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Ichigo's point of view

I can't believe I'm going to do this... I thought for the millionth time as I stood in front of high fence, on the other side was a single huge, run down, warehouse, the sides were covered with countless graffiti the windows blocked up wooden planks, but I could still just barely see the multi color lights, beaming from the thin spaces in between each board. I gripped the fence the cold metal digging into my skin slightly. ...I can still turn back a small part of me wanted to, /But then I'd prove Grimmjow right!/ blocking out that small part, I clenched my teeth grabbing onto the fence with my other hand, and climbed up, swinging my leg up over the top then the other, then descended down. My nerves screamed right as my feet touched the cement ground, the hair raising on the back of my neck. Was he here? I gulped as I heard footsteps approaching from behind me, I knew he would have found me! I didn't dare turn around, I knew what would be in those demon eyes of his.

"Are you just going to just stand there?" a cold voice send a shiver down my spine, but yet it released relief. I turned around, meeting eyes with Ulquiorra's, it was kind of odd seeing him in human clothes. He was wearing a long sleeve button up shirt, the sleeves rolled up, a skull on where his heart would be, and wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that looked so sexy on him.

"Yeah, I'm coming," I fixed my jacket one last time, walking beside him to the warehouse.

"You seem nervous," I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, I knew for a certain that Ulquiorra was very beautiful guy, I mean almost every damn guy was in the Espada. His large beautiful, turquoise eyes looked over my face, then his eyes wandered over my body for a split second then flinted back to my face.

"I-I'm fine," he didn't pressed further, but just grabbed the warehouse handle and pulled it just an inch over his head, I lifted my hand covering my eyes as bright light blinded me, music blaring into my eardrums.

"Grimmjow's in the back, he wanted me to tell you to meet him there," I uncovered my eyes walking into the warehouse, but his hand shot out grabbing my wrist holding me back.

"Ulquiorra?-" his lips pressed gently against mine, I stared wide eyed, but as soon as it began it was over.

"I'll be waiting when you're done with that piece of trash," I gaped as he walked away into the crowd, hands into his pockets.

What the hell is it with these hollows and Espada? I wiped the back of my hand over my lips, then melted into the crowd, bodies bumped up against my, some girls even guys tried grinding against me but I jerked myself away from their vulgar dancing. I didn't even know half of these people but I noticed some of the few I knew, one of them was Nnoitra and Tesla; The raven was sitting down and had Tesla mounted onto his lap a leg on either side of him. He had a slight drunken look on his face,and was holding a beer in one hand, using the other to grope Tesla's ass, forcing him to grind against him. The poor blonde's cheeks and ear were a deep red with embarrassment, and maybe a small hint of arousal. I shivered a rush of arousal running up my spine.

No Ichigo control yourself! I growled to myself tearing my eyes away from the scene, and continued to the back of the warehouse. Grimmjow stood talking to a brunette, dressed in very revealing clothing and was wearing too much make-up, if she was wearing less make-up and more concealing cloths, she could look cute. Girmmjow eyes glinted when he noticed me, he was wearing a dark blue muscle shirt that clung to every part of his beautiful built torso, my eyes wandered down to the grey jeans that showed off that god damn delicious ass of his.

Damn it! I mentally face palmed What's it with me get so turned on today calming myself down, I approached them. "Hey," they both looked at me their eyes looking me over. The girl's eyes brightened with interest but then she scowled when she saw my orange hair; Grimmjow on the other hand, eyed me up and down several times, pure want and desire burned in his blue orbs. I blushed slightly, Hichigo never looked at me like that, the look I ever received from him was possessiveness and the need to claim me.

"Hey, didn't think you'd actually come," he smirked at me, casually taking a step toward me, the girl obviously jealous of the stolen attention, got extremely close to the Espada, wrapping her arms around his arm, holding it against her body.

"Who's this?" a hint of a sneer lined every word, glaring daggers at me as though daring me to make a move.

I wanted to make some kind of move, I wanted to show her that I wasn't afraid of her. But I knew a small part really wanted to prove that I didn't belong to anyone, especially not Hichigo. Swallowing down the slight fear that started up my throat, I pressed up against Grimmjow shyly reaching up and tugging on his earlobe with my teeth. Despite my unease, it still achieved the reaction I wanted. Grimmjow's lips trailed over my jawline and down my neck, pulling his arm away from the girl and wrapped it around my waist. The brunette stared at me then him jaw gaping with disbelief.

"Get lost whore," he growled, glaring at her.

She made a loud 'Tsk' then sashayed way, swearing and cursing under her breath. A sense of triumph bloomed in my chest, I proved Hichigo wrong he didn't own me one bit and I didn't give a damn if he caught me right now. Feeling even bolder I looked up at Grimmjow "Let's dance," before he could answer I grabbed his hand and led him out to the dance floor.

On my waist through my hair,

Think about it when you touch me there,

Close my eyes, here you are all alone,

Dancing in the dark,

Just what I needed a dirty song, still holding Grimmjow's hands I pressed my ass against his groin my cheeks blazing a tomato red.

I felt his breath against my ear as he whispered in my ear, "Have you ever grinded before?" I shook my head, I heard him purr in amusement. "Here let me show you," pulling his hand away from my grip he placed them on both of my hips, pressing me closer. Then very slowly he moved my hips side to side against his crotch, I leaned my back against his chest now moving my hips on their own, falling in sync with the song.

Tell me baby,

If it's wrong,

To let my hands do what they want?

Late at night I pretend,

we are dance-dance da-dancing in the dark,

I took a deep breath trying to calm the once again growing arousal, that was trying to sneak its way to the surface again. "Everything all right, Strawberry?" I bristled, but it was a weak attempt, I just took any gulp of air, wiping away sweat that had formed onto my forehead. "I'll go get you a drink," I only nodded in thanks as I found a beat up chair against the wall, and sat down. I leaned back closing my eyes. A few moments later I opened them hearing footsteps approaching.

"Here ya go," he held it out for me, I took it taking deeps gulps never realizing how dry my throat felt until now, but the drink had a funky after taste, but I could really care less.

"Thanks," I set it down on the floor,.

"No problem...Strawberry," he grinned as I boiled.

"You're so annoying-" I stopped, as I suddenly felt my body relax all over, the annoyance vanishing like it was never there. "What?-" he kissed me silencing me.

"Shh just relax," he whispered, as darkness engulfed me.

I don't know how long I was out but when I opened my eyes, I woke to find myself in my inner world. I shivered sitting up, why was it so cold? "Ichigo!" I whipped my head around looking for the hollow, "Up here dumbass," he snarled, I blinked looking up. He had his arms crossed over his chest rage blazing in his golden orbs.


"Let me guess, why is it so cold?" I nodded, shivering even more as he slowly approached me, it felt like the air was getting colder and colder the closer he got.

"No don't," I tried scooting away from him, but he grabbed my chin his touched searing my skin with pain. "Please! let go!" I practically screamed, I tried pushing him away with my hands but that's what he wanted. He grabbed both of my wrists trapping them against his chest, the pain was intensifying, why wouldn't he let go? "You're hurting me!"

He leaned closer both of are breaths coming out in little puffs, "Stop fighting me Ichigo," he whispered, "It could be less painful if you tell me where you are," it hit me like a sledgehammer, I knew what he was trying do to, the son of a bitch was trying to find me. But why couldn't he was my Zanpakuto, he should be able to track me easily, could it have been something in the drink? I let out another scream as an even more intense pain crashed through my nerves like a wave. "I'm almost done Ichigo," he licked my earlobe, sending another sting of pain. "And then you'll belong to me again." No! No! I couldn't even form words as I screamed and howled as wave after wave of pain, but then it was gone I panted heavily trying to get air back into my lungs. I felt warmth slowly creeping over my skin.

"No! Damn it!" I could barely process the sound of my hollow's voice as I felt myself drifting away, "Ichigo!" that was the last thing I heard before total warmth and bliss took me away. I wanted to stay there forever it was so calm as heat pulsed slowly through my entire being, moaning as pleasure danced inside of me, blooming and growing like fire, it felt like I was in heat again but it felt more...controlled much more naturally. Too bad it couldn't last forever, my eyes fluttered up slowly still feeling twinges of that foreign bliss. I looked around, I was laying in a queen sized bed with black satin sheets, that rippled as I moved, the walls were a bright white, a white dresser pressed against it. But that was it everything was organized and nothing laid out or misplaced by what I could tell.

"Finally you're awake," I jumped as I realized the weight of an arm around my waist, "I wondered how long you'd sleep," Ulquiorra said, sitting up. He was naked from chest down, did that mean?! I ripped off the covers gaping like a fish, I was naked too.

"Ulquiorra, did I do what I think we did?" I stared at him hoping that he say the answer I wanted to hear.

"You're asking if we mated yes," he stated simply standing up.

"Hey don't forget me," I heard Grimmjow snarl as he stepped out of the bathroom.

"W-wait, all three of us?" they nodded, looking at me like it was the most normal thing ever. I fell onto my back, pulling the pillow over my head, what was I going to tell Rukia...What am I going to tell Hichigo?

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