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This is a teaser/stinger for the sequel which I am still sketching out. I may be able to start posting it by the end of the year (no promises, sorry…)


Institute Saga II



Dear Mum/Dad.

It's been almost a week since the events at the Asteroid and finally I have enough time to sit down and write to you about what happened.

I know that you won't be happy about me, your little girl, heading into battle against an evil overlord, but I had to do it. If I hadn't… you'd be dead, as would I. And the whole world.

I can't give many details, it's been classified twenty ways from Sunday, but it was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Superman couldn't come with us, because if he had, he'd have died instantly,but we had the Avengers with us, which almost made up for Clark's absence.

Since that day, we've been answering questions and working to get our two newest members settled. Piotr and his little sister Illyana. Piotr is huge and can turn into living metal, he lives up to his name of Colossus. Illyana doesn't have any powers, she's pure human, but that doesn't matter, she's one of us now.

Anyway, things are finally settling down at last. Principal Darkholme is retiring from Bayville High, we're getting a new Principal called Edward Kelly. Seems he's the younger brother of Senator Robert Kelly, the one pushing for power registration. I'm still not sure if this is good or bad.

Anyway, yesterday, Prof X said that we're going to get more students. I guess that Colossus is going to earn his keep keeping the new ones in line.

The Mansion is still amazing, I really want you to come over some time and see it. However, Clark played a prank on me! I sometimes… forget to open doors before walking into a room, sometimes I don't even use doors, so before he left on that secret mission of his, he outfitted every wall, floor and door with field inducers! They shut down in an emergency or at the teacher's request, but it means that I can't take any short-cuts… and I have the bruises to prove it! Grrrrr.

School is still good, my friends are still my friends and all seems right with the world again.

Missing you with all my heart,

Your little kitten.