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Edward's Pov

14 years later!

"Aria, if you don't hurry up, we are going to be late!,"My little girl finally came down the stairs dress in a blue tank top and yoga pant.

"I'm here, daddy. Where's Momma?," I was going to answer but than my youngest came right to me.

Where has the time gone? It feel like it was just yesterday that she was playing with her baby dolls and having tea parties with me and her uncles

Marlena, she is 3 years old and beautiful like her mom with her Brownish hair with bit of copper in it and her brown doe eyes.

"Dada," I lift her up and kiss her cheek. She lay her head on my shoulder.

"Dad," My identical twins boy came in, already dress to spend the day with their uncle Emmett and their aunt Vanessa.

Emmett and Rosalie never had a chance to grows; he cheated on her with Vanessa again, she became pregnant with their second child right away, leaving Rose heartbroken but it wasn't long before she met her soon to be husband,Benjamin.

They got married within two weeks of meeting each other's; it was love at first sight, I'm honestly happy for her she deserve it.

Knock, Knock

Speaking of Rosalie, she came waddling in out front door with her husband trailing right behind her.

I would too, if my wife was hugely pregnant. Oh wait she is with our last and final child. He wasn't planned at all, but I held a Christmas party at a nice hotel and well short story short we got pretty fuck up and here we are 8 months later with our 6th child on the way.

Yes you heard me, Bella and I have six children together and not once do we regret them.

Aria is oldest in the bunch at eighteen, second and third are our identical twins boys, Noel and Noah at 15, our fourth is Erza at eleven; our fifth Marlena at two and our final child will be Andrew-newborn.

Rosalie got me out of my thought with the sound if her voice clearing.

"I came to get Marlena, and Erza, Are they ready?," I hand the bags to Ben who is holding out his hand for the bags.

"Yes. Let me get Erza,"

"Daddy, I'm going to be late," Aria stomp her foot on the ground.

"I know, Plum. One minute." She grabs my car keys and head to her mom Tahoe.

I get Erza from his room and we walk downstairs to see a hugely pregnant Bella eating strawberries.

"Can I have one, mommy," Erza ask.

She gives Marlena and Erza some. We kiss their forehead and they are off with their aunt.

"Go, dad, mom, we can wait until Uncle Em come to get us," the twins says together. We give them kisses and hugs.

"No one come into this house." I warn my boys.


"Alright, honey, let go." Bella sit in the passenger seat with my assistance and off we go to the stadium where I had once taken Bella to get her dream to become true.


"Good luck, you will be great," I encourage my girl.

"Thanks daddy. I had help from momma," She kiss my cheek and held her mom hand while they walk to the stadium.

It's an hour later, when Bella arrive back to the Tahoe.

"I saw all the girls, I use to cheer with inside,"

"That's great, love bug." I hug her as best as I could.

Aria came running out to the car, screaming with tears in her eyes.

Saying the same thing her mother said all those years ago.

"I got in, i got in." It take me back to when My lovely wife made the team.


"I got in, I got in!,"My beautiful wife shouted , startling a sleeping Aria in her car seat.

"I'm so happy for you, love." I kiss her lips.

A few months later, we were all standing inside the arena where they were announcing the soon to be squad for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

"Is my great pleasure to welcome, Isabella Cullen to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader."

End of flashback!

Her dream became a reality when she set foot in that stadium, cheering and giving her all.

That's all she wrote.

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