This is a little fanfiction I have thought of. It will have Egyptian and Greek gods in it. It is basically Percy Jackson with Egyptian gods in it too. The relations and powers of the Egyptian gods might be different from what is known, because I mostly just google the god's function and powers, and some of the relations are from what I read once and don't know if it's true.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, nor do I own the gods that will be inside, I only own the idea and the OCs that will come up.

Pairings: (Past)Luke/Percy; (Futur)Luke/Percy/Anubis/Apollo; (forced)Kronos/FemPercy; (onesided)Percy/Annabeth; (possible)Poseidon/Sally; More Pairings will follow!

Prolog: Child of two Cultures

I have always known i was a demigod or at least a legacy. But, before I explain, I should introduce myself.

My name is Persia Jackson, or Percy for short. I am the demigod daughter of Poseidon, but that I only found out when I was twelve. It was my origin from my mother's side of the family I was aware of.

My father didn't know, but my mom is a demigod. But not of the Greeks, no. My mom is the daughter of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of Magic and Motherhood, and the granddaughter of Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. Which makes me a daughter of the gods of two cultures who I don't think like each other that much.

Anyway, when I was five, my mom explained to me my Egyptian heritage and the dangers it will bring. So she asked me to behave and look like a boy. I can't imagine how it must have pained her to fear for my virginity to be taken. Not even my father knew and still don't knows about me being a girl.

The reason she explained to me is, because I had to train the magic I inherited from my grandmother and to start learning hieroglyphs and the common language of the ancient Egypt. She said I had to start early to learn it through my dyslexia but now I know I had to learn it for a longer time, because my brain was hardwired on ancient Greek and a little bit on Egyptian.

Mom always told me stories about the Greek gods and about the Egyptian gods. Maybe I should have payed more attention to it when I was younger, I guess. It was safe for me to know about my Egyptian origin because unlike the Greek side of my blood, I did not attracted monsters by knowing about it.

I was quite happy through my life thanks to my mother – she really made my grandmother proud, she was the mother everyone wished to have – but there was one thing I was asking myself now that the war with Kronos was ended. How would my father have treated me if he knew that I was his very first demigod daughter?

Well, that's the prolog. It's just a small introduction of the different situation regarding Persia's heritage.

By the way, the reason I didn't take persephone as FemPercy's full name (I wanted at first) is that Sally is an Egyptian Demigod and didn't want her child to have only connections to Greece and for her Persia was nearer to an Egyptian name with Percy as short form than any other name she could think of.

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Oh, and if one of you knows anchient egyptian or egyptian arabic, could you please help me translate a few phrases, words or expressions? Just PM me. I really need some!

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