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A/N: This is the fourth story in my 'Anything, Everything, and Forever' series. It will cover a period between the last chapter of And Forever and Zabon95's one-shot. Just another little glimpse into Kara's life before she becomes a teen hero like her mom. ;)

Kim Possible

Passing the Torch

Chapter 1 - How It Starts

Possible Residence, outside Middleton

Kara sat outside in the yard behind the house. She wasn't being lazy, or daydreaming, or anything like that; she was meditating. Both of her moms had told that meditation was a good way to relax, to focus, and to find one's self. She hadn't understood that 'being one with yourself' stuff when she first learned about it as a . . . rambuncious seven-year-old, but now she did. It seemed that when puberty really started in on her, her reflexes went a little haywire; she became more gawky and awkward than most young teenagers normally are. Her mom had suggested that it was because of the circumstances of her conception. She knew her origins; her parents had told her what had happened when she was old enough to understand it - which was last year. There were many possible reactions she could have had, and she had seen in her parents' eyes that they weren't sure how she'd react to the news that her DNA had originally been intended to make clones of them; so they were pretty surprised when she'd smiled, hugged them, and thanked them for telling her the truth. She didn't really care how she'd came to be, actually; she only cared about what she did with her life.

And the one thing she wanted to do with her life was help people. It was hard to have grown up and not have heard about the heroes her moms were. But they didn't do what they did for the glory, recognition, or praise they invariably got; they did it because they had the ability to make a difference and chose to do so. She knew about her mother's past, about how she'd once been a hero before something had happened to cause her to choose a life of villainy. And that it had been her mom who had turned her around. She could see the love her parents had for each other, and found herself hoping that she could find a love like that someday. She knew she was only thirteen, and that she didn't need to focus on who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but she did think about it every now and then. She wanted to be a hero like her moms, but not because of them. They weren't pushing her into such a life, and had said many times that (for the most part) no matter what she did with her life they'd be proud of her. It made her heart swell up to know that she had two parents who would love her and support her without judging her or giving her their expectations for what she should be.

Letting out a breath, she stood up from the lotus position she'd been in for half an hour, and began a routine of warm-up stretches to loosen her muscles and joints. After all, if you didn't stretch before and after practicing martial arts, you were readying yourself for a world of unnecessary pain.

Kim stood in the sunroom and watched her daughter go through her martial arts exercises. A feeling of pride suffused her, bringing a smile to her face. She knew how lucky she was to have a daughter like Kara and a wife like Shena. It was still a little surprising, even after all of these years, to think about how everything had started. Remembering that, remembering where her life had started from, made her appreciate where she was now all the more. The thirtyish red-head still had the same figure she'd had as a college girl, which - if she was honest with herself - hadn't been all that much different from the figure she'd had in high school. I guess those years as a cheerleader and teen hero, along with all of the martials practice sense then, have been worth it, she thought. Her smile grew bigger when she saw Kara notice her watching and wave. She waved back, and let her daughter get back to her workout.

Walking through the quiet house, Kim made her way to the kitchen downstairs. She knew that Kara would need something to eat after she got done; all three of them had a habit of practicing themselves into hunger. Thanks to Shena's fortune, they could actually afford the finest of anything they wanted, though they didn't really take advantage of that. They didn't go out and buy something just because they had the money to do so. If it was something they needed, though, there was no expense spared. Shena was more frugal with money that Kim was, though she insisted that if they had to get something they might as well get the best. Thinking of Shena made her remember where her wife was right now.

Global Justice Headquarters

"For the last time, Betty, I said 'no,'" Shena growled, her arms crossed over her breasts and her legs propped up on the one-eyed woman's desk - after she'd been told not to do that.

"You don't want your daughter to run into the same issues that your wife did when she was a teenager, do you?" Doctor Elizabeth Director asked, leaning back in her chair and staring at the green-tinted woman.

"If that was a threat, Betty, you better be sleeping with that one eye of yours open."

"Be smart, Shena. I wouldn't threaten you - or your family."

"Because you don't want to end up like Dementor, do you?"

"You should know better than to threaten the head of Global Justice, Shena."

"I should," she agreed with a smirk, "but I don't."

"Shena, getting your daughter started as a Global Justice Junior Agent would make the legalities of the situation easier," Betty said. "She wouldn't have to worry about being in a country illegally."

"She doesn't have to worry about it now," the woman replied firmly. "If every hero out there had to worry about the legalities of what they did, then someone would have taken over the world long before now."

"That's beside the point."

"No, that is the point. If Kara wants to be like Kim and be a globe-trotting teen hero, then we'll let her. After all, some of the people that Kim saved as a teenager are now in positions of power in their country's governments. They still feel like they owe her a favor because she helped them. And as I recall, four countries in Europe, seven in Asia, two in Africa, half of South America, and the entire continent of Australia have authorized Team Possible to work in their countries at any time for any reason. Kara won't be joining Global Justice unless she wants to. Even then, she'd have to talk it over with me and Kim."

"That's 'Kim and I,' Shena."

"Doth my English bug you, bumpkin?"

"We're done here."

"About damn time." Shena stood up and walked out. "And stop staring at my ass! I'm married!" she yelled back through Betty's door, much too loudly than was called for. Knowing that everyone within earshot had heard the plasma-powered woman, Betty groaned and dropped her head to her desk, her face flushing in embarrassment at the remark. It wasn't true, of course, just Shena's way of messing with her.

Possible Residence, outside Middleton

When Kara walked into the kitchen, hair plastered to her head with sweat, she saw her mom had already made snacks. In fact, Kim had just set the last of it down.

"How do you do that, Mom?" she asked, taking a chicken and bacon bruschetta.

"Kara, I'm your mom," she replied with a wink. "After knowing your mother since I was a teenager, I've gotten my timing down perfectly."

"It's still kind of creepy how you do that," Kara told her.

"I was your age once upon a time," Kim said. "My mom did the same thing to me."

"I bet it was annoying."

"Oh, it was."

"So why are you doing it to me?"

"Because I'm your mom."

Kara groaned and grabbed another brushetta, then took a sip of her water.

"Hey, Mom?" she asked.

"What is it, Sparky?"

"Please don't call me that," Kara said with another groan. "Um . . . there's a . . . martial arts competition coming to Middleton and, well, I, uh-"

"You want to sign up," her mom finished. The young girl blushed and nodded.

"Well, we'll have to talk to your mother about it," Kim said, "but I don't see a problem with it. Just remember that it's a competition and not a life-or-death situation."

"Yes, mom," Kara replied, rolling her eyes.

E/N: And there we go. The first look at a (young) teenage Kara. Looks like she's turning out alright. And it seems like Betty is still trying to get a Possible into Global Justice. And Shena's still got the same attitude she had thirteen years or so ago.

Will Shena let her daughter sign up for that competition? Will Kara when? And who else will be there? Find out in our next chapter, "Into the Finals."