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AN: After ten years of ignoring this show hardcore, once I finally get into the characters, they cancel it. -_- Anyhow, this is a mini-tag to 3.12, so there will be spoilers.

The Mystery of Mr. Wolfe

Horatio hadn't known until right then, when they had sent that nanny off in a taxi after she'd tried to kidnap her client's baby girl. She had been trying to do the right thing, no one was injured, and the parents didn't care enough to file charges, so he and Mr. Wolfe had pulled some strings. Police officers sometimes did that.

"I still feel bad for that kid, though," Mr. Wolfe had said in a voice that was miles away. "Such an uncaring family..."

To which he had responded, "It's more common than we'd like to admit, though, isn't it?"

Of course, Horatio hadn't meant anything by it; it was simply an observation, but Mr. Wolfe's eyes had flicked toward him then, assessing, immediately void of all the characteristics that made him so identifiably Ryan. It was as though he had peeled back an outer facade to reveal much harder, sharper features, and it occurred so quickly that it made the hairs on the back of Horatio's neck stand on end.

In that split second of intense scrutiny, the young CSI looked more like a suspect dreading to find the knowledge of some damning secret in the face staring back at him, than some wet behind the ears investigator.

But then it was gone, that look, as quickly as it had come, and Mr. Wolfe was retreating with a grin on his face and a genial goodbye, as if the moment had never happened, as if his boss had dreamt the whole thing up.

But Horatio knew he hadn't. Just like he now knew that he had been underestimating Mr. Wolfe from the beginning, that something much stronger and darker than ambition and the pursuit of justice had driven the young man into this line of work.

How well Mr. Wolfe had disguised that part of himself, Horatio thought, placing his sunglasses between his eyes and the bright Miami sun. What more could he be hiding?

The End.