A/N: finally a straight Laven fic written by moi! Yay! Ok, so it's AU.

Also, the randomness of who the members of the Misfits are will be explained next chapter.


Allen is fifteen still, but closer to sixteen.

Lavi is sixteen.

That's all thats changed, I think. For now, anyways :P.

Warnings: Yaoi/BoyxBoy; don't like, don't read.

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Chapter one; Glimpse

The clicking noise of keys being thrown onto the table and a door slamming woke Allen up.

Groaning, he lifted his head weakly, trying to sit up on the lumpy couch he was lying on.

The tall, redhaired man who was his guardian sighed and went to work dumping his guns and bullets onto the table.

"You awake, boy?" he growled, looking over in the direction of the white haired boy who had slumped back into the pillows.

"Yes, Master Cross, I am" Allen replied, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

'Just leave me alone for once, please' he thought.

Cross strode over to the boy and glared down at him, "Look, boy, I'm going to tell you this once. I'm not going to repeat it, so. Listen. Carefully." he said. Allen sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"What is it? I-is it about Mana?" he asked half hopefully. His adoptive father had been killed only two months ago, in a stand off between two gangs; one of which Mana was the 'right hand man' of.

The enemy gang, the Misfits were now after Allen, still bloodthirsty even though they'd wiped out most of the gang and killed the leader.

"Yes and no. I'm leaving, I will be gone for awhile, I don't know how long. You'll have to fend for yourself, learn how to use a gun" Cross replied.

Timcanpy flew down from his cage and sat on Allen's head, as if the yellow canary was comforting the boy, who just sat there staring at Cross.

"W-what?! You can't leave me here, they'll come and kill me, Master!" he whimpered, falling back into the pillows again, the bird moved to the top of the couch, tweeting shrilly.

Cross shrugged, walking away to the table, picking up his guns.

"Great, then I won't have to worry about how the annoying brat is going to live on his own" he said, grinning evilly.

"Y-you-! I hate-" Allen muttered, but Cross fired a shot into the wall opposite the couch, making him shiver.

"Shut it, kid"

And with that, Cross Marian, Allen's guardian of barely two months, walked out, saying something briefly about checking on him occasionally.

Allen was shocked. He knew Cross was a bastard, but that was just harsh of him; to leave a boy of nearly sixteen, one who didn't know how to use a gun, on his own. With gangs around...

"I don't know what to do, Tim" he said miserabley to the bird, which began flying aimlessly around the room, in random circles.

Something clicked in his mind.

Rebellious thoughts came pouring in. He'd always been told to stay hidden, it was safer that way.

He got up and went to a cupboard, shoving things out of the way until he got to a rather dusty box. He pulled it out and opened the lid, removed the pistol that was in there and put in a full clip of bullets.

"I need to go, to look for Mana's grave. I know the Misfits have his body in their 'Victory' graveyard, outside their headquaters. I need to say goodbye. The funeral wasn't enough. It was bad to his legacy" He growled, strapping the pistol to his body and pulling on a loose fitting shirt to hide it, he headed to the door.


Allen slipped through the silent streets easily, almost too easily. When he reached the Misfit's hide-out, that was when it got harder.

A group of gang members were walking around the outside, occasionally muttering something to each other. At one stage, one man shot at a crow flying over them. It fell dead at his feet, causing them all to laugh, Allen just shivered and looked away.

Once the group was out of sight, he ran to a tree on the corner of the hide-out and peered around. He was alone.

There was a low brick wall then, on the other side; the graveyard.

He took a deep breath and sprinted, ducking over and leaning against the wall.

"Crap, this is hard" he panted quietly.

Allen sighed and walked cautiously over to the graves. There were six.

Only four were marked, he ignored all but one of the names; Mana Walker.

He dropped to his knees and sobbed, forgetting where he was for a moment. And a moment was all it took.

Soon, three armed men stood above him, one held a gun to Allen's temple as he said sweetly, "Come to see your daddy, huh? Is that it, kid?".

Allen panicked and swallowed.

"Yes, I have-" he was interupted by a voice behind the three.

"Allen Walker, is it? Well well, keep him alive. For now, at least" the source of the voice was a dark haired man with a tan. He was darkly handsome, and accompanied by some forlorn looking boy with red hair and a single green eye, the other was covered by an eyepatch.

The speaker turned to the boy.

"Lavi, go get your grandfather" to which the boy nodded and walked off, but not before he looked straight at Allen and smiled slightly.

'Lavi... Why is that name familiar?' Allen thought, closing his eyes when the three men dragged him to a cell-like room and threw him in.

Although, the rest of the night went quietly and coldly, Allen had a sense of hope after seeing Lavi.

He felt like he could trust him, and that maybe, just maybe, Lavi would be his ticket out of the Misfits's temporary prison.