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Chapter One: The Dead that Walk

The silver haired Jonin ran through the trees as fast as he could, the black haired teen on his back flopping like a rag doll. The jonin couldn't bring himself to care as he flew through the forest. The only thing he could think of was Naruto. He was the boy that everyone hated, that one that everyone couldn't stand to look at. But he was the boy that would give his life for a comrade that showed the most dislike towards him, and Naruto still thought that the boy on his back was his best friend.

The jonin gripped the green jewel in his hand tightly. Konoha didn't deserve the boy, no one deserved that boy. He could barely contain his emotions when the Konoha gate came into view and it was then that he noticed his appearance. He clothes were covered in blood, Naruto's blood, his headband tied tightly around his neck, his Sharingan blazing brightly, and his silver hair was covered in Naruto's blood once more.

His mask lay discarded somewhere on the ground at the Valley of the end, but he couldn't bring himself to care that the face he hid for so long would be broadcasted to the village. The guards at the gate were silenced by Kakashi's blazing Sharingan that glared at them as he continued into the village. His mind was on autopilot, his eyes empty and dull as he traveled through the village. The villagers stopped and gasped at the atrocious sight of their precious Uchiha thrown over the shinobi's shoulder as if he were a rag doll.

None of them cared that one of their protectors was covered in blood, only that the Uchiha was bleeding. Kakashi lifted his lip in a silent snarl, nearly unable to contain himself. He jumped for the roof top and ran towards the Hokage Tower. He grunted when his feet hit the ground in front of the tower and entered without a care and scaled to the top of the tower before barging into the Hokage's office without a care in the world. The office was full with the Genin that would make up the rookie nine as well as Gai's genin team.

"Hatake!" The blond Hokage shouted in surprise.


"-Haruno shut your mouth!" the blond snapped, her authority making the pink-haired genin shut her mouth instantly. "I assume you dropped Naruto off at the medical ward and then brought me the traitor?" The blond, Tsunade Senju (Hokage), paused and then let the color drain out of her face as the frozen look on Kakashi's face. Uncaringly, Kakashi dropped the Uchiha on the floor, he glare stopping the pink-haired genin from running to him. Then the shinobi tossed the necklace in his hand to Tsunade.

"He told me to give that to you."

"Tsunade-sama?" the pink-haired Genin spoke tentatively. She didn't understand why the Hokage and her sensei were acting so weird, Sasuke was back and that was all that mattered.

"He wouldn't let me bring him back first. Something about a promise." The jonin spat, enraged at the statement. The rest of the genin watched in wonder as the usually uncaring shinobi nearly lost his cool. It was then that the Inuzuka genin lifted his nose to the air and sniffed and then froze.

"Kiba? What's wrong?" Hinata asked quietly, her whisper carrying to the adults who turned their attention to them.

"You-you smell like-like death." The Inuzuka whispered in fear and shock.

"Yes Kiba," the blond Hokage whispered silently, "we just lost someone very important to us all."

"You smell like blood," Kiba continued, "like Naruto's blood." The atmosphere in the room dropped tremendously.

"Can I make my report now Hokage-sama?" Kakashi asked. At the nod of permission the Jonin continued to speak, "The fox refused to heal Naruto Uzumaki after his battle with Sasuke. After taking a Chidori to the chest, he still managed to take down the Uchiha without killing him. In my personal opinion, for Naruto to subdue him without killing the boy was something that even I would have had trouble doing. When I got there Naruto had already accepted the events that would follow his decision and begged me to take the Uchiha to the village and watch over him. He asked me to make sure that he never went after Itachi, and told me that he fulfilled his promise to Haruno."

The occupants in the room glanced at the pink haired kunoichi and she flinched. "Naruto Uzumaki is dead." Kakashi whispered.

The forest was quiet as the black-haired man kept watch. He was tall, around 6'5" with short, spikey black hair and red streaks in it. His eyes were hybrid, one a bright blue and the other a crimson red with a slit in the pupil. His body was only covered by black cargo pants; his torso uncovered and left open to the world. His skin was a deep tan but the color still reflected the scars that were on his chest, but there was one distinct scar over his chest that reflected the new one on Naruto's exposed chest.

His hybrid eyes glanced at the teen at his feet; to others, he would be a corpse but with he knew better. He knew that the blond had demonic power coursing through his veins, the power changing him inside and out. The man sighed before running his hand through his black and red hair with a groan. "Hurry up and wake up boy," the man spoke, his voice black and silky, like sin, "I'm bored, gaki."

He looked forward as the rustling of leaves echoed throughout the meadow. The man smirked as he stared at the man before him. "I knew you would feel the power." The man snickered. The mysterious person chuckled, walking into the sunlight. The man was tall, but not taller than the man with hybrid eyes, no, the man was about 6 foot exactly. His hair was spikey and midnight black with golden colored eyes. His skin was pale white, his lower face covered by white bandages. His body was covered by a loose black tank top and loose black cargo pants that went under the shinobi sandal with a large zanbato strapped diagonally across his back. "Hello Zabuza." The man smiled, showing his teeth and two large K-9's that nearly made the man flinch. "Welcome back from the dead."