having too much fun. Later that day, Ziva is again at her desk waiting for something else to happen.

"How did your time with Daddy David go?" Tony asks stepping into the space between their desks. Ziva smirks.

"It went a little different than I expected." She replies her hand resting on the photographs she had shown to her father. Tony raises an eyebrow. She holds up the picture of her 'pregnant' and states, "This picture made its way into my collection."

"Ooh! What did Eli do when he saw that?" Tony asks a little amused by Eli seeing the photo.

"After I told him it was an undercover assignment, he asked what I told people its gender was." The woman softly states putting the picture in her desk drawer. Tony, now sitting on the edge of her desk responds, "And?"

Ziva sighs, a smile creeping on her face, as she says, "A girl Tony. I said it was a girl." Unbeknownst to him, Tony smiles too.

"I wasn't kidding when I said it would look good on you. Pregnancy suits you." The man offhandedly says. Too stunned to say anything, Ziva eyes him curiously.

"Do not get used to it." The woman retorts when her partner's words remind her of their undercover mission together. Becoming serious again, Ziva says, "His reaction to the picture surprised me. I saw a slight glimmer in his eyes. Sometimes I wonder what he would have been like if Ari or I had ever had a child."

"Well, there's no use in wondering. Just take everything as it comes. Who knows, maybe Eli will surprise you." Tony responds placing a hand on hers. Each aware of the close proximity, Ziva smiles softly at him.

"Thank- you Tony." She tells him. Reluctantly she lets her hand slip from under his. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some clothes I need snag." Tony nods letting his partner leave as well as her blunder slide. As he watches her walk away, he quickly slides into her chair and opens her desk drawer. Grabbing the undercover picture, he quickly slides everything back into place and saunters back to his desk.

If Ziva can have a picture of him, he can certainly have a picture of her.