I can feel the salt spray against my skin and watch as Sean unlocks the door with a key that looks older than time itself. He lets me walk inside first, my boots crunching on the sand that's blown in with the November winds. I stand awkwardly in the sitting room of the cottage, waiting for Sean to close the door behind us. He does and we are swallowed by darkness.

Sean lights a candle and in the flickering light he looks like part of the furniture: aloof, impregnable. He turns away from me, then, and pulls open the curtains in a shower of dust. The rest of the room is illuminated and I cannot stop a smile spreading across my lips.

There are photographs along the sideboard, black and white and yellowing with age. Sean is in each one of them, smiling as a baby with fat cheeks and even fatter fingers waving at the camera; brooding as young boy, his head stuck in a book. The pictures stop abruptly after that.

I feel Sean stir behind me and I turn, watching his eyes scan the room and soften at the memories kept suspended within like flies in a spider's web. His gaze falls on me, then, and with two quick steps forward we are nose to nose.

I can hear the hush of the sea through the open window.

"Welcome home, Sean," I whisper against his lips, and kiss him before he can reply.

Author's Note: Just to be clear, this is Sean coming home to the place where he used to live. I originally wasn't going to expand on the first drabble, but then decided, what the hell? Expect about ten or so of these, each containing a theme of 'suspended'. Please review!