1. Prologue

Those damn vultures, those stupid jackals … They couldn't leave her alone for a day, could they now? And after being under the spotlight for over 10 years one would think you get use to it, but you never do, not really. It's hard to deal with pain and disappointment and heartache when you're alone, but to have no choice but to display it in front of the whole world is even harder. Damn it, and damn them, and damned her, to add to the mix. She was holding up so well, at least for the public, putting on a brave face, not letting the world to see that Caroline Forbes, the girl next door, and favorite American sweetheart was crushed, when her husband Tyler Lockwood left her for that slut Hayley. Even on the day that she found out that he was leaving and her marriage was definitely over, or to be precise when the jackals also known as the paparazzi found out, she put her big black glasses on and pretended it was beneath her to suffer because of a trivial thing such as the love of your life leaving you like you were the most disposable thing in the world. Her trade mark smile was always on, even when her poor broken heart was aching to scream and throw things and just break, but no, she had to be the golden girl of Hollywood, even in her darkest moments. She wasn't Lindsey Lohan or whomever, she build her name and her career on being the good girl of Hollywood, the ultimate girl next door after Sandra Bullock. Sometimes she believed people forgot that she was in fact Caroline Forbes, a person, made out of flesh and bones, and not that stupid Scooter Brown. Not a good damn apparition, a real person. She was so much more than the character that made her famous 10 years ago, a character that was still controlling her life but people just refused to see it, or maybe it was her that hid behind this imaginary persona as well? Almost no one knew the real Caroline. When she met Tyler she finally thought that was it. A moment has come in her life, a long expected one, to open up to someone, to let someone truly in. To be … herself … But she was wrong, he was just like everyone else. Wanting the image instead of the real person. But when she found that out it was already too late, she had already fallen for him and knew she wanted him in her life. To have and to hold … To raise a family … A lump formed in her chest when she thought of that. It had been 9 months since their separation and eventually divorce and this was the day when the jackals finally caught Caroline Forbes without armor.

She was driving down Beverly Boulevard looking for that cute shop where they sold hand-made perfumes. She knew her best friend Bonnie loved presents that were unique such as her, and since her birthday was coming up, and she finally promised she'd visit LA after her husband's tour around the world would be over, Caroline knew exactly what to get her. She couldn't believe she was actually so stupid to believe the hype had died down and that the paps would leave her be. Her father, also known as her manager, warned her it was far from over.

"You have always been an interesting sell Caroline. But you never gave them anything to sell, and now when they finally have ammunition such as a very public divorce on their hands, a divorce of two huge celebrities, they won't stop for months to come. It won't die down until you start shooting a new film, speaking of ... I got some pretty interesting scripts, you should take a look. I know you've been through a tough period honey but you have to get back to work. Hollywood waits for no one, and you're not getting any younger."

"Dad, how can you say that? I'm only 27 years old …"

" And there's a new actress coming to Hollywood every day, younger and eager to succeed. You can't miss out on chances just because …" and then he suddenly stopped and looked aside, he knew he pushed it too far.

"Because? Because my heart got stomped on? Because I cried a dozens of rivers because the person I thought was the love of my life thought I wasn't good enough for him?"

"Oh Carebear, save the melodrama for the big screen … I'm sorry you had to go through it, but life goes on. And so should you … Now if you're going out I'd suggest a bodyguard or even two. There's a mad house out there, if they ambush you …" And that was the end of discussion or conversation or however you'd like the call the intense relationship she had with her father. But because of that she decided to be rebellious today and go out alone, no bodyguards and no nothing. She refused to be a prisoner of the situation. But this time she was wrong …

And she realized it as soon as she stepped out of her car and got ambushed by two paparazzi at first … But then they just started multiplying, like pests that they were. " Caroline. Look over here Caroline. How are you feeling today? Have you seen the latest news?" they were screaming from different sides while surrounding her like a pack of lions surrounding their victim. And then it happened, the most humiliating moment in her life, well except her husband leaving her in front of the whole world, and except something that happened 11 years ago on a certain ship, with a certain asshole called Niklaus Mikaelson. But this … This was equally bad and heartbreaking. "Caroline have you seen the news?" a pap screamed and pushed a magazine in front of her nose. And there it was, in black and white, a huge title and a picture. A sonogram picture of Tyler's and Hayley's baby. The baby that should have been hers. The baby she wanted so much it hurt. But Tyler wanted to wait, they had their careers to focus on, and he wasn't ready for a baby yet. Now she saw that apparently he was ready all along, he just didn't want her to be the mother of his children.

" So, what do you have to say?" the paps were relentless.

And she did something she had never done before. She shed a tear in public. She looked at the photo of the tiny spot growing in Hayley's belly and her hand automatically flew to her mouth while her eyes were flooded with tears. After so many months of holding it together she had finally lost it and now the photos of her losing it will be all over news stands around the world. The jackals finally got what they've been after for almost a year now. She dropped the magazine and turned to flee the scene of the crime trying to minimize the horrible damage she had done, but it wasn't that easy. The jackals still weren't backing down. They were screaming and flashing those horrendous things called cameras and as she was trying to pass they were pushing her around like she was a ragged doll. One wrong step and she … Stooped even lower, literally. She was knocked on the ground, of course no one offered her a hand, everyone was too busy counting the money they'll get for selling this picture. And to make matters even worse, yes, this was one of those days, where everything that could possibly and impossibly go wrong goes wrong, she saw him. Her worst nightmare. Only a few steps away there was a man with black sunglasses and a baseball cap staring at her and smirking. Yes, the paps didn't recognize him, oh, but she did. You don't forget that smirk, not ever, no matter how much time has passed that smirked still sometimes haunted her in her dreams, nightmares to be precise. And he was still the same stupid, self-centering jerk, waste of air as she would call no one on Earth, but him. He was just standing there, enjoying the sight of seeing the good old Caroline Forbes on her knees. It probably hadn't even occurred to him to give her a hand and help her fight off the paps. No, he still didn't have a chivalrous bone in his hot body. He hadn't changed at all and also … He must have dreamed of it for years. When she finally managed to get away and drive off in her Prius she couldn't stop thinking about him, to her unfortune because he haaated thinking about him. The man in the baseball cap watching her fall. All those years when tabloids were ravishing in stories of his drug problems and his constant parade of whores and his way of making a scandal in every event he turned up to, he probably waited for this moment. For the sweet little Scooter Brown to be embarrassed and ashamed in front of the whole world to see. He was a pest, but a pest Hollywood looooved to hate. Hollywood could deny it but they always adored their bad boys, even more than golden girls such as herself. They despised them on the outside, mocked them, didn't take them seriously, like anyone could, but on the inside they loved following them and writing about them, I guess hoping they'll one day have their story of the big comeback of a fallen star. There's nothing Hollywood liked more than a fallen star rising again in all its glory. She remembered an article she read a few months ago, praising his amazing looks of course. It went something like this: "Niklaus Mikaelson is still so dashing with his boyish dirty blonde hair and penetrating blue eyes not even heaven would have such a cold heart to kick him out. He'd probably seduce all of the female angels and cause mayhem as never seen before but still he'd manage to get away with it somehow. If his looks couldn't keep him safe than his sexy British accent would."

His stupid bloody blue eyes, and his stupid melodic accent, the same one she once fell for and acted like a stupid, idiotic teenager, that she actually was, around him. Ok, so I guess it was official then, she had a rotten taste in men. And the only man that could remotely cheer her up today was the man she was heading to see. Her best friend and her everlasting shoulder to cry on. The only man that stood by her through the years and never let her down. Yes, she had a lousy taste when it came to lovers but when it came to male friends; she hit the jackpot with Stefan Salvatore. The only man that could never intentionally hurt her. God damn it, she should just marry him and be done with it. That way she'd never ever again have to go through the heartache of giving your heart to someone that would just stomp on it. She wouldn't have to worry on him cheating on her, at least not with the person of her sex. So … That was kind of the only problem. Stefan was gay, although the world didn't know it yet, she knew for years now. He was as gay as they come and no women could ever make him "turn to the dark side" as he liked to joke around. But still … If she had someone in her life … Hm … She could finally stop reading headlines as: "Is the heartbroken Caroline Forbes suicidal?" or "The American sweetheart wasting away. Friends wear for her life." She would finally stop being the girl the whole fucking America sympathizes with and try to get her life back on track. But to actually, like for real, look for a new guy was out of the question. She was so repulsed with man at this point she'd seriously think of going gay herself if she ever felt such way for a woman before, unfortunately she didn't. So the only way left for her … was to convince her gay friend to marry her? As she was entering Stefan beach house, or better said villa, in Malibu she thought of her plan some more. Of course Stefan would say she was as mad as a hatter, and probably never agree to it but … there's no harm in asking, right?

So I felt like writing and while a million ideas were dashing through my head I thought of this one ... Why don't I take a novel from my all time favorite romance author Susan Elizabeth Phillips and turn it into a Klaroline story? So I decided to give it a go. Those of you who have read her books and this book in particularly know what you're in for, for those of you who haven't I suggest you do because she's aaaamzing, but also to enjoy the ride with me writing this ... As always my continuing this or not depends on you my dear readers ... So please leave me some review and tell me what you thought of this? PLEASE? PRETTY PLEASE? Love you as always and it feels good to be writing again :)