A/N this is my first ever crossover, so please be nice. Naruto is 15 years old, takes place four months after he has come back home with Jiraiya. There will be a lot of deviating from the original manga/anime,and takes place in the 5th Harry Potter book, but hey,its a fanfic,and I can do whatever the hell I want XD.

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"SHIZUNE!" A loud, booming voice echoed throughout the confines of the hokage tower. There was a shuffling of feet, and then the sound of a door being thrown open.

"Yes, Tsunade-sama "shizune answered, only to be very surprised that upon entering the hokage office, to find a very large, beautiful bird, its plumage full of rich reds, and orange, with a twinkle of some unhidden knowledge and wisdom in its eyes.

"Tsu-Tsunade-sama, that bird-"but Shizune's oncoming question was abruptly cut off as the giant bird, reared its head, spread its wings, and soared out through the open window.

Shizune stared open mouthed after it for a while, until Tsunade bought back her attention with a small, fake cough. Shizune's eyes trained over to Tsunade, who had a faintly amused expression on her face.

"If you could, shizune, please bring Team 7 to me please. Tell them I have a mission for them". Surprised that the Uchiha, who had just been reinstated into shinobi work a month ago, was being put on a mission so soon, Shizune exited the hokage tower, to gather the team. She had a feeling this was going to be a long and tiring mission.


'What a bother', Naruto thought wearily, as a large rock crashed through his window, with the message "DIE, MONSTER!"Carved into its side. Sighing, he picked himself up from his bed, and tried to weave through all the broken glass.

Retrieving the rock, he made his way across the floor, bending down where he knew a loose floorboard would be. Yanking it up, he revealed the contents hidden beneath the floor. Kunai, with dried blood still lacing there tips, letters, from the villager's, describing in great detail how they would like to torture him, samples of poison that had either been forcefully fed to him, or he had been tricked into consuming, and many other items that the villagers and shinobi alike had used to remind him of the abomination he was, not that he didn't know. This is where he placed the rock with the offending message. Carved into the underside of the floorboard, were the words "never forget"

Surveying the words that he himself had carved into the floorboard, he slowly placed it back in its designated place. He knew he was a monster, knew that he deserved every single thing the villager's threw at him, which was why he never rose up against them. But he couldn't let his precious people see him like this, because if they did, they would worry, and fret, and he wanted to keep them happy in their ignorance for as long as possible, especially after he had managed to convince Sasuke to come back. Also, he did not want their pity. He absolutely despised pity. No; he would not be the one to ruin their happiness, not now, not ever.

He was bought abruptly out of his musings by a sharp tap on his door. Plastering a big, fake smile on his face, he marched over to the door and yanked it open, ready to greet his (unwelcome) visitor.

"Hey, Shizun-"but she cut him off

"Na-Naruto" she panted "the hokage has a mission for team 7; please report to her office immediately". He raised his eyebrows at that. Sasuke had just gotten off probation, and they were putting him on missions already? And also, the hokage usually never gave out missions personally, usually choosing to leave the job to Iruka, so when she did, they were usually very important.

Muttering under his breath something that sounded suspiciously like "troublesome", he took to the rooftops, Shizune in tow, and headed toward the hokage tower

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