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Summary: Naruto doesn't use Kyubi's help at the Valley of the End and ever since meeting him when he trained with Jariya, him and the Fox get closer and closer and at the Valley of the End, he impresses Kyubi to the point that he gives Naruto his power and fuses with him. Because of this, Naruto breaks the Seal due to taking Kyubi's Demon title as the new Nine-Tailed beast at the cost of his humanity which he gives to Kyubi.


1. I made it to where when a Jinchuriki(?) is about to die, the demons inside them give them a choice if they consider them worthy to take their power and their title. Their beast form completely depends on the persons personality (so say is Kiba was a jinchuriki, he would become a wolf if he accepted the deal savy?) and Naruto's form is a complete surprise mainly because I haven't figured it out yet.

2. The deal is in order for Naruto and Kyubi to swap roles, Naruto has to die. He gives up HALF of his humanity and gets HALF of Kyubi's demon side. So if Naruto dies in a fight, Kyubi will give up the rest of his demon and give it to Naruto. And if Kyubi dies then he will come back completely human.

3. Idk if this is a yaoi or not because I haven't figured out who I want him to be with. It's up to the public, votes people! Votes!

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"Talking"- Naruto talking to Kyubi in his subconscious.

"Talking"- Regular dialogue

"Talking"- thinking

talking- Kyubi talking to Naruto in his head.


Prologue: Valley of the End

The rain fell from the sky in a large burst, soaking the two boys that lay on the water bank. The blond coughed, blood spilling from his mouth as he struggled to move. He dragged himself to a sitting position, leaning his broken body up against the tree. The world was swimming, spinning through his eyes as more blood spilt from his lips.

Blood covered the boy from head to toe, blood crusted just above his eye due to the already healed wound that went through his eyelid. His chest had a hole in it because of the black haired teens Chidori. That wound was healing. The blond gasped and cough as he struggled to remove his jacket and leaving only the black under shirt.

Good job brat. A voice thundered in his head, and the blond could barely contain the small whimper of pain that exited his lips. The blonde's head swiveled, falling limp against the tree as his dulling eyes stared up at the tree tops.

He found himself pulled deep within himself, untouched by pain as he navigated through the sewer tunnels that were his subconscious. It felt like he was in another world, he moved on autopilot, his body moving sluggishly through the tunnels. He didn't stop moving until his body collapsed against the iron bars of the large gate that was shut with a seal. He was breathing raggedly, staring out into nothing, dazed.

"There may be hope for you yet," the Kyubi rumbled from inside of the cage. The blond teen could feel the ghostly breathing puffed down his neck from the overly grown fox in the bars beside him. Boy, I think it's time for you and I to accept each other. The teen seemed to register the suggestion and looked sideways at the fox in the cage, unaffected of the demon red eyes.

"How do you suggest that?" the boy asked raggedly, his voice rough from screaming and misuse.

"I mean to fuse myself with you boy," the fox snarled at him. The teen snickered, his head falling limp against the cage with a small thud.

"You hate me fur ball." The blond laughed, causing himself to cough painfully and blood trickle down his mouth, "You just want me to let you out of the cage." He accused a light smile on his lips.

"I am you as you are me. If you die, I will have no choice but to follow. Time to drop the act Naruto, I watched you as you grew, I grew with you. I know you better than anyone in and out of this world." The fox said. "I've watched you with," the fox paused, tempted to say the word that brought such distaste to his mouth, "regret at the life you've endured because of my presence. For that I will do something for you that will save your life so you may continue on in life with pride and ambition to become the strongest Shinobi in all of the nations.

"What is your gift," the blond asked, "if it is your life for mine then I won't accept." The blonde spoke with a hard voice, and the fox snickered on the inside. This boy was going to be his prodigy. All of the knowledge that the fox had gained over his long existence would be given to the boy sparingly, everything the fox was would be for the boy.

"I give you freedom."

"Freedom? Isn't that death?"

"No. The gift I will give you entails of many things, but the only thing you will not be able to do is go back to Konoha. I will fuse with you, and I will become you and you will become me. You will die Naruto and will wake up when the process is finished. You will become the demon of the Nine-tails over time as you grow. Do you accept this?"

"Then what will you become?"

"I will become you're human half until one of us dies and then you will become full demon."

"I," the blond paused, thinking over all of the scenarios that played through his head in respect to the decision he was about to make, "will accept." The blond teen didn't get a chance to breath before the fox let out a large howl like scream and he was sent out of his subconscious and staring in a daze at the raven-haired teen that lay unconscious in front of him.

"Naruto!" a voice shrieked and the blond jerked a little, wincing in pain as he jerked too hard. He could feel the hole in his chest healing, the tendons stretching to connect across the open wound and it cause the teen to tense up and grit his teeth in pain. The blond moved his emptied eyes to the right of him and saw the silver haired Shinobi. Worry was plastered on the older shinobi's face and the blond couldn't help but snicker.

"Kakashi-sensei," the blond greeted, wheezing into a harsh cough that spilt blood on the forest floor.

"Oh god, did you kill him?" he asked, and the blond let a sad smile take over his facial features at the caring directed towards the unconscious teen and not at him. The blond shook his head in denial, his breath coming out in pants at the exerted energy. The blond, Naruto, froze when the silver haired shinobi, Kakashi, reached down to grab him.

"Take Sasuke first." Naruto demanded urgently, letting out a soft cry of pain when Kakashi moved him. "If you move me, I'll bleed out." The blond panted, whimpers exiting his mouth as another wave of pain escaped his mouth. "This mission was about him, not me anyway." He reminded the older shinobi and gave him a small smile.

"Anyone who leaves their teammates behind is trash, worse than trash." Kakashi spoke with a harsh tone and Naruto gave him a bloody smile. Give him the necklace Tsunade gave you. The fox's voice echoed and Naruto gave an involuntary nod before crying out slightly as he pulled the necklace off of his neck. The normally beautiful jewel was soaked in blood, dripping onto the blood soaked soil as Naruto handed it to Kakashi.

"Give this to the Old Hag please." The blond asked and the silver-haired adult took gently, watching as the blonde's hand dropped like a rock.

"You're not going to die, Naruto. I swear you aren't going to di-"

"-the fox can't heal me anymore." Naruto interrupted, "I'm going to die Sensei." He told him, tears gathered in his eyes as he gave the older man a bloody smile that nearly broke the older man's heart. "Kyubi tried to heal me as best he could." Naruto informed letting out a cry as a more forceful wave of pain ripped through his body. Tears fell from his eyes and Kakashi gave the boy enough respect to pretend he didn't see it. Naruto let a laugh exit his body that sounded like a sob. "I'm going to die," he sobbed, "but I died saving someone's life I suppose. And I suppose I fulfilled my promise to Sakura, right sensei?"

The silver haired shinobi let a sob choke through him at the selfless blond. It's time to say goodbye, Kit. It's almost time. The shinobi fell to his knees in front of the blond with a cry. The blond forced his heavy head to look at the older shinobi. "Sensei," the blond asked through the tears, "will you watch over Sasuke?" he asked cautiously and Kakashi yanked his body into actions and ripped the blond away from the tree and into his arms causing a scream to exit the blonde's mouth. "Don't let him kill Itachi. If he leaves to kill that man then all this will be for nothing." The blond could feel the silver haired ninja nod.

"Good," the blond choked, the pain tearing him apart as he spit blood up again. "Go sensei," the blond wheezed, "take Sasuke home before those other shinobi get to him." He begged pain evident in his voice. Kakashi pulled his mask down and kissed the blonde's bloody forehead, letting the tears fall for the first time since his best friend had died. The shinobi gently set the teen against the tree as carefully as he could before standing straight. The man's uniform was now covered in blood because of Naruto's profusely bleeding wounds. The shinobi turned and picked up the black haired teen and through him over his shoulder. "Goodbye Sensei," the blond breathed as the Shinobi took off through the woods.

"Does it hurt to die Kyu?" the blond asked with a breath as the world began to darken. Naruto didn't know if it was because his sight was going out or his eyes were closing.

It feels like breathing, Kit. Don't worry I'll protect you.

"How are you going to do that?" the blond asked softly, his body numbing.

I'll be human. You broke the seal by accepting the deal Kit.

"I'm kind of a badass." The blond said with a small smile. He heard the fox chuckle in his mind and it made Naruto's smile grow even larger.

"I wouldn't press you luck." A deep voice spoke from beside the blond. Naruto sighed, his body going lax into the mysterious person's grip. "Just let it slip Kit. I'll be here when you wake up." With full trust to the man, Naruto drew his last breath and his body fell into the man's body.