Ok I'm new to fanfiction and have yet to write a story I have a basic idea for my story at the moment.

but since its only an idea of what the story should be about not a detailed idea of how the story should go I'm posting it as a challenge, since it would both be fun to see how different authors write a story based on the same idea. And because I believe that all fanfiction authors that protest about people stealing their ideas are hypocrites.

Hello we are writing fanfiction and all fanfiction is on some level based on stealing the original author's idea and then write your own story with that as the base so since all authors on fanfiction steal ideas themselves we have absolutely no right to protest if other try to use our idea.

If they just copied a story and posted it under their name it would another case but fanfiction is based on writing a story by combining your own ideas with the ideas of somebody else most of the time without permission from said person.

therefore I firmly believe that as long as you write your story yourself you should be allowed To use as many ideas from other fanfiction authors as you wish. Although if you're taking a Character or idea from another fanfiction story then it would be good sport if you made an author's note that mention where the character originate, but in the end every single writer here are to a certain degree stealing others work, and if another author use your version of a story as the ground for his or her own story, then you should just be honored since that means that your ideas has been acknowledged by someone as being at least on the same level as the original story.

But enough about my stance on using other writers ideas here is the challenge

Ok the rules for the challenge is this

1: The main character must be orochimaru

2. I would prefer if the story starts before he go mad and begin to kidnap people to experiment on them

3. Please no yayoi I have nothing against people writing them but I'm 100 percent straight and have no wish to read yayoi stories

4. Orochimaru should not be totally insane by the start of the story it's ok if he begins to get more and more insane as the story progress but it's not fun to read about a person who's insane from the start it can however be interesting to read about how he becomes more and more insane as the story move on

5. I would prefer if orochimaru arrives alone but or with only 1 or 2 other but it's ok if he finds a way to travel between worlds later he is after all a scientific genius

6. just a piece of advice a good way to get orochimaru to end up in the one piece world would be a failed experiment preferably 1 of his first since as I said before I think making a person who's already broken from the start is boring especially if it's the main character if you want him mad then make him go mad during the story

7. if you take this challenge then you agree that other who take it may use some of your ideas in their version of the challenge or in an entirely different story