A/N: I hope you all like :D I found some Hiccup and Stoick fanfictions on here and they kind of inspired this one.

I'm crying.

I can feel tears on my cheeks, warm, wet ones that gently drip off my face, leaving streaks of red, signs betraying that I cried.

I can see myself, staring into a cracked glass and you're standing beside me, your arm around my shoulders…

And then you yank it away, like you can't stand to touch me, your grin turning into a grimace…

You're walking away and I'm standing in front of this glass alone.

Being alone is cold, save for the hot tears that keep falling off my cheeks.

Being alone makes my hands shake and my eyes widen, then close as I accept the fact that I will never be loved…

I opened my eyes and sat bolt upright, tears choking me as I tried to wipe them off my face, tried not to strangle over my own mucus.

Toothless awoke suddenly, my violent awakening rousing him, too.

I coughed, spat out some vile tasting mucus and whispered, "It's okay, now, Toothless, I'm fine. Just that dream again."

Toothless crawled over to me and nudged my hand.

I sighed. "I'm sorry for waking you. Go back to sleep."

Toothless stared at me stubbornly and I read the words in his green eyes: I'm not leaving you until I'm sure you're okay.

"Toothless, I don't want to be alone," I whispered, slumping back onto my own pillows. "Toothless, I really don't want to be alone. I had the same dream about Dad and I again and I just can't get it out of my head. I don't want to be alone."

I faded slowly back into sleep, but woke up as I rolled off my bed. "Don't leave me!" It was a pathetic whimper, so weak and frightened, making me sound like a little boy but if it caused the dad in my dream to stay with me, it was worth it.

"Whoa, easy son!" Dad steadied me and I sat up and looked at him, my russet hair plastered to the side of my head. I ran my fingers through it and said, "Hey, Dad."

"You were jerking around in your sleep," Dad said quietly, but I heard the unspoken words in the sentence: Are you ok, Hiccup?

I swallowed. "I'm sure it was nothing. Probably just a bad dream. Having a dragon watch you fall asleep will do that to you." My voice teetered on the edge of hysterical as I said those last few words, but I did not regret lying. It was still so hard to open up to my father and be honest with him about how many times a voice in my head tried to tell me I wasn't good enough.

I struggled to stand, but my prosthetic hindered that. Dad held out his hand, but I ignored it, pretended I did not see it and used the side of the bed to haul myself up.

Toothless came to stand beside me and I leaned on his back to get my balance.

Dad stared at me as I, at last, made it to a standing position and began walking towards the stairs.

Each step caused me a little flash of pain, but all it took was some getting used to.

Gobber had adjusted, so, so would I.

I stumbled down the stairs, Toothless on my heels and grabbed my riding vest. "Want to go flying, bud?"

Toothless nodded happily.

Dad stopped me. "Wait, Hiccup."

"Yeah?" I asked, shrugging into my riding vest. "Is something wrong?"

Dad hesitated. "Hiccup, are you okay?"

I bit my lip and turned away, so he wouldn't see the tears. "Yeah. I'm fi— But the words died in my throat. I couldn't say them.

I threw myself into his arms, surprising both of us. "No, I'm not alright, Dad. I need you."

He stroked my head.

My shoulders shook with sobs.

But besides that, everyone in the room stayed motionless for a really long time.

Eventually, I pulled away. "I'm sorry," I gasped. "I just…I never meant to do this, Dad, I never meant to be…"

Then I said in a small voice, "I never meant to be weak."

Dad lifted my chin. "No, Hiccup. Even the strongest Vikings have to cry sometimes. That is what makes us strong."

I gave him a tearful smile, but it slowly faded. "Don't ever leave me, ok, Dad?"