So I was thinking of what if a mecha was in the ZnT World. Then this idea came out of my mind, and I have some original flavors rather than nothing more than a filler fic.

And no, the story is not gonna be like Gundam x Znt crossover fanfic, Glory to the Principality of Tristain. I have my own plot.

Disclaimer: I do not own Zero no Tsuikama and Muv Luv : Alternative and as well as Type-00 Takemikazuchi though I wish I want one on the latter.

Formerly Seoul, Korea / Seoul Defense Line, Seoul, Korea

April 12, 2004

A pair of humanoid figures is flying in high speed, decreasing their altitude while at it. However a beam of light struck through one of the figure and a second later, the figure in question exploded while the surviving one started to strafe left and right while flying in an attempt not to suffer the same fate of its companion.

2nd Lieutenant Saito Hiraga of the 13th Imperial Royal Guards Battalion Wolf Blade of Empire of Japan, currently attached on Imperial Japan Expeditionary Task Force. He was a pilot of a humanoid machine known as Tactical Surface Fighter or TSF for short. The humanoid figures earlier are other TSF models, not unlike his Type-00C Takemikazuchi and its other variants that he and other Royal Guards are issued with.

They are sent to retake the Korean Peninsula from the hordes of alien invaders known as Beings of Extra Terrestrial and Adversary to humanity or simply known as BETA. The liberation was going well, until a new BETA strain currently known as Knight-class or commonly preferred to, Jellys due to their Jellyfish like appearance. They are rarely seen in the battlefield but they are great force-multipliers and deadly fighters, capable of defending its own from any TSF especially if the TSF in question is not meant for melee-combat and have inadequate melee combat loadout. This BETA strain was believed to be pivotal for pushing back the human forces, and the coalition of United Nations, Japanese and Korean forces are currently retreating to the tip of the peninsula in which they will regroup and push-back again.

Saito watches from his TSF as the Shiranui TSF, one of the survivors of an earlier duo landed. The TSF was the only survivor of its squadron, as of now it is more likely to be attached to other units that currently needs to refill their manpower in the field. Saito ran a check on his Takemikazuchi and his personal cargo that he loaded on his TSF. Their squadron's objective right now is to hold off the BETA until the entire force has evacuated, their objective right now is to eliminate a herd of BETA that is trying to flank their base, while their personnel and important assets is being removed from the base. They will rendezvous with the rest of their battalion and the UN owned XSSAS -02 Leonidas, a second iteration of the project eXperimental Siege and Support AirShip, a low-flying airship that provides heavy fire-support while maintaining its low-altitude and its limited Rutherford field to protect it from anti-aircraft fire from the Laser-class BETAs that instantly destroys human's air superiority making holding off the BETA horde very difficult.

Few Hours Later...

Saito cut down an almost lucky Grappler-class BETA that is trying to make a first damage to his TSF as well as a group of Tank-class BETAs that try to latch on him in one swipe. Several minutes later, the rest of their battalion arrive and reinforced them, and made an Arrowhead 2 formation. A minute later, the Leonidas has arrived and starts to gun-down the BETAs as it swoops down the oncoming BETA horde.

The Leonidas was a 50 meter long airship, 19meters wide and 7 meter tall, that is inspired by XG-70 Susanoo, the difference is that it was meant as flying air support platform and staying on the air as long as possible by using the anti-gravity Moorcook-Lechte Engine and the Rutherford Field to protect it from anti-aircraft fire. It has 8 36mm point-defense gauss chaingun that defends the airship as well as providing fire-support to friendly troops. Its two primary armaments is first, the single 155mm Gauss Artillery Cannon that is located on the top center of the airship, providing 360 degrees coverage of indirect fire-support with rate of fire ranging from 10 rounds per minute to 60 rounds per minute depending on barrel condition. The second, the main armament is a ball swivel mounted Multi-purpose Energy Weapon System, capable of firing laser fire that is capable of penetrating a Destroyer-class from front to back and as well as ion particle cannon that has good area of effect coverage.

As for the protection, the Leonidas has autonomous Close in Weapon System or CIWS short, it is dedicated on protecting the airship from being latch on by any BETAS as well as eliminating those who made it. It is equipped with 17mm 19-stage gauss chaingun. And if any BETAs attempt to disable the CIWS or the point defense turret, it has the Hedgehog Gauss Close In Defense System based from the Javelin CIDS using its 45-stage coilgun it can be reused many times by recharging the capacitors to launch the meter long, 72mm serrated metal spike to impale any BETAS and then reeled back by its titanium cable back on its launch tube.

What makes the Leonidas and its other fellow airship class, last long in the air is first what makes afloat is the Moorcook-Lechte engine and the Rutherford Field that protects it from anti-aircraft laser fire, though both systems requires the G-element that is only found on BETA hives but humanity has captured BETA hives already to allow such G-element based technology to be in greater quantities ever before. Another thing that powers its many systems is the G-element makes it a good superconductor allowing power-hungry system to be powered aboard the airship. Another thing that powers it is the hydrogen cells aboard the ship and as well as turbine located in the main engines.

For the last note with the Leonidas, the main reason it uses Gauss/CoilGun weaponries is that to remove the need of space-consuming cartridges as the propellants needed takes space as opposed to ferromagnetic armatures inserted on the projectiles, since it uses electricity as a primary component to launch the projectile. Another thing is that its users can create its ammunition without the need of propellants since they took time to create and can be almost made of any metallic materials and only need portable equipment to create such projectile. This allows the Leonidas to maintain the dominance of the human forces for a longer time.

As the Leonidas swoop down, its point-defense turret starts gunning down the BETAs, the 36mm depleted uranium tipped 4inch long spike travelling at ultra-high velocity liquefies any BETA it contacts with, with its advance fire control system, its operators are able to gun down their targets with ease. The energy weapon system, vaporizes any BETAs that gets into its line of fire, as the Leoniads unleash death in all directions, the 155mm artillery of the Leonidas launched its beehive round. The beehive round is a wide area of effect akin to canister round used on 120mm cannons. It is done releasing thousands of flechettes to cut down BETAs that doesn't have much protection against such threats.

Major Seijorou Makabe, the battalion commander of Wolf Blade received word that the base personnel has successfully evacuated and is waiting for all forces in the field to retreat to next the defense line. The battalion moves to make way and regroup with the remaining Japanese UN forces. Saito's squadron was left behind to cover the rear. Suddenly lasers struck the Leonidas at different parts in one side, the Moorcock-Lechte engine shuts down despite its failsafe measures. The Leonidas starts to descend slowly. It's the least the failed failsafe measures can do for the Leonidas.

"Wof Blade 5 to Wolf Blade 1, the Leonidas was hit! I repeat the Leonidas was hit!" Saito's squadron leader quickly informs Major Makabe. The squadron leader is piloting a Type-00 – 'A' variant which is only used by small unit commanders, the 'A' variant is clad in white paint.

Meanwhile back in the Leonidas, the crew is desperately trying to reactivate the Moorcook Lechete engine, while the Point Defense crew still continue shooting the oncoming BETA horde. The auxillary thrusters try to keep the Leonidas in the air. If all options to keep the Leonidas in the air running and as well as preserving it, the crew will activate the self-destruct system so the BETA won't be able to adapt the technology just like the earlier variant of Susanoo back in Sadogoshima.

Saito and one of his squadmate look at the origin of the laser fire. A second later, a group of Laser-class materializes out of thin air, but that is what did not fully shock them it was a jellyfish like figure that really shock them.

"Knight-class, 4-o-clock! Damn jelly cloak an entire group of laser-class!" one of Saito' squadmate commented.

The jellyfish like creatures was responsible for ruining the human forces formation, going behind enemy-lines and causing confusion is one of the many things it can do. The Knight-class itself is an intelligent one, doing commando raids with a handful of BETA's to wreak havoc or assisting the vanguards of every wave of BETAs. If it's wounded, it will absorb BETA's to recover the damage done to it, and there is a lot of BETAs available for consumption.

"Engaging Knight=class" another of Saito's squadmate notified on the comms, firing his Type 82 rifle's 36mm chaingun at the jelly-like BETA.

Another reason why the Knight-class is well feared is that at the cost of using its support-abilities such as invisibility, it will use it primary offensive weapons that is also an effective defensive weapon, razor sharp monomolecular filaments coming from its own tendrils, it can cut metal given enough forces and the Knight-class can fully manipulate it to create shield lattice to destroy oncoming threats or anything that has lower than scale of 10 in Mohs Scale of Hardness. And the lattice shield is already blocking most of the incoming 36mm while dodging the lucky ones as it approach the enemies at mediocre speed of 80km/h.

The crew of Leondias noticed this and informs Saito and his flight, to gun down the Knight-class just to divert its lattice shield while it catches the BETA and the remaining Laser-class with its Beehive round. The plan worked but the Knight-class was only severely damaged, it started to grab a nearby Grappler class and absorbed it fully healing the damaged done by the beehive round and started to move in.

One of the UN Shiranuis that is with them move in to deal with the BETA using its assault canon to forced the Knight-class to shield itself while the other UN Shiranui attack it from its flank. But the flanker is not fully aware of the Knight-class's ability to cover its distance on the flanking Shiranui. Then again neither does anyone present in the battle. The same can be said to anyone who survived encounter with that BETA strain.

In a blink of an eye the Knight-class approach the Shranui in a manner that one can say 'teleport' or more accurately 'flash step'. The Knight-class then slices the poor Shiranui into pieces with its monomolecular filaments. The stunned pilot has no time to react and attempt to get away from the BETA.

The pilot's death was quickly avenged by Saito as he hit the BETA with the HESH round from the 120mm cannon mounted on his Type 82, he later then head to the supply container to get a fresh Type-82 from one of the supply container and gets a few ammunition clip for his 36mm chaingun. However the Leonidas was not going anywhere, its Moorcock-Lechte engine is on its last leg and is either going to stay there for a long time as it slowly dies down or overload the engine so the tech wont be adapted by the BETA, protocol demands the latter and the crew is going to comply to that as it prepares it evacuation vehicle which is currently has a UH-60 Blackhawk on-board.

"Wolf Blade 5 to Wolf Blade 1, you and the survivors get out of here while we protect the Leonidas crew's evacuation while it prepares the self-destruction. We'll make sure the detonation goes well."

Major Seijorou knows that arguing with his subordinates and putting their lives on the line will be dangerous to the rest of his unit. "Copy Wolf Blade 5, once the detonation is near completion head to Supply Point to refuel and head to new rally point." He hopes that his men will make it back.

As some of the crew prepares the UH-60 Blackhawk, the commander of the airship started to commence the self-destruction of the Moorcock Lechte engine. Unfortunately, the automated self-destruct system is disabled. He tried the back-up systems and found them in the same condition. Of all the bad things that can happen, this is what is happening. He cursed its manufacturers and the design team even though he knew that the airship was a prototype currently under field testing and already giving great results. The only way to self-destruct it was for someone to manually overload the Moorcock-Lechte drive and cause a massive explosion just like back in Sadogoshima, the difference is that the airship is lighter and the Moorcock-Lechte drive has lower power so Seoul won't suffer the same fate just like Sadogoshima.

"Leonidas to Wolf Blade 5, the automated self-destruct sequence is permanently disabled we have no choice but to manually overload the Drive and the system is haywire, so we don't know if we can initiate the self-destruct on time, I need a group to stay here for a while the overload starts, our escape chopper is ready and I have already put all turrets into automated mode with the artillery firing beehive rounds at designated areas." The commander takes a breath to say his next words."I...I'll stay behind and overload the drive while the rest of the crew leaves"

"Wolf Blade 5 here, I understood the situation, we will hold here until the overload sequence is successfully initiated and secured. If possible, can the turrets at the lower hull protect the supply container?"

"Can do, Wolf Blade 5, point defense turrets at the lower hull is prioritizing the protection of the supply containers over your TSFs. It's what the onboard A.I. can only do."

Few minutes later, the Blackhawk is carrying its passengers save for the commander who insisted to that the crew should left him and carry the data of the Leonidas for investigation. The TSF on the ground fought bravely, with the Beehive rounds greatly reducing the swarm of BETAs and the energy weapons swiftly eliminates the Destroyer-class. Fortunately, the Fort-class are easily dealt with from afar with the Leonidas sensors detecting it early and the TSF's killing it easily with headshots from HESH round from their 120mm cannon.

An hour and a half later, the commander was able to start the overload of the Moorcock-Lechte Drive. After many attempts, the commander was able to do it by shooting the anti-overloading diodes that prevents it from overloading with the use of one of the anti-material rifles that was put on-board in case any lucky Tank-class BETAs managed to get in the Leonidas. Other attempts just allowed the Moorcock-Lechte Drive's main protection shell to vaporize and expose its important parts in which the commander take great patience to wait for intervals of the vaporizing anomaly so he can shoot the diodes succesfully. Finally, the Drive started to overload and he diverted the back-up power to speed up the overloading. After such attempts, he takes a breath and pulls out a picture of his family from his pocket and takes a last long look before his imminent death. While at it, he calls the surviving TSFs about the good well as the bad news.

"Leonidas to Wolf Blade 5, do you copy?"

"We copy, Leonidas. Did you do it?" the TSF pilot take a look at his remaining squadrons, 7 of them remains including the surviving Shiranui that Saito watched landed earlier before heading out for sorty.

"Yes, but the bad things is after exhausting all options, I have no choice but to make it overload in an unpredictable manner."

"What?!" Wolf Blade 5 exclaimed.

"It is unknown if the Drive will explode right after I finish talking or tomorrow, that is the problem. The pace of the overloading changes from slow to very slow in a random pattern. Hopefully, it will explode within a few hours. Also, if any BETAs destroy the drive before fully overloading, all hope is lost."

"I guess we have to stay here for a bit longer" The TSF squadron leader sighed.

"Wolf Blade 5, to all units. The Moorcock-Lechte drive will explode in an unknown time so some of us have to stay behind and make sure the overload is near completion. Is there anyone here who wants to go now?"

"I am" the UN Shiranui pilot earlier replied.

"Okay, so you can go home now but remember that if it fails, you have to take the guilt of letting the BETA take advantage of the tech or you can change your mind and join the sacrifice." The Royal Guardsman replied to the UN pilot.

"...Refilling ammo" that was the reply of the UN pilot as he refilled his ammunition for his Mk. 57 and resumes shooting the BETA horde.

"Okay, men. We may have sworn to protect the Shogun, but it is also our duty to protect humanity against anyone who threatens to exterminate us. For the sake of our species, fight and never give them the chance to win!" the Royal Guardsman said over the communication.

"No intention to ruin the vibe. But before I lost the chance to know this mystery, does anyone know how really old the major was?" Satio asked.

The royal guards chuckled at Saito's question. The major's age is really a mystery to everyone in the battalion and the higher-ups never noticed about the royal guard's oversight, too many BETAs to spare an attention for that.

"Well, looks like none of us really know how old he is. Too bad we can't communicate the major about that. We should have asked the 'information club' about it. Right, Hiraga-san?" Wolf Blade 5 replied.

"Right" Saito replied.

An hour and a half later, there are now 4 TSFs remaining and the Leonidas is now low on beehive round and is conserving its ammunition to where it counts even though, they are facing tens of thousands of BETAs. The UN Shiranui pilot is only not the member of the Imperial Royal Guards. Saito on the other hand is cutting down the BETAs. After of all this time, his Takemikazuchi only received scratches and right now he is cutting down the lucky flanking BETAs that managed to get close before heading back to resupply. A few minutes later, one of the Takemikazuchi is destroyed when one of the luck Destroyer-class crash it with the sides of its thick carapace and send him into the sea of Tank-class BETAs. Saito's squadron leader on the other hand and the Shiranui pilot is holding off the BETA back-to-back with the squadron leader dual wielding his Type-82s and guns down the oncoming BETA horde.

Saito ditches his Type 74 sword and pulls out his Type-82 and getting another Type-82 from a nearly empty supply container and started to sweep down the BETA horde that tries to get to his commander and the UN pilot. His commander noticed an incoming BETAs and jumps away. The Shiranui pilot on the other hand was too occupied to gun down the incoming BETAS coming on his front that he did not noticed that several Tank-class has latched on him on put him down putting the poor UN pilot in a more unwanted demise.

His squadron commander on the other hand, was hit with the Destroyer-class sending him back on the ground quite far away from the Lenoidas. He was able to quickly recover balance but unfortunately a lucky Grappler-class was behind and punches his TSF onto the ground, and right now a swarm of Tank-class is now starting to feast on his TSF.

"Hi-hi-Hiraga, I leave everything to you now. You did well, just as everyone expects from a veteran transferee."

That was the last word of his squadron commander as he blast off far away from the Leonidas and initiated the self-destruct sequence of his SD-11V, a variant of the SD-11 where the self-destruct device can be as powerful as the original which is powerful as a tactical nuke or as small where it can obliterate anything within a 50 meter radius in which the latter happen since he doesn't want to accidentally destroy the overload sequence and as well as ensure that the last man of his squadron won't fail.

Saito went underneath the Leonidas where the Supply Containers are. He quickly replaced his PB blade with a new one on an almost empty supply container. He also replaced his Type 82 with a new one and quickly gets the very last clip on it and started to head back into the fight.

Suddenly, the Moorcock-Lechte Drive of the Leonidas unleashed a pulse of energy vaporizing the BETAs within a 3.2km radius.

Saito watched the phenomenon and wondered if the overload was successful and he is in the safe zone of the explosion, like an eye of the storm. After a few minutes, he received call from the Leonidas.

"Kid, listen"

"Di-...Did you do it?" Saito asked

"No kid, it's the drive and right now I'm intangible but I suspect I won't last long in the world of the living. Right now, the overload is nearing completion, you might want to resupply with the remaining containers and get out of here. And oh by the way kid, my name is Colonel Jacques Eliane from France. If you made it back, could you please inform my daughter, Elsa that she now has my blessings of marrying Darril. I know we don't know each other, but given the time—"

"Okay, no need to worry, monsieur. I'll inform her "Saito replied, quickly scanning the containers where he can find fuel while refilling his ammunition. He found one and started to refuel but later on found out that the refuelling container is empty and he doesn't have more than enough fuel to get to the next defense line let alone get to the supply point. Suddenly he received call from Col. Eliane that he has few minutes before the Leonidas explode.

Saito watch as the form of energy vaporizes the Leonidas, it appears that he never have much time to get out and live. Col. Eliane is not responding because obviously the communication devices are destroyed and probably the colonel is dead as well. He was shaking, though he was prepared to die, he doesn't want to die this way neither is being chomped by the BETAs. Gritting his teeth, he decided to refuel his TSF and hopes that he will make it in time. All he need is enough fuel to get to the supply point. Quickly scanning for refuelling container he found one next to a tipped over container. As he approached the container, suddenly he saw a large shining ellipse object right next the container he is looking for. It was about as large as his TSF and appears to have no substantial thickness. He wondered if it's one of the anomalies done by the G-element based device. Suddenly, he heard something that he suspects came from the glowing ellipse.

Suddenly, the Leonidas explode evaporating anything in a 50km radius saved for most of the top layers of the land mass. All TSF pilots present in the fight died just to ensure that the BETA advance was faltered and the BETA won't be able to adapt the tech from the Leonidas. Save for one pilot and his TSF.