(Yup, sequel to Sing, Dance, Save the Girl!)

Cadence sat on her personal tour bus all by herself in the very back. She was currently on the phone with Lucy and enjoying the lovely conversations she was having with her best friend.

"Okay, so these two wackos kidnapped you and the guys, plus some super-hot British girl that was all over James saved you?" Lucy said over the phone then snorted. "You lucky bitch."

"I know!" Cadence gushed and giggled lying down on the sofa in the back. "Lucy it was crazy….first of all the whole experience was completely bizarre I mean, when these guys say they get into some crazy shit, they really do."

"Well I could have told you that!" Lucy said then sighed. "Alright, give me the details."

"Okay….well I've been dying to tell you this." She rolled over onto her stomach and found herself blushing as she pulled at the fibers of the sofa. "Logan was…really sexy."

"OHHHHH do tell me more it's so hard to get you to admit this stuff and you're doing it on your own? He must have gotten you wet like Niagara Falls—"

"LUCY!" Cadence shouted in shock. "What the hell?!"

"You're not denying it!" Lucy sang knowingly.

"I'm not answering that comment at all."

"I'll take that as a yes." Lucy giggled and Cadence buried her face in the sofa in embarrassment. "Alright come on, tell my why Logan was really sexy." She chuckled.

"He was like this whole other person when I was kidnapped!" Cadence sighed remembering the ordeal. "Like…that weird fucker Atticus did a…video call and when Logan saw me…Logan was pissed."

"Well no shit Logan was pissed you retard, the guy kidnapped his girlfriend, any guy would be mad, but continue." Cadence sighed and shook her head.

"I mean like…he was snarling and the way he was glaring at him…it was crazy. Anyway, when they all showed up to get me…I swear it was like Logan came straight out of a James Bond movie." Lucy chuckled hearing this. "I swear Lucy!"

"Hey I don't doubt it, what made Logan so James Bond?"

"First of all they all showed up by knocking down the door and crushing two people, then the way Logan acted? He was so suave about it. He was so …casual with a hand in his pocket as he just…shot tranquilizers at people like it was no big deal. Then he fought them and took them down, even a guy right behind him with a single fist, without looking! It was crazy….but then it was a trap and didn't work out."

"Wow, alright…" Lucy muttered in response.

"Then they arrived at the yacht to save me and Atticus threw me overboard and Logan just…pounced! He dove off the yacht and dove underwater and saved me oh my god you have no idea how hot it was!"

"Please tell me you fucked him right then and there underwater."

"No…I kissed him though." Cadence cringed at hearing Lucy sigh on the other end of the line. "Then they got me to the concert on time and I performed before they did, after that Logan came off stage over to where I was resting and was helping me with my leg."

"YOU ARE THE WORST GIRLFRIEND EVER!" Lucy screamed into the phone which made Cadence pull away.

"How am I the worst girlfriend ever? I fought back pretty hard and for like the first half of that whole mess I was the one saving Logan!" Cadence quickly defended.

"Are you serious?" Lucy scoffed. "One, you don't fight back. You are a girl, you get kidnapped and you let the men save you and you reward them, that's how it goes. Do not save your boyfriend! You already teased him for not being a man so you had to do that on top of it? Come on Cadence watch a few more action movies in your life!" Cadence rolled her eyes at Lucy's words. "Second, you need to reward him! As soon as Logan saved your cute little ass you should have blown the shit out of him."

"LUCY!" Cadence screeched at the top of her lungs. Oh yes Lucy could be…quite blunt with these sort of things.

"What? You know I'm right. You should have been on your knees and yanking his pants down so quick. Or at least had sex with him. The guy saved your life from possibly drowning, and from being permanently kidnapped! The hell woman how do you not touch him for that? You almost gave him a hand job for truth or dare this should be easy for you!" Lucy shouted. Once she was done scolding Cadence she laughed to herself and Cadence sighed heavily.

"Geez Lucy, sorry I don't know the 'rules of being saved'."

"It's fine, I'll write a book about it, publish it, and give you a copy. Everyone should know these things." Lucy chuckled then sighed. "Oh man, I wish I was there."

"I wish you were too." Cadence frowned lying on the sofa. "I need my crazy Lucy."

"Yeah, and I need my Knight."

"…..Dick." Cadence muttered rolling her eyes. "Maybe we'll bump into you when your parents take you on vacation?"

"Probably, we're going to France because dad has a convention he has to attend there, he's giving a few lectures. Maybe we'll all hang out!"

"That would be great."

"Maybe I too can get kidnapped—"

"No let's not go there you don't need a reason to fuck Kendall." Cadence shook her head with a laugh and felt the bus stop. She stood up and checked out the window and sighed. "Alright Lucy, we're here I have to go now."

"Okay Caddie, don't forget to blow Logan and make it GOOD! If you have to eat bananas or popsicles in front of him to gauge his reaction and—"

"Bye Lucy." Cadence quickly hung up the phone and shook her head. She stepped out of the tour bus and walked over to the guy's bus waiting for them to step out. Rather than waiting in front of the door like last time, which she learned was a big mistake, she waited to the side. Seconds later Carlos and James tumbled out of the bus and landed on the floor with Kendall and Logan jumping over them. "Nice job Carlos, James."

"Whatever, next time we'll land perfectly." James scoffed getting up to his feet. She chuckled and shook her head, walking over to Logan and putting an arm around his waist while he rested one over her shoulders.

"How's your leg Cadence?" Logan questioned as they walked to the arena. Cadence shrugged and patted her leg.

"Hurts if I lean on it too long or you know, smack it, but it's not bad. The bruise is totally disgusting though."

"Well I think you're still pretty." Logan smiled and kissed her, Carlos made gagging noises behind them.

"Guys. Gross." Carlos scoffed.

"Look at that, save her life and they're more affectionate and nicer to each other." Kendall chuckled walking beside Logan. "See man? All you had to do was let her get kidnapped."

"Ha ha very funny." Logan gave Kendall the middle finger who just shrugged and laughed. When they got into the arena Cadence left to go do her sound check while the guys decided they had to… harass Logan.

"So, Logan…." James turned to glance at him as they sat in their dressing room.

"What James?" He groaned not looking up from his book.

"Did you get rewarded for saving her?" James smirked shoving his hand into a bowl of M&Ms. "You know...a little hand here, maybe a kiss down there?"

"James shut the fuck up." Logan muttered turning a page.

"I'll take that as a no." James laughed then glanced at Kendall. "Dude if I saved a girl's life, I'd expect a reward." James' eyes lit up and he turned to Logan. "Hey, technically all four of us saved her, do you think we can all get a hand—" James could not finish his sentence, because Logan threw his giant book at James' head and knocked him unconscious. Kendall and Carlos stared at Logan with wide eyes who just shrugged.

"What? He keeps talking about her, I don't want to hear it anymore." Logan shrugged and picked his book up again to continue reading while Carlos and Kendall just stared at James' unconscious body.

During the boy's set Cadence sat on the sofa behind the stage and listened to them perform. She closed her eyes and snuggled up on the sofa, ready to fall asleep when she felt her phone vibrate.

C U SOON IN FRANCE Lucy had texted her. This made Cadence grin, their next stop would be in France next week, and that meant Lucy was going to join them. Well, that also meant that she was forced to endure Lucy's raunchy conversations in person….but on the other hand Lucy would be forced to endure all the adventures that she has with the guys. It would be a great time. A few minutes later she received another interesting text which definitely surprised her.

Mom and I in France next week, MUST MEET UP! Kisses.

"OH MY GOD." Cadence shouted reading the text. Gustavo stared at her like there was something wrong with her. "DAD! He'll be in France next week!"

"OH MY GOD!" Gustavo shouted staring at her with wide eyes. "Your father!"

"Your brother!"

"AHH!" The two of them shouted loudly staring at one another. Kelly stared in between them and covered their mouths.

"Stop yelling there is a performance going on! What is so bad about Hector Rocque anyway?" She sighed innocently and pulled her hands away from their mouths.

"Hector Rocque is literally the craziest performer out there!" Gustavo shouted.

"He's about as self-centered as James to the infinite power!" Cadence added quickly.

"What about your mom?" Kelly questioned.

"SAME AS HIM!" Cadence yelped.

"Oh you two are so screwed…" Kelly said slowly shaking her head.