Author's Note: I had no idea where I was going with this at first, but now it's full steam ahead with a plot! Chapters will be getting longer, this one was woefully inadequate as far as length goes, I know. I think we're looking at an eventual 10 chapters or so here? Bit of action, bit of hurt!Fili & pissed!Kili, maybe some stoic/grumpy!Thorin as well.

Disclaimer: These are not my characters, I own nothing. It's all Tolkien.

Two bright pairs of eyes peered out from behind the dangling carcass of a rabbit, one set mischievous and dark, the other a deep, twinkling blue.

"Fili, do you see what I see?" whispered Kili with an edge of longing in his voice.

"Of course I see it, I'm sitting a half inch away from you, aren't I? I'm not blind."

Kili ignored his brother's sarcastic reply and narrowed his eyes at the tempting sight before them. "I think we could take it," he whispered.

Fili considered briefly. The snares that Thorin had sent them to check in the woods had so far been full. If they were left much longer they were sure to be emptied by marauding animals. Of course, if they went down the line and collected all of the game now, they would lose their chance at a truly glorious reward.

"I don't know," he said slowly. If they lost both this impossible prize and the game in the traps, Thorin would surely have their heads on a platter. "Don't you have your bow? Take it down now!"

"There's too many trees in the way. Besides, it's strapped to the pony." Fili stared at Kili in open mouthed contempt.

"You always have it!" he hissed. "Why now, of all times, is it strapped to the damned pony?"

"Well, I didn't think it was going to be necessary to take down an already strung up rabbit with a bow!" Kili hissed back.

The object of their desire looked up at his hissing whisper, ears swiveling alertly as it chewed on a mouthful of lush undergrowth. The brothers ducked behind a thick stand of ferns and held their breath. The huge creature seemed to be leisurely considering it's options and Fili and Kili were very glad that they were on the right side of the wind at the moment. Hearing the snapping of twigs and a rustle of leaves, Kili risked a careful glance around their cover. The great animal was slowly moving away. "To the ponies!" he whispered, a fierce gleam in his eyes.

Fili sighed inwardly before committing himself to yet another Kili-inspired folly. There was no point in resisting. No one could sway Kili from his purpose when he came over all manic like this. Ah well, Fili thought reasonably. Might as well enjoy the chase then. "To the ponies," he agreed with enthusiasm.

If our bellies go empty tonight, Kili thought, creeping up a small ridge as they followed their back trail, Then perhaps we'll at least have a grand story to fill their heads up with.

Not that the tale of their pursuits could ever take the place of a fat, juicy rabbit in Thorin's eyes, but it might at least take the edge off his scolding.