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"Dr. Cullen, your 2:30 appointment is here. Shall I send them into the waiting room?" My receptionist, Maggie, asks me in my office where I have a young couple asking me about the care on their dog.

"Send them in, and tell them I will be there shortly, Maggie." She left quickly after that, to tell the other patient in the waiting room my news.

I heard my office phone ring, but I make no move to answer it. I have a young couple that I need to explain how to treat their dog, who has been hit by a car.

"If you decide to give your dog a bath tomorrow, he's going to need to keep his cast covered, so it won't risk the chance of getting an infection and you making an emergency call to me. There's always a slight chance it could get wet or even just tear, but I doubt that's going to happen when he has been washed here." The Lopez' nod their heads.

"So, keep his cast covered until we see you next time?" my young couple asks.

"Yes, and leave a pillow on his bed for his leg," I inform them. They get up to leave, but before they do, they notice the picture on the far right side of the wall of my girls when we were on Vacation last year. Bella was holding our daughter in the air.

"You sure got a beautiful family." They both agree on.

"They are," I admire the picture of my beautiful girls. I shake the young couple's hands. They leave holding hands and carrying their dog in the guy's free hand.

It pains me to see a man holding his wife or girlfriend's hand, or just being affectionate to one another, but I can't help it. I miss my baby so much when I am not around her. She always supported me and my dream. Now, it's time I do the same and support her being a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I am so fucking proud of her.

"Daddy, Daddy," I hear Aria run into my office. She has on a maroon t-shirt inside her khaki dress and her auburn hair in the French braid that I did before work this morning.

"Hi, Princess. How was school today?" I see Kate, the babysitter, running after Aria, who is now being carried by me on my hip.

"School fun, Daddy," Aria giggled.

Yup, just like her momma, thinking school is fun. I was such a geek in high school and in college.

"Aria, you will never do that to me again!" Kate yells as she comes into my office barefooted, holding my daughter's backpack in her hand.

"Daddy!" Aria cringes to me.

"You're fired!" I won't allow anyone to yell or hurt my daughter in anyway.

"Mr. Cullen, you gotta be kidding me? She took off without me," Kate, my ex- babysitter says.

"I understand. Anyone yelling at my child is against mine and my wife's rules, and you just broke them."

"I am sorry, Mr. Cullen," Kate says and leaves my daughter's backpack on the floor and heads out to her car.

This is why I don't allow just anyone to care for my daughter, because no one pays any mind to young children..

"Aria, can you play with your teddy bear in my office with Miss Carrie while Daddy works?" Aria nods her head and takes out her teddy bear that she always keeps with her and walks into my office.

"Carrie, do you mind watching my four year old daughter for a few hours while I work?" Carrie is my other receptionist who works part-time to care for two year old son.

"Not a problem, Dr. Cullen," She says before going into my office.

"Hi, Miss Aria! Mind if I join you?" I heard Carrie ask my baby girl.

"No, Miss Carrie." My little girl is so polite

I left them to play while I work with my last patient, before calling it a day and heading over to my parent's house for dinner.


"Mom, Dad, we're here." I take off my daughter's jacket, who goes off to find her grandparents.

"Nana!" I hear Aria yell in the living room.

A few minutes later, I see my Dad coming out of his office along with my Mom who was walking out of her art room. They came down the stairs holding hands. I smile at the sight.

"Hi, Son," my dad says when they soon reach me, after they came down the steps, kissing my cheek.

"Hi, Dad, Mom." I hug my dad and then kiss my mom's forehead.

"Where's my adorable granddaughter?" My mom asks.

"Looking for you." I gesture to Aria looking through the kitchen to find her Nana.

My parents were smiling when they spotted Aria in the kitchen looking for Grandma.

"Nana, Grandpa," Aria yells loudly.

"Use your inside voice, Little Lady," my dad tells my little girl.

She giggles and takes her Nana's hand to the kitchen, where they take plates out and pour drinks into some cups.

"Have you talked to Bella today, Son?" My mom asks when she came into the living room.

"No, I have been busy looking for an assistant." I rub my head to get rid of the headache that's forming.

My beautiful girl was my assistant, but since she been living in Dallas, my practice has been getting more business. It is causing me some stress looking for an assistant who knows Veterinary Science and that can help me out.

"Dear, I can watch Aria for a few hours." That would be nice of my mom to watch my baby girl for a few hours while I work.

"Thank you." I hug my mom.

"Don't mention it, Son." My mom kisses my cheek.

"Daddy, I'm hungry." Aria looks at me with her brown eyes. I am off to serve my little princess her meal and give her some juice.

I place her dinner down on the table and sit her down on the booster seat that my parent's keep at the house for when their granddaughter comes over to visit or spend the night.

"Mm...," We were all eating our food when Aria spilled food on her uniform.


"I still can't believe my youngest son, who is thirty-eight years old, is married, has a little girl of his own, a Veterinarian, and owns his own Vet Practice. Now, only if you're older brother would settle down," my mom spoke.

"Esme, Dear, they will settle down when they're ready."

"He's forty years old Carlisle, and Jasper's thirty-nine." Aw, my older brothers, Emmett and Jasper, are pretty much playboys, who don't really want to settle down anytime soon.

"Ok, I'm going to get going. I have to get my daughter in bed for school tomorrow." I make my way to the living room, where I see a sleeping Aria curled up in a ball holding my old stuffed teddy bear.

I gently lift up my little girl who curls into me. I place a kiss on her forehead as do my parents.
They walk me out, and I open the back door to put my sleeping child in her car seat.

"See you soon, Mom, Dad," I kiss my mom's forehead and give my dad a hug good night.

"Have a goodnight, Son. If she calls, tell Bella we love her," my dad says.

"I will." I get into my Volvo and drive to the house Bella and I bought together.


After I change her into a sleep shirt and shorts, I place my little girl on her toddler bed. I made my way to the master bedroom to call Bella.

"Hey, you reached Bella! Sorry, I can't come to the phone, but leave your name and number, and I will get back to you as soon as possible," my girl says so sweetly.

"Hey, Love, just calling to say I love and miss you and so does our daughter." I hung up right after I left my message. In the morning, I would wake up to a new message that says that she misses and loves us very much.

I stay up for little bit longer to read. Once I'm done, I strip down to my boxers and put on some sleep pants to get ready for bed. Since my daughter tends to walk into the room in the middle of the night when she has nightmares, I need to sleep in some pants. Sleep finds me after an hour. So, I dream of being with my Love and daughter. I can't wait to cuddle with her to get a good night's sleep.


I felt movement on the bed, so I turn over to see my beautiful Bella lying down next to me. She is in one of my old college t-shirts and pair of panties.

"Hi, Baby!" My girl kisses my jaw.

"What are you doing here?" I am shocked to see my wife here, but am happy to see her.

"We got this weekend off, but I have to leave Sunday afternoon. So, I decided to surprise you and Aria." Bella kisses my lips quickly, before placing a kiss on my bare chest.

"I love that you decided to visit me, Baby. Aria's going to be happy that you're here for at least little awhile." I kiss her neck.

"Mmm," Bella hums.

"I love you!" I say between kisses.

Bella straddles my lap. She shivers as I softly run my hands up and down her arms.

"Let me take off your pants, Baby?" Bella says sweetly, and I nodded eagerly.

She unbuttoned my sleep pants quickly. I lifted my hips as she slipped them down as much as she could, before stepping back so I could stand and kick them to the ground with my feet.

"You're so fucking hard for me," I heard her moan.

My hands reached out on their own accord, carefully taking off my old college t-shirt and revealing her breasts, so I could place my mouth on one of her perky nipples and suck.

"Yes! Suck my breasts into your mouth, Babe." I growled at the demanding tone to her voice. I lay down on the bed. Once I released her beautiful breast, my girl sank her hot little mouth around my cock.

I leaned my elbow back against the bed so I could see Bella taking even more of my large cock into her mouth, before she pulled back and began licking me on the tip of my sensitive head. I threw my head back, feeling the need to release into her hot mouth, but it seemed Bella had other plans. While licking my cock, she began to occasionally twist her mouth around the head, making me need to hold onto the sheet for support.

"Please. Please…" I shouted, feeling my cum build up, but not being able to release my seed into her precious body.

"Not yet, Dear."

Holy, Batman! I need to come.

With a devious grin on her face, she licked and sucked me some more. I groaned and pushed my hips upwards, begging her silently to take more of me into her mouth.

I am going to cum all over her body if she does not let me orgasm anytime soon (and trust me I will).

"You can cum now." Bella giggled and teased around my cock softly, before releasing me from her mouth and firmly stroking me with her fingers. I released my seed onto her perky breasts.

"Aw," she playfully scolded me.

"You're going to be the death of me." I straightened up and help Bella take off her panties.

Bella straddled me once more. While I am on my back, she began to place kisses along my jaw, neck, and my chest." Oh, so good," I moaned out when she bit down on my shoulder painfully, but it was pleasurable for me as well.

We began making out. I sucked on her bottom lips until she gave me entrance and allowed my tongue to explore her mouth greedily before we broke apart. Our breathing was ragged as I placed kisses along her neck. Soft mewls escaped from between her lips. I allowed my fingertips to trail down her spine, so that I could cup her ass cheeks in my hands and give them a firm squeeze, making her scream in pleasure.

"I need you now," Bella pulled on my hair, and I groaned.

"Be patient, Doll Face," I cooed.

"You're going to be the death of me." Her voice was an impatient whine, as her fingers dug into the roots of my hair and tugged a little more, pulling my mouth down to hers.

I used my knee to push her legs apart, so that my left hand could trail over the soft skin of her legs before slipping down between her thighs. Her hips rocked against me lightly, while I began to stroke her very wet pussy. I worked her up so that I could slip a finger inside her and began to pump softly, while teasing her clit with my thumb.

All too soon, I heard her moaning my name out loudly.

"EDWARD!" she shouted while she came on my fingers. I captured her mouth in a searing kiss. Our tongues fought for dominance as she continued to rock against my hand, riding out her orgasm. Once her movements stopped and the kiss slowed, I pulled back so I could stare into her eyes, a soft smile on my face.

"Are you ready for more, Bella?"

She smiled back, before she leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine lightly. Her hands were trailing up and over my shoulders. Her fingertips were exploring the muscles in my back and chest. My own fingertips skimmed down her sides, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples, before continuing down past the curve of her waist to her wide hips.

"Make love to me, Edward."

A soft groan echoed in my throat as I lifted her up slightly, moving her body back until I felt the head of my cock slip between her wet lips. Bella's breath caught as I paused. I then slowly lowered her body down while I thrust upward, pushing my dick into her tight pussy. A little whimper left her lips, as we both paused to stare into each other's eyes, enjoying the sensation of being joined as one, the feel of her hot, tight walls stretching slightly around my thick erection.

Her eyes fluttered closed, when I began to thrust slowly. My hands were on her hips, so I could move her body in time with my thrusts. I lifted her up, as I pulled out right to the tip. She whimpered from the loss of my dick. Her whimper turning into a moan, as I slammed her hips down to meet mine while I drove up into her tight little pussy.

Once more, she screamed so loud that I thought the neighbors would know what I was doing inside the confines of my apartment, but I couldn't help but groan along with her. She felt like heaven.

"You're so sexy," Bella whispered in my ear.

I lifted one of her legs and hooked it onto my waist, opening her up for me even more, and allowing me to drive even deeper into her body with each thrust. I grinned as she threw her head back and clutched at my shoulders, when I began pounding into her tight little pussy.

"Fuck. I am. Going to come," I groaned when I felt the pressure building in my release dripping out of me.

"Come with me, Edward!" Bella yelled, and then her hand fisted into my hair. Her nails dug into my shoulders painfully, while she shuddered above me. Her walls clamped down around me as she came hard on my dick. I groaned at the sensation of her body tightening and squeezing my cock, and continued to thrust against her, drawing out her climax until I felt my own body ready to orgasm. My hands tightened on her hips, wanting to stay buried inside of her hot wetness, but instead, I pulled out and exploded with a loud grunt, spilling my seed onto her stomach.

It felt like my body had turned to jelly as I flopped backwards. A dazed groan escaped my lips as I watched Bella smile at me mischievously. Her fingers trailed through the cum on her stomach, before she lifted them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

Fuck that was such a turn on. I will not go again until she feels ready.

"Thank you," Bella cleaned her stomach off with my shirt before she curled up beside me. My fingers rubbed soft circles into her back as she spoke again. "I always knew you were watching me when I practice," I nodded, because I'm not afraid to admit that I love to see my girl shake her ass outside while she wearing some short-shorts and her skin tight tank top.

"Yep, you caught me, Baby." I smirked and she playfully slapped at my chest.

"Perv!" My love giggles.

"You know you love it, Baby."

"I really do, Mr. Cullen."

Once again, were spending the next couple of hours making love to each other like there was no tomorrow.

I am going to miss my baby when she has to leave later this afternoon to fly back to Dallas. I would love for Bella to stay one more night, but I can't push my luck.

Next morning

"What time does your flight leave?" I ask when I see Bella changing into her Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and some DCC Sweatpants.

"At three." So we have five hours to kill until it's time to take my baby back to the airport.
"Stop pouting." I guess my facial expression caught me.

Bella came to me after she finished dressing and kissed my lips before walking out our bedroom door to make breakfast. I follow her out to the kitchen, where I see Aria talking to mommy walking down the stairs.

"Mommy, I'm missing you." Aria holds onto Bella's leg.

"I miss you too, Buttercup." My girl lifts up our daughter and places a chair so Aria can stand and help mommy make breakfast.

"Morning, Daddy" Aria wave her chubby little hand at me, but goes back to helping her mommy makes breakfast.

"Morning, Princess" I walk over to kiss her cheek.

"Babe, no distractions please, I'm trying to make breakfast." Bella giggles as does Aria.

"Fine, I'll stay over here and be by myself, since no one wants company." I sigh dramatically.

"Daddy is silly, right Aria?" Bella told our little girl, and she giggled which causes me to laugh as well.

"Who's this daddy you speak of?" I look around the room, and see Bella's shaking her head but laughing her cute little butt off.

"You're not that funny, Babe" Oh I am not funny, eh? Well, I'll show you, my pretty, when I visit you in Dallas a week from now.

I will keep that to myself and not tell our daughter until her mommy leaves the house. Can't have a four year old running around telling mommy we will be visiting her in a week.

"Sure, Babe, sure," I smack her ass on the way to get cups down, and she smirk at me. "Uh, Little Girl, you might want to stop with the smirking or breakfast is going to be very cold for you." I pour the orange juice into the cups and used a smaller cup for my baby girl. Bella set down the plates of waffles and the syrup. I serve the ham and egg tacos that my wife made and placed them on the plates for us to eat.

I groan when I eat the tacos Bella has made. I swear my wife can cook. It's better than my mom's cooking.


We were off to the park to play with our little Princess, until it times for my wife/mother of my child to head back to Dallas.

"Push me higher, Mommy," Aria yells.

"We can't go that high, Baby Girl. Daddy's going to catch us." They both giggle, when I run toward them, and Aria kick her little legs up in the air.

"But Mommy, Daddy will get us!" They go a bit higher so I can't catch them, or they have to get me. It's a game Em and I used to play when we were younger.

Bella takes Aria off the swing, and they make a break for it to the slide. Oh, I think not. I am gaining speed on them. Aria's clinging to her mom, who was holding onto her for dear life, when they almost get to the slides as the safe base.

"Not so fast. You've been caught red-handed." I warn.

"Me? I don't have red hands, Daddy." Bella giggles.

"No! I let you off with a warning, but next time you won't be so lucky." I walk backwards, but keep my eyes on the pair.

I hear them whispering over there, but then all of a sudden, I see Aria and Bella running full speed ahead towards me, and I take off to the swing area. I stopped when the breath I had been holding leaves me as my girls have tackled me to the ground.

"Girls win, Daddy," I hear Bella say, when she landed on my chest and Aria on my other side.

"Yay!" Our little girl cheers loudly into my ear.

"Let's go back to the house and watch the Little Mermaid," I say.

"Yay!" Aria grabs her mommy's hand and was off.


Time went by too fast. The next thing I know, we're standing in the airport lobby waiting for Bella's flight to be called.

"I will miss you, Mommy!" Aria told Bella.

"I will miss you too, Baby Cake. Don't forget Mommy loves you." Bella places a kiss on our daughter's cheek.

Bella turns to me. "I love you too, Baby." She placed a kiss on my lips and neck.

"I love you with every breath I take," I whisper into her ear. I place kisses on her engagement ring and wedding band on her left hand.

Sigh. I am going to miss my girl and mother of my child.

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