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The following day Lucy was sound asleep in her bed. There was a creepy, satisfied smile on her face because of the events that happened the night before. Not only did she catch Logan and Cadence in the act of love making and take a picture of it, but she forced Shy and Carlos to a game of seven minutes of heaven because of one of the dares. She also snuck in on that and took a picture of the two of them. Lucy had gathered a decent amount of black mail on everyone last night that she could save in case of an emergency. Or, in case she was really bored and wanted to see their embarrassed reactions.

Cadence however was not very pleased with what happened last night. The first time she was willing to finally go all the way with Logan, of course they were a bit under the influence. But, they had also got caught, slapped with a belt, and taken a picture of. It was embarrassing and awful and Lucy needed punishment. So in retaliation, Cadence crept into Lucy's room holding a bucket full of ice water. She stood beside the bed for a moment, watching as she slept peacefully. Cadence stepped back a bit and threw the water out of the bucket, splashing it all over Lucy. Her eyes shot wide open and she screamed at the top of her lungs as she shot out of bed.

"Cold! C-c-cold what the f-f-fuck!?" She screamed. Shy hearing the scream ran in from her spot on the sofa. After taking one look at Lucy she covered her mouth trying to stifle her laughter.

"That's revenge for last night!" Cadence smiled proudly.

"W-what d-did I do!?"

"You know what you did!" Cadence said watching Lucy tremble. "Always teasing and making fun of me, well now I got ya bitch."

"Oh it's war." Lucy threatened. "I'll catch Logan going in your ass next time I bet."

"Um, no, and ew?" Cadence shook her head. "You should take a shower; we have to go to Rocque Records today. Can't have you going there as a dirty popsicle." Cadence cackled leaving the bedroom.

"Y-you think you're so funny!" Lucy shivered. Shy continued to laugh her way out of Lucy's room. Together Cadence and Shy had a breakfast of leftover pizza and soda before Shy changed her clothes and went home. After Cadence showered and got herself together, the two girls went to Rocque Records, completely forgetting that they could have asked the boys to drive them. Lucy was too busy cursing at Cadence and wanting to murder her, while Cadence was still laughing at the prank she did. When the girls got there the boys were waiting at the conference table with Gustavo. Carlos was scarfing down a breakfast burrito and chugging a carton of orange juice. When Cadence sat down Logan passed her a cup of yogurt with M&Ms which she happily dug into, and Kendall gave Lucy a cup of tea.

"How precious." Gustavo snorted. "Now let's get back down to business, you!" Gustavo pointed at Cadence. "Songs are fantastic, we just need to start recording those things and we'll have that album done in no time."

"Awesome." Cadence smiled happily and Logan patted her back. "Okay, now what about the law suit?"

"I have gotten in touch with the lawyers, and they are dropping the law suit." Gustavo smiled. Everyone jumped up screaming and bouncing around happily.

"So that means I can go on tour?" Cadence sighed happily.

"Yes! You can go on tour. Lucy you will still be going on tour with us, you'll stay the opening act. Cadence you'll be after, and boys you'll of course be the headlining band." The guys all grinned and high-fived each other.

"Where are we going around?" James questioned.

"We'll be touring around the states. We still have a few months of planning to do before the tour happens. Before then I would like to get the albums out. We need to work on our singing and our dancing for the tour. I'm thinking bigger, badder, awesome!" Gustavo nodded.

"Also we're going to be working on music videos. Cadence we think you should do a music video for Girl on Fire, that song looks like it'll be a hit." Kelly nodded glancing at her clipboard.

"I'm so down for that." Cadence nodded.

"Boys… we're thinking No Idea should get a video."

"No Idea? I want to hear that!" Lucy said glancing at the boys.

"It's a surprise." Kendall chuckled.

"Can we just sit there and look pretty for the music video?" James questioned.

"For this song….maybe." Gustavo answered. James grinned and pumped his fist in the air happily.

"Oh, Gustavo has something to say to you guys." Kelly said glancing down at Gustavo. Gustavo glanced at Kelly narrowing his eyes. He shook his head rapidly and she put her hands on her waist staring down at him.

"No I don't."

"Yes you do." She said, not letting her gaze leave him. Gustavo sighed heavily and turned back to the teenagers.

"Okay fine I do…" Gustavo took a deep breath. "I just have to say that well…. In spite of all of this… drama between my stupid brother, the media, the lawsuits, dealing with Hawk and Moon in London. Well I just have to say…" Gustavo took another deep breath, and the kids watched in anticipation as his eye twitched and his hands clenched into fists. "I'm proud of all of you!" He said as he was letting out his breath. Everyone broke out into a huge smile.

"You're proud of us." Kendall grinned.

"You love us." Cadence smiled.

"You don't want to see us get hurt." Carlos smirked.

"You care!" All of them shouted.

"Tackle Gustavo!" James shouted. Everyone got up from their seats and jumped over the table to tackle Gustavo. They threw their arms around him in a huge group hug squeezing him to death.

"Yeah yeah okay get off me." Gustavo said trying to shake them off. "I'm seirous let go!" No one let go. "GET OFF OF ME!" He bellowed. Everyone pulled away from him and kept their distance. "Good…thank you. Now go….I don't know. Boys, Lucy, you go do whatever it is you kids do. Cadence, we need to get started on recording those songs."

"You got it Uncle Gustavo." Cadence nodded with a smile.

Cadence had recorded three songs that day, and Gustavo let her go early. When she got back to the apartment that evening she was suspicious that Lucy would be plotting against her. She opened the door slowly poking her head in to see if anything would jump out and attack her. When she opened the door she was definitely surprised, but the surprise wasn't from Lucy. There was a trail of gummy bears leading from the front door and towards the kitchen. Cadence stepped in and followed the trail to the kitchen table, where Logan was seated and smiling. On the table was a bowl of gummy bears, two wine glasses filled with grape soda, and dinner he had bought on two plates for them.

"What's all this?" Cadence chuckled dropping her bag on the counter.

"Well after everything that's happened since the tour I figured we could do with a little private celebration." Logan stood up and put his arms around her waist. "I'm proud of you. You kicked ass in London, and you just kicked ass here against your parents. Plus we'll go on tour again soon; your songs are great…thought you could use a nice, calm night."

"You know, you've gotten really sweet since you used to insult me." Cadence chuckled wrapping her arms around his neck. "I love it, thank you Logan." She smiled kissing him sweetly.

"Anytime Cadence, now come on, I know you must be starving."

"Definitely…." She sat down across from Logan and sipped her grape soda with a smile. "Love you Logan."

"Love you too Cadence." He winked.