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It was strange to be so concerned over something so small and defenseless as a kitten. Especially one that wasn't even her own. But Tooth had to remind herself that this was North's kitten, and her nephew. She had to care ,and she did, if her small nervous twitches showed as she paced around in the common room she shared with her small pack.

"Ooooh, this is so frustrating! I'm so restless on not knowing what to do but wait!" she complained to the only other occupant in the room with her.

Bunny said nothing as he laid in his navy grey bed, eyes dull and unresponsive. He still hasn't grasped that his beloved sister was gone. He was too wrapped up in his post-grief to be worried about the small offspring that would probably end up dying as well. It's better not to think or hope only for it to be cruelly taken away.

Tooth sighed, her paws making way to the young male and climbed into his bed, curling up behind him and gently washing his head to soothe him, like Anastasia had done many times. She paid special care in his ears, hoping to get a reaction from him, his listless attitude causing her and the others worry. And that was something she couldn't allow to further. North already had enough in his paws worrying and caring over his young son to have much time for Bunny as of late.

It has been four days since the attack, and the atmosphere around their home felt like not a day has gone by since then. Manny had buried Anastasia and her litter under the apple tree in the backyard that the cats liked to climb most of the year. A small decorative stone pile marked it, until the vet had the time to replace it with something more fitting. But for now, it was time for mourning and to continue monitoring the young kitten, now newly named Jack, after Manny's great-grandfather who was an adventurer.

Pitch and Sanderson had volunteered to look after the newborn as North slept or went out to hunt. The Siberian feline preferred to catch his meal, but sometimes ate the modified cat food when Manny fussed over him.

"Sshhh, it's going to be okay, Bunny. I know you miss her so….I miss her too, but you must know that she's in a happier place now. She wouldn't have wanted you to be like this because of her", the female murmured between the swipes of her tongue. She had to be strong for her family now, but she also needed Bunny to be strong as well. It would do no one any good if he wasted away in this sorry state.

"…..what's the point to care? She's gone….they're all gone…and that one probably won't even last long either…" was the small raspy reply, surprising her since it's been the first he's said in the past four days.

"Bunny…" she began but stopped when a dark shadow loomed over to reveal a stern looking Pitch, pushing a tired Sanderson into the room, complaining the entire way.

"-please tell me this is the last time I have to retrieve you from sleeping inside the mailbox again. By the moon, it's almost like you enjoy sleeping anywhere, despite that most of the places you choose are dangerous!" he hissed out, pulling the Rex into a gold-colored bed that was next to a black one.

It was a daily occurrence for this to happen, or a burden for Pitch really. He had been on his way to relax in his spot at his favorite window that overlooked the front yard, when he spotted a spooked yet annoyed postworker, frowning into the white mailbox of the residence. Instantly recognizing the expression, due to the post carrier being a regular, Pitch sighed, recognizing the signs of what had surprised them for the umpteenth time.

After rescuing his friend and the mail, he brought both indoors, which may seem impossible, but that was a word that the Korat did not associate with. And nobody was foolish to question it.

"Tooth, Bunny, there you two are. Please mind, Sanderson. He's having one of those days, and I need to switch with North, now that Sleepyball here is in no condition to." He requested, grabbing a small blanket from a pile nearby with his teeth and draping it over the now sleeping male.

"But of course, Pitch. I wish I could help with little Jack but I'm so nervous to be around him, so it's only logical that you're the only other available set of paws around here. " she tried to state but was hushed by a small nose bob, by a blushing Pitch.

"I-It's fine. We understand. And you're already helping by caring for these two. That kind of help is much appreciated, so please stop fretting. Okay? Now be a dear and try to knock some sense on the brat before I do so." He finished before turning tail and exiting the room, leaving a confused yet flustered Tooth behind.

North looked up from his grooming as Pitch entered the room, through the flap of the pet door. Manny had most rooms with pet doors to allow easy access. This was easy to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

"Is it time already, my friend?" he questioned, as his color opposite stopped by the bed. At the nod he received, he sighed and with great care, managed to maneuver the sleeping kitten into black slim paws as he stepped off the small nest of warm blankets. They both froze when Jack began to stir a bit, tiny paws twitching as well as a pink nose that took in Pitch's now familiar scent before settling down again, causing both males to instantly relax.

"My, that was rather a close one. But it shows that he is getting to keep track of his surroundings, North. A strong trait for something so small. Be proud of your offspring, for it is a sign of good health." The dark cat commented.

The said cat gave out a smile, puffing out his fluffy white chest, in a boasting gesture, he opened his mouth but quickly shut it at the golden venomous glare from the other. He backed up a bit, knowing that it was not the time or place to make a speech on how Jack had his traits, without waking up said kitten and gaining the wrath of one very upset Pitch.

"Go on, eat and then rest. Tooth is watching both Sanderson and Bunny, we can't have her look after a tired lump like you if you run yourself ragged." Pitch shooed as he settled down into the bed, taking care to curl around the white fluff of fur, sharing his body heat. He then proceeded to nudge the kitten closer until he was tucked in and then covered in one of the many blankets to hide him from view.

Nodding his thanks and appreciation to his fellow cat, North made his way out of the warm room into the slightly chilled hallway of their home, the temperature lower than that of the heated room, but to North, it was a small relief due to his amount of fur.

Yawning, he took great care in stretching his limbs which were beginning to numb from being in the same position for hours. He blinked slowly when his stomach growled, causing him to chuckle. He had almost forgotten to eat due to now being an overbearing father. He wondered if his owner would allow him out for a while to hunt a quick snack. The wild mice have become very plump this winter, and he had no worries about his son, he trusted his pack on the safety of the young one. Giving one last stretch, he padded off to find the vet.

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