The root is out

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Namikaze estate, after the deaths of the civilian council and shinobi elders

Vector/Naruto is just waking up after he fainted upon seeing his mother for the first time and he has his head is on his mother's lap. "Oh what just happen mom?"

Kushina then answers his question, "You just fainted after you saw me my baby boy." When she said that Beltway had a comment about that, "Baby boy? That's just f%&king hilarious hahaha!" Just then Four eyes glares at him and hits him with a frying pan, "shut up Beltway you're not helping!"

"Naruto your friends here told me about your time with umbrella and you train them to fight like ninjas am I right." "Yeah I did, I wanted them to be like ninjas when it comes to hand to hand combat", he said to her while wolfpack members nodded.

Just then they heard some noises outside the house, they came to check it out and find it's the root anbu and that warhawk Danzo Shimura. "Your under arrest for the murder of the entire civilian council, the shinobi elders and striking the Uchiha demon brat", he shouted at him. Spectre then says this to Vector/Naruto, "you do know you're not a kid anymore, you're grown up now right Vector?" Vector/Naruto nodded as puts his mask back on. "But still he thinks your Kyuubi", Beltway said irritated at warhawk.

Vector/Naruto turn and look at others, "Lupo, Bertha, Four eyes look after my mom, me, Beltway and Spectre will handle these scumbags ourselves." The 3 female wolfpack members nodded but before they start the brawl Kushina stop them for a second. She gives Vector/Naruto her duel sword, a bo-staff to Spectre and nunchucks to Beltway and she says this to the 3 of them, "have fun you guys", "we will mom", Vector/Naruto replied.

Brawl starts now

"Root anbu kill them all but keep the demon alive", Danzo commanded them, "Yes Danzo sama", the root anbu operative said as they move to attack. Spectre jumped over Beltway and the root anbu too, then he hits 2 root anbu in the head with his bo-staff knocking them out. Beltway hits several root anbu on the stomach then he and Spectre smashes their body's on a 1 root anbu knocking him out. Vector/Naruto fights 2 root anbu with his mother swords only to get them knock out of his hands, "take that!", he said punching them in the face. Beltway then picks up a root anbu and throws him into a tree.

"Hah these guys must be trying turn me into a weapon then take control Konoha", Vector/Naruto said as he slaps a root anbu and punches him. "Well they will fail again Vector", Beltway said as he pulls a root up. 2 root anbu ran and grab Spectre and he head butt 1 root anbu and elbows the other. Vector/Naruto picks up his swords and jump kicks 2 root anbu coming at him with spears.

Beltway then falls into a spinning wheel with his nunchucks still in his hand as Spectre comes to his aid fighting most of the root anbu, "Hey Spectre mother f&#king wheel fortune time", Spectre then spins the wheel that Beltway was on and when he hits several root anbu they spin too. Danzo who is now losing his temper after seeing his root army are dropping like flies, "use battle axe now", he said as Sai hands the remaining root anbu some battle axe.

"Well I guess there not game show fans Beltway", Spectre said while chatting with Betlway, "and I thought they f&%king love that show", Beltway said as he and Spectre notice the root anbu with battle axe. Beltway, Spectre and Vector/Naruto seem to be having fun with root anbu as they just kept on missing on hitting them with their battle axes.

Sai attempt to help the remaining root anbu but was shot in head buy Vector/Naruto's desert eagle. After a long brawl Danzo was the only one left, "You fools I will be the ruler of konoha and will kill you all with my arm full of shari..", Danzo didn't get a chance to finish his sentence as Beltway appears behind him and shoves a grenade on his mouth and he pushes him away.

This is Danzo's last thought before it detonates, 'NO MY DREAM TO PROTECT THIS VILLAGE IS TAKEN AWAY!', and it detonate destroying his body and his arm with the sharingans flew off.

"Well good riddance to that Warhawk", Vector/Naruto said. "But at least we have his arm with the sharingans on it.

Well guys I'm done, just want to let you guys know I like that fight seen from Ninja turtles it's so funny.

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