Unlikely help.

Ben had seen som strange things in his life, and afterlife. Since his death he'd just wandered about as a ghost. Not much else to do, apparently nowhere to move on to. He was filled with anger, particular at Rupert Giles, and regret. He had been willing to sacrifice so many lives just to save his own. Ben had failed and died. On the plus side he seemed to finally be free from Glory. But Ben couldn't touch or even talk to anyone. He was alone. This was the mouth of hell, Ben wasn't too suprised that someone else was willing to destroy the whole world. The irony was that this time it was being done by that red-headed witch, one of those so instrumental in stopping Glory last year. These people had killed Ben to save the world, now they were fighting each other over this issue. Ben wondered, if Willow succeeded, would Ben's spirit be destroyed? Ben saw Buffy and Dawn fighting these monsters, Willow was keeping them too busy to stop her. Ben felt bad for Dawn, he hadn't treated her right. Even if Willow was stopped Dawn would surely be killed. Ben decided to help. Without thinking he leaped into the bodies of one of the monsters. He controlled it's movements. Ben stayed still, let Dawn destroy this thing. When it was over Ben felt weak , wondered if he could do it again. But then the monsters collapsed. Willow had been stopped somehow. Ben felt good, he had helped save Dawn. He realized he had done that without thinking. He had tried to possess others before unsuccessfully. Maybe he was getting stronger. Maybe it was because those things had no independant function. Or maybe it was because, for the first time Ben had done this to help someone. He still had a lot to figure out. But maybe Ben had found a purpose to his afterlife.