Chapter One: Mrs. Wolfe

"Mrs. Wolfe, would you like the receipt in the bag or with you?" the cashier asked politely. It was refreshing finally living somewhere long enough for the people of the town to know my name.

"In the bag, thank you Patrice," I say as I grab my small bag of groceries. "Have a nice day."

It's very foggy today in Greenwood, Canada and very cold for it to be April. I open the back door placing my bag on the seat quietly before getting into the passenger seat.

"Please tell me you got my beef jerky?" Jake asks anxiously as he starts the engine.

"Yes, Jake. And that stuff is disgusting by the way."

Jacob huffs as he pulls out of the parking space. "Ironic that statement coming from someone who sucked the blood out of a mountain lion last month."

I smile at the way his nose wrinkles in disgust. "To each his own, I suppose."

Jacob nods and smiles as he hops onto the dirt road. It's quiet for a moment. As I look at the clouded sky, the newly blooming flowers and deep green trees sprouting from the rich dark brown soil.

"I like it here Jake," I finally say softly.

"I do too," he agrees but no more words are spoken about the topic.

We are home in less than five minutes. Once we pull into the driveway I turn to the backseat and see little JJ still peaceful aloft in dreamland.

"I don't want to wake him. He's so peaceful," I whisper as Jacob gets out of the car.

"Hey, you want to camp out here and watch our son sleep then by all means go right ahead but I have a game to catch," Jacob winked.

I sigh and roll my eyes at his sarcasm and open the door. Jacob slowly grabs JJ out of his car seat and has nestled him comfortably on his shoulder.

JJ- Jacob Junior – is 18 months. 18 months of pure energy, chaos and love.

"Momma?" JJ stirs in Jacobs arms "Daddy?" he says rubbing his eyes then lifting his head up to look at his surroundings.

"Look who's finally awake," Jacob whispers in his ear. We are already in the living room as Jacob sits down with JJ on his lap.

I turn on the TV for Jacob then head to the kitchen with the grocery bag. The game is blaring in the background as I put the milk and butter in the fridge and the bread in the cabinet.

I look over the island in the kitchen which is a clear view of the living room. I watch closely as Jacob explains something about this football game to JJ. I watch JJ smile and nod as if he truly understands what his father is saying to him about this game.

This is what I want forever: my family. I want JJ to enjoy as many peaceful moments like this as he possibly can. I don't want his time with me and his father to be cut short like mine was with my mother and father.

My little boy deserves everything that was taken away from me. He deserves happiness and stability.

My baby boy deserves football on a couch on a Sunday afternoon with his dad while his momma prepares his favorite food for lunch.

I wipe a tear away turning my back towards them so I am not noticed. I exhale and grab my locket that's around my neck.

"Momma," I whisper as I clench the locket in my hand and close my eyes. "Your grandson is so happy. He's so happy."

"Ness!" Jacob calls out, snapping me back to reality.

"Yes?" I respond wiping the rest of my tears from my face quickly.

"Come watch the game with us. J's going to know more about football than you!"

I smile internally and place my locket back under my shirt.

"Ha ha, Jake and just for that no lunch for you."

Jacob mock wines, as I plop down on the couch grabbing my son in a tight bear hug.

"Momma, I love you!" JJ says loudly "I love you too, daddy!" he adds with the same excitement.

"I love you honey." I whisper in his ear. "…more than my own life."