A/N this is my first ever story, so please be nice. Naruto is 15 years old, takes place four months after he has come back home with Jiraiya. There will be a lot of deviating from the original manga/anime,and takes place in the 5th Harry Potter book.

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A moon lit night was what graced Konohagakure.

Stars winked cheekily in the sky, and dimmed lights lined the streets, seeming to be a prelude to some magnificent story. Konoha was well known for it's beautiful, expansive forest outlining the outer town.

At the end of a dirt encrusted road sat a large, impressive tower. It's structure, whilst holding the illusion of fragility, was as strong and sturdy as any battle structure. Deception was just a way of life for those who practised the arts of being a ninja.

The Hokage tower, as it was called, was headquarters to the villages leader. Said leader currently had her head buried in a small stack of paperwork, snoring loudly next to an upturned bottle of sake. A street light sat just outside the tower, flickering on to momentarily lighten the interior of the room, and then off to once more plunge it into darkness.

The light flickered. On, off, on, and off. It was just as the light dispersed from the room once more, that a large flame burst forth from the centre of the room.

The Hokage's head jerked up instantly in surprise, one hand coming to her forehead to ward off the oncoming headache, the other raised at the ready.

"Shizune!" she boomed, calling for her most trusted assistant.

She expected to see some kind of assailant intent on seeking out her life. She expected to see Naruto dancing in front of her, holding a firecracker. She expected everything, except for what she saw.

A large bird, its plumage rich with intricate patterns and indescribable reds and oranges sat almost regally in the middle of the room, a look of foresight and knowledge in it's charcoal eyes. The bird's leg came up ever so slightly, and now that she looked, she saw that attached to it was a letter. Weary, and refusing to take her eyes from the beautiful bird, she approached. The bird as well did not break eye contact, seeming to almost wordlessly communicate that it was not a threat.

For some reason, Tsunade believed it.

Finally, she knelt down in front of the bird, and began to slowly relieve it of its burden. She looked at the letter in her hands in bewilderment for a small moment, before returning her gaze to the bird. Her hand came up slowly, almost as if to stroke the creature that stood in front of her with such nobility.

The moment was shattered by her assistant bursting frantically into the room.

"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune gasped out in between breaths. Tsunade's hand jerked away from the bird, and she tried to ignore the way its gaze followed her as she returned to her feat and regained her seat behind her desk.

If Shizune found the sight in front of her extraordinary or even weird in the slightest, she did not say it. She simply waited in silence as her Hokage tore open the letter in front of her, and began to read.

A concerned, and also a very skeptical expression crossed her masters face as she read the letter, disbelief clouding her face. She glanced up at Shizune in shock, mouth opening and closing rapidly, dumbfounded. Shizune, not sure what was going on, merely shrugged helplessly. Tsunade's gaze soon left her, eyes snapping towards the bird that occupied the middle of the room, a question in her eyes. The creature inclined its head softly towards her, eyes beseeching.

Immediately, Tsunade's face cleared of any confusion.

"Shizune!" she snapped. "Gather Team Seven, and have them reporting for duty in the next thirty minutes. I have a mission for them."

Shizune was slightly surprised that the Uchiha, who had just been reinstated last month, was being included. However, she did not voice her concerns, instead muttering a quick "Yes Ma'am!," before disappearing out through the door.

Tsunade watched her go, before returning her gaze to the animal in front of her. It was going to be a long night, and if her suspicions were correct, it was going to be a long a hard mission. She just hoped they were up for the job.


Naruto swept up the glass that littered his floor, sweeping it into a small tray before wrapping it up and newspaper and leaving it on the bench. He would dispose of it in the morning.

Forlornly, Naruto looked at the hole where his window used to be. Nothing but jagged shards of glass still attached to the frame were left now. Shoulders drooping in a sigh, Naruto pulled out a square of tarpaulin from underneath his bed, securing it to the wooden frame with nails hammered into the corners. It should work for the time being, at least until he got the money for a new window.

Naruto drifted across the floorboards of his apartment, kneeling down onto the floor, fingers sneaking in between a small crevice where the floorboards met. With a small yank, he dislodged the floorboard from its previous place to reveal the small compartment underneath.

Picking up the rock which had been pelted in through his apartment window, Naruto placed it amongst the other objects of cruelty. Inside were bloodied kunais, dead paper bombs, diluted poison, and as the offending stone was placed into the compartment, it rolled ever so slightly on its side to reveal the words "monster" carved into its side. And finally, if you lifted up the bottom of the loose floorboard to reveal the underside, you would see the words "Never Forget" etched there into the wood. Naruto supposed it was a little masochistic, and very unhealthy for him to be keeping such relics. Anyone would tell him that, probably try to throw the stuff away.

Which was exactly why he'd never told anyone.

A knock on his door alerted him to a foreign presence, but a quick outburst of his chakra revealed to him that is was only Shizune. Rising slowly to his feet, Naruto pulled open the door, a yawn tugging at his lips.

"Hey Shizune," he greeted, one hand coming up to rub tiredly across the expanse of his face. "What's up?"

"You've got a mission," she said, not wasting any time. "Meet up at the Hokage tower in five minutes."

And with that, she sprinted off.

Naruto watched her leave, wondering idly what would happen if he ignored the summons and instead returned to his bed. The sight of him being sent through a wall via Tsunade's fist entered his mind, and he immediately dismissed the fantasy.

With a groan and something that sounded suspiciously like "troublesome," Naruto made his way swiftly towards the Hokage tower.

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