Snow floated slowly down onto the ground, and buildings of Karakura town. Hichigo sat on his King's bed watching the snowflakes that fell on the window melt, only to be replaced by new. He glanced at Ichigo who had his pencil eraser in his mouth, glaring at the math problem. The hollow suddenly grinned getting up and standing behind him.

"Oh King," He cooed, bending down close to his ear. "Guess what time it is." Ichigo swatted him away "I've told you a thousand times, no." He growled.

It was hollow mating season, every winter for the past 2 years Hichigo has pestered Ichigo night and day trying to get him to mate with him.

"Come on just cause we mate doesn't mean we're actually mates." He purred nibbling the strawberry's ear. The Shinigami jumped, his cheeks slightly turning pink.

"Don't!" He snapped, swatting at him again. Hichigo grabbed both of his wrists, leaning close. "Just this once," He grinned, suddenly "Or are you scared?" he taunted, a challenge glinting in his eyes.

Ichigo bristled, "I'm not scared!" he tried jerking his wrists away, but Hichigo tightened his grip on them pulling him closer. "Prove it." his smile was now gone as he said those words. A silence filled the air for a few moments. "...Just this once, then you'll leave me alone right?" Ichigo asked. Hichigo smiled a Cheshire cat smile. "Oh course."

Another silence. "...Fine, but be quick-." He was cut off by a pair of pale lips smashing themselves onto his own. He gasped in surprise stumbling back into his desk. Hichigo took that opportunity to slip his tongue into the strawberry's mouth, exploring the wet cavern. Ichigo couldn't help but let a small moan out as the hollow's tongue played with his own. Sensing the teen's need for air, Hichigo pulled away. Then smirked, lifted Ichigo up, hands cupping the teens ass, as he carried him to the bed laying him down then getting in between his legs.

Ichigo blushed feeling the hollow's harding erection against his own, through both layers of clothing. Hichigo smirked at the teen's blush, suddenly groping him.

"Someone's hard." He teased, lifting Ichigo's shirt off licking his lips at the tanned, slightly toned body.

Ichigo growled, "Just hurry up." Hichigo slipped, off the black t-shirt he borrowed then undid both their pants, throwing them to an unknown area on the floor. Slowly pumping the orange haired teens member, Ichigo moaned gripping the sheets in both hands.

Hichigo looked around for anything he could use as lubrication. I don't want my King to walk around like he just got a stick shoved up his ass...though that would be funny smirking, he spat onto his hand, rubbing the saliva rubbed it onto his member.

"Ya ready King?" He purred, positioning himself. Before the teen could even nod or reply. Hichigo had thrust into him buried to the hilt in his virgin entrance. Ichigo cried out in pain, walls tightening around the organ. Hichigo grabbed Ichigo's manhood, stroking it slowly, his other hand playing with a perk, pink nipple. Hoping to distract from the pain.

"M-move." the Shinigami whispered, in a slightly demanding tone.

The hollow smirked "As you wish King." He purred the word King. Before pulling out, and then slamming into his willing uke.

"Ahh~! H-Hichigo~!" Ichigo saw stars as Hichigo slammed into his prostate.
"P-please more~!" He begged. Hichigo immediately obliged continuing to aim his thrusts to hit, his prostate. "I-I'm so close!~" Ichigo wrapped his arms around Hichigo's neck buring his head in between his shoulder and neck.

Me too his thrusts began more forceful, falling out of rhythm. "Cυm for me King," He cupped Ichigo's chin, looking into Ichigo's eyes. Smirking. "I want to see that handsome face of yours cυmming."

That did it for Ichigo. He saw a flash of white as he came, hard. "Hichigo~!" He screamed, collapsing on his bed in a panting mess.

Good thing the family's out... he thought absent mindedly. As he drifted into a dreamless slumber.

Hichigo watched the remaining cυm leak out of the strawberry. Before laying, beside him pulling the covers over him and Ichigo.

"Now you can never leave me." He whispered, into the teen's ear, then disappeared back into Ichigo's inner world.