Enemies stand 'round our gate,
Bidding ours a dying fate.
For while they wane, we ever wax,
Advancing t'ward end of the act.

Alone, this threat, I shall not face,
My power will now one displace.
My toy, my pawn, this one shall be,
To crush fragile society.

Into the hornet's nest I'll send,
But not their limbs I'll have it rend.
Heart doth fall where fate is due,
Acting as their anger's flue.

And when time comes for us to pounce,
True nature shall this thing announce.
Loyalty die and hope will fade,
Ends of days will then be made.

Rightful Lord then shall then arise,
Ruler of earth and sea and skies!
So listen now, my vital tool,
Awake so we may end this duel!

Lillith04 Presents - A Hellboy fanfiction

Ill Met By Moonlight