A hand shook my shoulder and I opened my eyes.

Orange. The sunset. The sound of waves crashing. The feeling of rough sand beneath me.
I drunkenly sat up and looked around with half-lidded, drowsy eyes.
Master beside me.

He smiled warmly at me before leaning over and wrapping his arms around my body, planting a kiss on my cheek.

His busy day running the love island must have finally come to an end.
We don't call it a 'brothel'. We prefer the term 'love island'. And we do not use the term 'sex slave' or 'prostitute'. That is an insult beyond compare. We call ourselves 'lovers'.

You see, I, along with twenty-seven other people, most of them around the same age as me, serve the love island's clients. We have many each day, all seeking the same thing: pleasure. While most people consider this an awful job that they would never want to have, we all disagree. We think it's the greatest job in the world.
"There is nothing more fulfilling than pleasuring someone and being pleasured in return..."
That's what we believed.

For a while, it was business as usual. Clients would arrive, and we would love them passionately. Master treated us very kindly. We were well fed and kept in good health.

Master is a handsome, attractive man. We're the same age, though he came into the world a few months before I did. He's a little taller than me, and well-built. He always wears a purple satin cloak. His most interesting feature is his hair. It's naturally brunette, but he dyed a blonde Mohawk in the centre.

After a few weeks of living on the island, Master fell in love with me. One night, he pulled me away from dinner and confessed to me.
I've been living with him in his beachside shack ever since. I no longer serve the love island's clients. I am his, and his alone. Master even gave me a name, Rin. To me, it sounded strangely familiar, yet not familiar at all.

Whenever we lovers are not with a client or otherwise occupied, we go into a deep trance state. And we lay there, floating in blissful oblivion, until Master, a client, or a fellow lover comes to wake us.
That was what I had been experiencing before Master disturbed me.
Occasionally, I go down to the shore and lay on the sand, careful to avoid areas where the tide will reach. I simply let myself drift into a trance. I can lay there like that for hours.

Master and I discussed our day for a few minutes before snuggling closer together.
We were both thinking the same thoughts. Dirty ones.

We wouldn't bother to move inside, the sunset beach was perfect. Romantic and beautiful. And because everyone else would be eating dinner at around this time, there was zero chance of us being seen or disturbed.

Master gently pushed me back down on the sand and climbed on top of me, tenderly cradling my head in his hands. He put his lips to mine. As our tongues danced, he slowly, sensually ran his right hand down my face, across my neck and down my clothed chest to the nipple. Through my shirt, he rubbed and pinched it until it was erect. He pulled away from the kiss and moved his mouth to my neck before giving it a long lick that made me shudder. He raised my hands. I cooperated and helped him lift my shirt off. His mouth then gave my other nipple attention, flicking his tongue back and forth rapidly over it.

I let out a breathy moan. Something else was becoming erect along with my nipple.

He pulled away and removed his trademark cloak, leaving it on the sand. I took this as my cue to remove whatever clothing I still had on.
Within seconds, everything was discarded on the sand. We now sat naked before each other.

Master lay down on his back and held his arms out. I climbed on top of him, hovering above his crotch. He put his arms on my thighs and I sank down onto his erection. Pain shot down my spine. I winced and raised my hips slightly.

Without lubricant, this particular position was like swimming in cold water. If you dive right in without preparing, it will feel pretty damn uncomfortable. You have to inch your way in from the shallow end, being careful not to go too fast.

Master lifted my hips completely off and sat up.
"Are you okay?"
I nodded, still wincing slightly.
"Sorry, that was a mistake on my part... I should have prepared you before we got into it. C'mon, bend over."
I promptly turned and laid my head on my hands, my rump raised in the air, legs spread nice and wide.

He held three fingers in front of my mouth. I took his hand and coated them in saliva. Once they were sufficiently wet, he went to pull them away, but I kept my grip and continued to slide my tongue over them. I just had to pretend they were... something else. I opened my eyes and looked up at Master with the naughtiest look I could give. His cheeks were tinted pink, knowing I was doing this on purpose.

He's my Master, and I am his obedient lover, that will never change, but I just love to tease him like this sometimes.

I released the digits, a string of saliva connecting them to my lips. Master gulped, trying to regain his composure.
He moved around to my (still raised) behind. I felt one finger enter and I groaned softly at the pleasurable sensation. The finger wiggled around for a few seconds before being joined by a second. The fingers worked in tandem, moving in a scissoring motion, thoroughly preparing me for the real thing.

I shifted slightly, spreading my legs wider and relaxing my back a little more. The pleasure intensified and I let out another quiet groan.

A third finger entered. The pleasure was competing with pain now. I winced again, but I kept still and beared with it. I knew the pain would vanish and the pleasure would multiply as soon as he found -

OH! That's it!
I gasped sharply as my body shuddered.

Master rapidly stroked that spot as I began to lose myself. I buried my face in my arms, panting loudly. My legs refused to cease their trembling.

I knew that after a few moments, he would pull his fingers out and command me to flip over.
But he didn't.

He just kept on going, pounding my sweet spot over and over and over. And the pleasure continued on, growing more and more intense every second. I couldn't hold back any more, I lifted my head and let the moans tumble out of my mouth. My whole body was shuddering violently.

I fisted the sand. I could feel my climax approaching fast.
And Master just kept on going.

My vision went hazy, my mind clouded over. My whole body felt like it was on fire, nothing but pure pleasure and ecstasy coursing through my veins. My hips jerked and my toes curled. I came quietly. No screaming, just a string of soft moans and whimpers.

The bliss continued for a few moments, but then, as all good things do, it came to an end and I collapsed onto the sand, panting and shuddering.
I was so consumed by my high, I didn't even notice that my mouth was now full of sand.

Master leant down, a lecherous smile stretched across his face, and whispered in my ear,
"Did you cum?"
I nodded slowly.
"Did you cum hard?"
I let out a soft moan, my eyes scrunched shut.

"Well, we aren't done yet," he lay on his back and held his arms out again, "get on", he said with a wink.

My shaking legs could barely hold me up as I moved towards him.
I lowered myself onto his length again. This time, there was no pain. I sank all the way down and let out a sigh.

Master put his hands under my legs and hoisted me up. I slid up and down, feeling his member scrape my walls.

I repeated the motion over and over, feeling the pleasure grow all over again. Soon, we were both thrusting and moaning shamelessly.

His length brushed up against my prostate. I gasped and threw my head back. I adjusted my hips so he would hit that spot with every thrust.

Master let out a particularly load moan before pulling away and pushing me down.
He climbed on top of me and entered my body again, thrusting forward rapidly. He found my sweet spot in no time, pounding it ruthlessly.

I could only moan. I was getting so close.
I arched my body and wrapped my trembling legs around his back, arms around his neck.

I buried my face in his collarbone, gasping and whimpering as I held onto him for dear life.

My mind slipped away. All I knew was pleasure. I tried to call out to a deity, but I was too far gone.

And suddenly, I was on fire again as an intense pleasure rippled through my whole body. I screamed over and over into Master's neck as I came, writhing in ecstasy. Master followed me into bliss shortly after, filling me with his release.

Moments passed and the pleasure cooled down. I allowed myself to fall back on the sand, relaxing my tense body and slowing my panting down to regular breathing.

I heard fingers snapping.
My eyes opened and I was back in the bedroom.
Mast- no, Bon, was still laying on top of me, gazing into my eyes.
I giggled. Oh God, how I loved being under his hypnotic control...

Ignore what Rin said about the beach being a great spot for sex. It sounds amazingly romantic, but it's... not a good idea. Ending up with sand in places sand should never be (not to mention the levels of bacteria in sand). But it's a fanfic that takes place on an island, of COURSE there's gonna be some beachside boning XDDDDDD

BTW, if the ending didn't make sense, basically Rin was hallucinating the beach. Bon had used hypnotic suggestions to program Rin's memories so that he would 'remember' his life on the island.

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