25. Epilogue

Hi, my name is Audrey Forbes Mikaelson. It's Audrey. Not Aud how my aunt Kat calls me, not princess how my auntie Bekah calls me (although I kind of like that, I love princesses) and it's definitely not baby how my daddy calls me. I'm not a baby anymore. I'm four and a half years old. I'm a big, big girl. I can brush my teeth on my own, and I can dress on my own. But today mommy is helping me dress; I'm going to put on my faaavorite purple dress because today is a special day. We're having a party. I love parties. There's always lots of food and there's a cake and all my special friends are there, pinching my cheeks and kissing me … Ok, that part can be a bit annoying sometimes, but they can't help it, they say I'm just so darn cute. Today were are celebrating my mommy's and daddy's wedding. It happened before I was born, five years ago, and it's not fair, because I'm not in any pictures. There's my grandpa, and uncle Stefan, auntie Kat, auntie Meredith, auntie Bonnie and Lexi, auntie Bekah with uncle Matt, and of course mommy and daddy looking very pretty, but there's no me. I hate feeling left out. But mommy promised we'd take tons of pictures today, and I'll be on all of them. Daddy said I like taking pictures so much he bets I'd be a supermodel, I have no idea what supermodels do, but it sounds fun.

"Morning sleepy head. Have you brushed your teeth?"

" Of course I did mommy. I can't wait for the party to start."

" I bet you can't. There's a special chocolate cake I made just for you baby."

" Mooomy, I'm not a baby. I'm Audrey."

" Oh honey … But you'll always be my baby."

"Really? Even when he comes?"

A month ago mommy and daddy told me I was getting a baby brother. I don't know how to feel about it. I asked auntie Kat when she last visited if I can return the baby brother if I don't like him, like I did with one of my dolls, but she said that the baby would be here to stay. Hm … Mommy seems to like him, although she hasn't seen him yet, so I guess I'll have to like him too. Maybe it will be nice to play with someone, and not be a baby anymore.

" My baby, you'll always be my little girl, and I'll always love you to …"

"… the moon and back." I love when my mommy says that.

"You don't have to be jealous. Come here. Here, put your hand here. Your baby brother is sleeping now, but in a few months he'll be home with us. And you are going to bathe him, and dress him, and play with him … It will be soo much fun."

"Like I do with my dolls?"

"Exactly, just a bit more carefully. Don't worry; I'll teach you everything, it's going to be great. Now, about that dress … I bought you the new yellow one …"

" No, I want the purple one. It's my favourite."

"Ok, little fashionista. Let's find the purple one then."

" Mommy? Will you comb my hair; I like it when you do that."

" Sure sweetie, I love to comb your hair."

"It's gold. Just like yours. Auntie Bonnie says I look just like you when you were little, she showed me pictures … My mommy is pretty."

"But my little girl is even prettier. Besides, you don't look just like me. You have your daddy's dimples."

"Where is daddy? I want to give him a good morning kiss."

"Your daddy went to pick up your auntie Kat from the airport. Are you happy you're going to see her?"

" Yeees. Auntie Kat is the best; she's so funny, and she always buys me nice presents. And she's silly … She always asks me if I have a boyfriend … And she laughs when I say I have 10 of them in my kindergarten class. She says I'm a player, what's a player mommy? Is that somebody who likes to play with dolls?"

" Hm, yes. That's right honey. Now, how about a nice purple ribbon to go with the dress? My girl has to be the prettiest at the party."

"You are the prettiest. I love you mommy."

"I love you too honey. To the moon and back …"

I'm looking at my mommy as she's talking to some people about something called catering. She's so pretty. My daddy says she's prettier every year and he also says that I'm just like her, I don't mind, I like being as pretty as my mommy.

"Princess, you are soooo handsome. Now tell me, who bought you that gorgeous dress you're wearing?"

" Auntie Bekah." I jump to hug my auntie Bekah, but I can't … Because she's huuuge. Her belly is almost as big as me. But my mommy says I can't tell her that because she's sensitive about her belly. She also has somebody in her belly. My little cousin …

" Is she sleeping?" I look at her belly in wonder, I don't understand that there's actually somebody there.

" I think she's up. She's kicking like crazy this morning. I think she's happy to be attending this party. Do you want to feel it?"

Auntie takes my hand and places it on her belly, and I do feel it. Something is kicking from the inside, it feels funny.

"Hey Bex, how are you feeling today?" my mommy comes in and kisses auntie Bekah on the cheek.

"Like a big fat cow. Seriously Care? I'm going crazy here. I keep telling myself it's only a month away, but I have the urge to squeeze the little one right away."

"Relax hun, you'll get there. Although I do know how it feels, you're getting impatient … But, try to get as much sleep as possible, trust me, when the baby comes, you'll need it."

"And how are you holding up? Is that boy giving you a hard time?"

"Well, I've entered my second trimester so the morning sicknesses are finally over, thank God, but I'm good. I'm more prepared this time."

"Prepared or not prepared, I think you did wonders with this one … She's perfect."

Auntie Bekah pinches my cheeks. Here we go … The party of cheek pinching is officially starting.

" Uncle Matt, tell her to stop." I whine when my uncle enters the room.

" Honey, leave that poor child alone. You'll leave scars on her face …"

" Oh, but look how cute she is. Sorry, you're right, it's the bloody hormones. God; I don't know how you put up with me."

" Because I adore you."

Oh no, yuck … They started kissing again. Why do grown ups do that all the time? Mommy and daddy do that too, every time they think I'm not looking, they are all over each other. It's yucky.

" So, Audrey, are you happy you'll get a brother?" uncle Matt asks me.

" And a girl … Don't forget she'll also have our little baby girl to play with."

" A girl will be fun … Daddy said not all boys like Barbie dolls, so …"

"Now that's not true. I loooved playing and dressing up Barbie dolls. In fact I still do."

" Uuuuuncle Stefan." I scream and run to him, he picks me up, and twirls me around, and so hard it makes me dizzy in the head, my uncle Stefan is like one fun rollercoaster. Please don't tell anyone, but from all my aunts and uncles, I think he's my favourite. He's so much fun, and he loves Barbie's, and he says he'll adopt a baby one day and that baby and I will get married, because he wants the prettiest daughter in law, I don't know what that means, but it sounds cool. My uncle Stefan is not married like auntie Bekah and uncle Matt, he lives alone in this gorgeous house on the beach where I like to build sand castles. My dad is always trying to "fix" him up with someone, but he says he's happy on his own. And he always says I'm his favourite girl, I like that.

" Hey Care … Wow, it's beginning to show. I mean just a little, you look gorgeous as ever. "

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the compliments. I need someone to help me set the tables. "

" Damn, always the bus boy …"

" It's because of the muscles, you're my working man."

" And where's your actual working man? How does he always get out of the dirty jobs?"

"Oh shut up, that's not true; he went to pick up Kat from the airport."

" Ooooh, Kat is coming? Had no idea … Haven't seen our girl in ages. What is our little hurricane up to these days?"

"She's quite busy actually. She's been in China for the last month or so. Working on some ecology project, don't know, it's something huge so it's pretty hush hush for now."

"What about that on and off guy of hers? Elijah, is it?"

"I think they're back on. But not sure … As facebook would put it: it's complicated."

"She's a complicated little biach."

"You're one to talk Stef. No guy is ever good enough for you. What was wrong with the last one? His front teeth were too far apart?"

"Well I'm sorry not all of us are married to Niklaus Mikaelson. "

"You're still hung up on my husband?"

"Always and forever doll face, he's my one true love, and one day he'll realize that and we'll elope into the sunset leaving all you crazy kids behind …"

" Good luck with that then … I'll even buy you a horse if you set for the sunset, a white one."

" Can I get a pony mommy? I really want one … Really, really, really!"

"Now Audrey, we've discussed this already. You're a bit too young to have your own pony."

" But I want one …"

"Stop sulking, You'll get wrinkles babe, and no one loves a girl with wrinkles. Am I right Care?"

"Auntie Kat, you are here!"

" Daddy!" My daddy was home. I couldn't wait for him to lift me in his strong arms and give me a big hug, I love my daddy, and he's the best daddy in the world. I even don't mind when he kisses me silly or pinches my cheeks. Mommy says that's because I'm such a daddy's girl, I don't mind. I am his girl, he always says so. He always says mommy and I are his only, and his favourite girls, and that he's so lucky to have us.

" This one here … has an attention span of a fruit fly … Seriously Audrey? I'm mad you know. I haven't seen you in weeks and you go off and kiss your daddy first? Maaad, now you're not going to get your present." Auntie Kat was mad at me, and I really wanted to know what the present was.

" I'm sorry auntie. Don't be mad. I just love my daddy very much. But I love you too. I really do. Thiiiis much." I showed her how much I loved her, and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

"You have a real charmer here Mikaleson. This one could get away with murder."

" She gets that from her mother."

"Klaus! You liar. She gets that from you."

" Oh really sweetheart? I think you're the one who charmed her way into a bit of morning se …"

" Klaus! Audrey is here." my mommy rolled her eyes at daddy, but for some reason started giggling right away, those two act like such kids sometimes. And then they say I'm the baby.

Oh no … Some more kissing … Grown ups are strange … Not sure how to feel about that …

"You two get a room. We'll be scared for life from such displays of affection, poor Aud with you two."

"Come Audrey. Let me show you your present. It has a hello kitty on it … And it's purple …"

"Kids are so easy. Hey, maybe I should have one."

" God forbid."

" Klaus!"

" I'm only kidding sweetheart. Kat you'd make a kick ass mother one day …"

" Thank you Klaus. It means a lot coming from an old screw up such as yourself. Hey, if you can do it … Come Aud, I also bought a cake on my way here, it's your favourite. Want to help me get it?"

" Yeeey cake … Is it chocolate?"

" Is there any other?"

"There's strawberry, and vanilla, and …"

"Children don't understand rhetorical questions Kat. You're really in for it now. Audrey, name all the cakes you can think of to auntie Katherine."

" … and then there's pie … apple pie …"

"Alone at last. Happy anniversary my love. Sorry it took so long to get here, traffic was a nightmare. Kat is taking a bloody taxi next time …"

"Don't be grumpy. You're here now and that's all that matters."

"Well, I know a cure for my grumpiness …"

" Oh yeah, do tell …"

" A kiss. A real one."

Klaus pressed his lips into Caroline's and poured all the passion in that kiss. He'd been gone only two hours but he already missed her. And she missed him.

"Damn woman … Remind me again why are we having this party? When the best party would be me taking you into bed and ravishing you … Over and over and over again …"

"We're having this party because it's a nice thing to have us all together, it doesn't happen as often as I would like too, and I missed everyone. And so did you … Although, about the ravishing part … I'll keep that in mind. And every time you look at me today, you'll know what's on my dirty mind."

"You really are trying to kill me, aren't you? But alright, I'll behave during the day, but when night comes … You're all mine princess. We have to take advantage of this time before the baby comes, sleepless nights and all, but it's all worth it. How are you sport? Getting crowdie in there? How do you feel? Are you tired? Don't push yourself too hard today."

"I'm fine Klaus. I'm pregnant, not sick. We've been thorough this already, remember? And everything was fine; there is no reason for it to be different this time. Stop worrying."

" I have to worry, I'm a husband and a father now, worrying is my job."

"And I love you for it … But nothing is going to happen …"

" I know, you're right. It's just sometimes … I look at you, and I look at Audrey, and all the people around me, and I think … How did I get so lucky? I don't know if I deserve it … All the things I've done in the past …"

" …are where they belong, in the past … You've proved yourself as a better man, as the best man, many, many times … And you deserve it, us, and we're not going anywhere. You won't get rid of us that easily pal."

" I'm glad, I love you Caroline Forbes."

" I love you too Niklaus Mikaelson. Don't you ever doubt that. Now, enough with the mushy stuff, your son is getting hungry. Let us eat. I just saw my dad walk in, so now we're only waiting for Meredith and Paul, hope they caught their flight in time."

" Oh damn, I forgot to tell you. Meredith texted me an hour ago. She says she feels terrible but they couldn't make it after all. Something about some actor cancelling at the last minute so she couldn't leave, you know how it is …"

" Oh no, that's too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing her. I guess we will have to fly to NY to see her before the baby is born. She's a newly wed, and she's still working twenty four seven, I need to have a serious talk with that woman."

"Let her be, Paul understands. He's a TV producer as well. Besides, it would be a crime if Meredith Fell didn't share her talent with the world, don't forget that without her brilliance and amazing managing skills "Tree House" wouldn't have been made, let alone given two Academy Awards."

"You're right, she's brilliant. And so are you. Where is your Oscar again? We should find a permanent place for him, not move him around all the time, he might get damaged or sth …"

" It's just a thing Caroline; I mean I'm proud I won and that I showed the world I was more than a washed up teen star, but it doesn't even come close to you, and my family. You mean the world to me. Family above all, right?"

"Right. Now let's eat before our family accuses us of starving them to death."

"I'm exhausted. It was one hell of a party. I think my dad got a bit drunk. It was so much fun watching him trying to explain the sixties to Katherine. I swear I thought the two of them would sneak out and smoke some pot in the garden, I wouldn't put it past her … I'm just going to go read a bed time story to Audrey, and I'll be right back, I haven't forgotten about that ravishing time you promised me husband of mine."

"No, you rest … Get into something more … revealing … I'll go read …"

"Ok, I'll be here … Waiting … Naked …"

"Oh, you are a tease …"

" Hey angel. Ready for bed? Have you brushed your teeth and washed your face?"

" I did daddy."

" You're such a good girl. I think you deserve the best story ever tonight."

" My favourite one?"

" Yes, your favourite one."

" I love you daddy. "

" Love you too angel."

" To the moon and back?"

" And even more my precious … Now, where were we?"

" Scoot got into trouble and Skip had to rescue her from his evil sister."

" Oh, that's right … You're such a clever little girl. So … It was night when Scoot finally crawled from the hole where she was hiding that afternoon … She knew Skip was looking for her. He was always looking for her, and saving her from all the troubles she got in to."

"Because he loved her?"

" Yes, he did. He loved her very much. He didn't even know it at the time."

" Why daddy?"

"Because it takes some people a bit more to see what's right in front of their noses the whole time."

" But he loves her?"

"Like nobody else in the world. As much as I love you … And mommy …"

" Go back to the story daddy …"

"Alright, alright … She came out of the hole and saw Skip waiting for her on the meadow …"

A half hour later his little princess was sound asleep. He gave her a kiss, tucked her in and closed the door. It was time to get back to his other princess, who was hopefully waiting for him, naked. Or maybe sound asleep, snoring slightly … She looked adorable. The best woman in the world, his wife … He was so freaking lucky … He poured himself a glass of his favourite ice tea and toasted to himself.

" You did good Skip, you did good."

The end

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