So, it was a little success, wasn't it? Well, then here's a little chapter two for you all…


Jack turned around with a smile, expecting to see his family smiling as well, but he was startled by his mother's frightened look: the woman crossed herself whispering a prayer, while the child looked at her with confusion.

"Sweetheart, go call the priest" the woman whispered "Hurry, as fast as you can!"

The girl looked one last time at the mirror before running outside.

"No…" Jack murmured, approaching the woman, who started praying again "That's not what I wanted, I'm sorry…"

"Wasn't it enough? You already took my son, please spare me from this…" she was whispering when the door opened and Father Walter rushed in the small house, along with a shivering Pippa, who ran into her mother's arms.

"What happened?" the man said.

The woman pointed at the mirror, but the ice did already melt; slowly, carefully, she explained the priest what just had happened. The man listened in silence with a frown.

Jack simply stayed there, uncertain of what to do. But when Father Walter expressed his disbelief in the woman's words (she was shocked, she was tired) Jack once again froze the glass, without writing anything this time.

The churchman slowly walked towards the mirror, touching the surface as to be sure it was really ice.

"Jackson?" he asked, uncertain, after a moment.

"Yes!" Jack exclaimed, realizing only a couple of seconds later he would still need the mirror and wrote the three letters on it. His mother started sobbing.

"Missus Frost" the priest started "Go to the church. It's not all right to stay here"

"No!" the boy tried to stop them from walking out, uselessly. The man, meanwhile, sat down on a small chair, facing the mirror.

"Jackson, are you still here?"

Jack wanted to follow his family, but the priest seemed the only person willing to talk to him in that moment, so he reluctantly stayed. The boy wrote another "yes" under the first one.

The man sighed: "Listen, this is simply not right. You can't linger on this Earth anymore, you've got to go on…"

Jack frowned: like he wanted whatever happened to him. "I can't" he wrote, the priest's head in his hands. Then he left the house: the churchman probably continued talking at the walls, but Jack did not care. He climbed on a rooftop and looked at the moon.

It was the Moon who brought him back, he did not know if that was God or not, but that didn't matter.

"What am I doing here?" he asked to the white silhouette. The Moon did not answer, Jack scoffed: "Like I need your help!" he exclaimed. Soft clouds covered the sky as tiny snowflakes started to fall down. Jack walked to the church, but he did not enter. Instead, he sat down in front of the main gate and fell into slumber.

When he next opened his eyes he only saw white and light: its first thought was "here I am, heaven, the torture is done", then he realized the snow that fell during the night covered him without melting. He rose on his feet, shaking it off, and looked around.

The small village was alive again: it was a clear sunny winter morning. People were working, talking, smiling. Kids were playing in the freshly fallen snow, making snowmen and ice castles.

Jack walked around with a small smile, he wondered if he was bound to that place or not. If he was dead, at least there was one thing he wanted to see: the sea.

A small breeze was in the air: maybe he could try to ride it to East until the docks.

With a grin he started climbing a tree: in the past he often noticed the higher he went the stronger the wind was. And that was it: as soon as he reached the treetop, a stronger gust of wind snatched him and lifted him in the sky. Jack laughed with delight: the village now little and distant.

"Higher!" he exclaimed, and the wind, as he could listen and obey, lifted him higher until a silver streak appeared on the horizon: "The sea!" he said, he opened his arms as he let the currents toss and twirl him until the arrived at the docks.

Without landing he coasted the houses and ships, freezing roads and canvases. Then he went offshore, carefully gliding to the surface of water. He touched the surface of the sea with his hand, than tasted the water on his fingers: salted. He continued flying on the water, sometimes nearer sometimes higher in the air, but with the constant anxiety of falling into it. After what happened in the lake, he had no desire of swimming, even if he was pretty sure he would not drown.

Suddenly, a small movement on the water caught his attention: a figure, a really big fish was swimming at his own speed, jumping often above the surface. Its skin was smooth and not scaled, and he was even bigger than the boy and there seemed to be a smile on his mouthline. Jack smiled when he noticed more strange fishes were following his trail.

Suddenly, one of them popped out of the water right below him and pushed him up: Jack almost screamed when he realized he interacted with it. Slowly, he approached the water again and extended a hand to touch the back of one of the fishes. It was wet and slippery, but at least it was a touch.

That was when the seed of doubt was planted inside of him: was he really a ghost or something else entirely? He could create ice (even if he wasn't able to freeze seawater, apparently) and his presence made it snow: the Moon probably had the answers, but the Moon wouldn't say anything.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden turnabout of the group of fishes: disappointed, Jack at first thought of following them, but then his eyes fell on the horizon.

In front of him there was land.

He was in the Old World.