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Meet the Circle

Vivian: Sometimes shy but tries to be open when experiencing something new. She has a great sense of humor when she's around friends, and a little crush with Tommy. She is very academic but in extra time like to put together outfits, mostly ones with skirts. She has a Vietnamese backround and is fluent. Vivian wears her glasses with pride.

Tommy: Tall boy with short, brown hair. He thinks outside the box and likes to fix things. He spends his extra days with his dad at the Hobby shop. Sometimes helping or making mobile things out of scratch. He is a really sweet guy and doesn't like to get into trouble, unless the twins trick him into it.

Sam: She is so into music you wouldn't believe. Sam may dress all tomb boy and act like one, but she can play any instrument you can think of, from the classics to the metals. To add to that, her mom's the music teacher at the school.

The Twins, Clyde and Leo: Two gingers who are full of energy. This makes them the fastest runners but sometimes clumsy. They sometimes think too fast for their own good, but makes them a funny pair. And thinking fast makes them excellent in the sciences.

Katrina: She may look like those stereotypical cheerleader, but being blond doesn't judge her actions. Katrina is a very outspoken girl and an animal lover. Inspired by Jane Goodall she wants to do something to change the world in the future. Even though she is has friends in her cheer team, Katrina always makes time to be with the first people to welcome her in.

Rogen: He is a total super hero geek, sometimes annoying whenever someone brings up a certain Green hero. But his fictional mind makes him a great story teller and comes up with the best jokes and comebacks.

Cody: A quite kid, yet the Bunch take him in. He wears a hat over his blond almost white hair every day but his ice blue eyes don't keep him hiding. Even though he hangs with the wrong people, he doesn't like it. He seems to want to be a great athlete, and everyone sees it that way. But there is a talent that he hides.

The Bunch: consist of Brandon, Nico, Grady, and Cody. The ones that like to mess with others, especially the Circle.

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