I had a nice dream last night (after reading some Family!Rotg fanfics) and I dreamt of them as cats. It was such a good dream...

But here's the cute thing:

North = White Siberian Forest cat (Jack's dad)

Tooth = Thai cat (old breed related to a Siamese cat) (The cheerful aunt who may or may not know that Pitch likes her, North's adopted sister)

Bunnymund = Australian Mist cat (the older brother figure, tries the loner tough image, OC Anastasia's adopted brother)

Sandy = Selkirk Rex (the sleepy uncle)

Pitch = Korat (the stern but caring uncle who is crushing on Tooth)

Jack = White Ragamuffin (North's only surviving kitten)

Anastasia = Ragamuffin (OC for reasons)

Man in Moon/ Manny = Human/Veterinarian (owner of the cat family)

I took time to decide which guardian went with each breed with what I knew about them. It might not make sense, but if you research, you might agree with my choices on the cat breeds.

-Edit 01/12/13-

- Story time!-

North pawed into the quiet warm room, his long whiskers quivered as he approached the bed where his last born kitten laid. His only surviving son. It was so heartbreaking for the long-haired feline to handle at the remembrance of the day's earlier events.

It was dreadful to what happened to his beloved mate and the rest of the litter, no one had expected for the neighbor's dog to get loose and attack the weak mother and her newborns in their built in cathouse, while he was outside hunting in the cold January snow, to bring a small present to his mate.

It was a traumatizing sight that greeted him at his return.

Crimson stained snow.

A very upset veterinarian struggling to hold down a rabid dog, while the rest of his housemates, surrounded the now cool body of the new mother and their litter that didn't have a chance in this world of the living.

He could still remember the heart wrenching yowls his adopted sister Tooth gave out as she grieved the loss of their new additions. She had been looking forward at being a proud aunt and had even wanted to kitten-sit the expecting litter.

Bunnymund (Bunny for short) had lowered his head and looked away, anger and sadness etched on his furry face. The Australian Mist cat's body was tense from the battle with the dog, but the loss of one of his family members was apparently hard on him. He had lost his older sister who had adopted him as her brother when he was abandoned as a kitten.

The sudden surprised noise that Sandy made as Pitch began to move aside the limp body to reveal a small shivering snow covered kitten, its mews so faint, that if not for their advance hearing, they wouldn't have caught it.

Anastasia had fought to her last breath to protect the last of her offspring she would never be able to see grow up.

Thankfully Manny had caught on with the new discovery and gently picked up the cold kitten from the snow with his warm hands and hurried inside to one of the recovery rooms he had in case of emergency house calls. Luckily he had corner of the room set up with a big warm animal futon with a nest of blankets ready. North followed right behind his owner, determined to stick by his kitten's side.

The Siberian growled low in anger, angry at the dog, angry at himself for not being there for his Anastasia. Luckily their owner Manny and the rest of the resident cats had intervened before the dog finished the job. But it had dealt a harsh blow on the white feline. He lost his love and most of his kittens that he was so ready to raise alongside his beloved.

But all he had left was this small fragile life. Serious blue eyes soften as North took in the small form that lay in cushions, slightly moving every once in a while, giving out small weak mews as if looking for comfort.

Comfort from a mother's unconditional love he would never know. Comfort from siblings that it would never get a chance to play and grow with.

It was rather depressing to even hope for this little one to live, especially since after looking more closely and comparing it to the others that had been murdered, it was the runt of the litter.

Thankfully, Manny was a very well prepared veterinarian, so at the moment he was retrieving a small nursing bottle with formula for newborn kittens. The other housecats stayed outside, patrolling around, tense after the battle with the murderous canine. The vet had managed to call the dog's owner (who was horrified at her dog's actions), and had the canine securely taken back home, Manny was more of a cat person, despite his profession.

Lowering his head, North gently nuzzled the soft white fur that his kitten had apparently inherited from him, imprinting the small male's scent, giving out a deep proud purr. A small pink nose faintly twitched as the newborn did the same, while it continued to mew in hunger. His eyes and ears closed to the world, making it even more vulnerable.

The Siberian rose unto the cushions and curled around his kitten, giving it small gently licks to comfort him as he waited for his owner to return with food for the hungry kit.

As much as he knew that the chances of this small kitten living were slim, he did have strong hope. And if his son managed to make it, he would do his best to raise his kitten just as his Anastasia would have wanted him to.

-Line Break-

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