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Daryl and Carol strolled through the gate at a trot, crossbows in tow. Their clothes were slightly disheveled, but they were unscathed. Night was steadfastly approaching as they entered the compound. Their state of dress did not go unnoticed. "Missin' a couple buttons there Daryl," Maggie teased, prodding him with her elbow. No one missed the blush that crept on his face, but no more was said on the topic after a glare from Carol, who immediately righted her upturned collar. Daryl smirked brushing against her lightly as they trekked through the field of the compound.

They carried only a few squirrels, the meager spoils of their impromptu "hunting" trip. That's what they were called, but everyone knew different. The stream that traveled through the fence of their compound had a river source not far away. A short distance from the safe confines of their space, Daryl had discovered a hunting cabin along the river. It was small, but after a little cleaning and fixing up, it made an adequate space for their...private time. The couple made excuses whenever possible, taking advantage of the tranquility that had set in over the countryside during the winter.

Fire stoked, they could carry out their trysts. Away from the gossiping hens of their group, Daryl could let his hands roam where he only allowed his eyes to wander in company. Today, they had barely made it through the door of the tiny room before clothes began to come off. With only the body heat they generated for warmth, Carol had let Daryl have his way with her. His lips left a trail of fire along his path, sweeping down her neck and stopping at her chest to lavish a healthy amount of attention. Everything he couldn't put into words, he showed in the way they came together. Carol lived for these moments of passion. She lived for the way his fingertips traced the curves of her body. Always so thoughtful and pensive, it was no different as they made love. He paid attention to every dip of her skin, every freckle on her body. Like he was mapping her form, he concentrated on it all.

They didn't delude themselves into thinking no one knew where they were going. It was the type of thing you didn't talk about. For example, it was like how Guard Tower A was reserved for Glen and Maggie's...private time. So when jokes were tossed around, the couple snickered along with the group but Carol didn't like to make her husband uncomfortable. Their relationship was nothing new amongst the group, but public displays of affection were still rare for the man. Daryl let his hand grasp Carols, giving a squeeze as if to say It's whatever. These people were family and that meant dealing with the good...and the annoying.

"We were wondering how long it'd take ya'll to get back. We've got somethin' to show ya," Maggie said grabbing Carol's hand and tugging her forward. The woman hesitantly allowed the crossbow to be removed from her hands. She heard Daryl's arguments as his was taken from him as well. As they were scooted along by the crowd, Carol felt a pair of hands lock over her eyes.

"Oh come on – " Daryl protested, obviously responding to the same thing.

They were shuffled around and through the building, eventually coming to rest...somewhere. Carol wasn't sure where exactly they were located, but their voices echoed through a hallway, then stopped as they entered a room. "What's this about?" she asked.

"The group agreed...we'd all feel much safer...if you two took a few less 'hunting trips'," Rick said, the smile evident in his voice.. "Maggie and Glen fixed this up for you two."

The hands were pulled from Carol's eyes. This room lie in the adjoining cell block, a break room for the correctional officers who had worked here in another lifetime. The couch had been dusted off and cleaned, cots that had been used for sleeping strapped together to make a large bed. A window let in a healthy amount of light from outside, illuminating their clean and private space. Carol was thrilled.

"I don't even know what to say," Carol said, flabbergasted. "Thank you...I- thank you."

"This is awesome," Daryl said coming up from behind Carol and placing a hand on her waist. Carol already knew what was on his mind. The way his fingers drifted lazily over her midsection made her squirm. He was already teasing her. The walls were decorated with large nature posters, looking cozy. Daryl recognized them from a run a few weeks before. Glen had kept quiet about why he was grabbing décor, but now it all made sense. "Thank ya."

Maggie gave a pat on the back to the couple before retreating from the room, dragging Glen and Beth with her, motioning for the others to follow. As she left the room, she dropped a key on the table and closed the door behind her. Daryl strolled to the door and locked it, looking up at Carol with a mischievous smile. "Alone. Totally and utterly. Safe and alone," Carol said as if reading his thoughts. Daryl captured Carol in his arms, spinning her around to face him. Their lips met in a chaste kiss. Even though they had quenched their thirst for each other only an hour ago, Carol felt her thirst returning with a renewed vigor.

Daryl lifted her shirt, letting his hand slide across the sensitive skin of her lower back. "So," he said planting a soft kiss on her waiting lips. "Now we've got this nice, private room to ourselves..." Another kiss, this one softer, his lips lingering over hers for a moment longer. "Wanna play cards?"

Carol laughed, swatting him playfully and letting him know exactly what she thought of that question. She pressed her mouth forcefully against his. She'd had him only hours before, but she fully intended on having him again, right now, in their room. This was it. This was their space in their concrete, fortified home. As their limbs began to tangle, both battled for the dominance they knew Daryl would eventually win. On cue, he swept Carol into his arms, eliciting a squeal from the woman. He carried her to the bed they would share, draping his body across hers immediately as he lay her down. Already Carol's flushed skin was reawakening, burning with a need she couldn't even describe. His palm ghosted across the skin of her abdomen, their kisses very suddenly not enough for either of them. She gasped into his mouth, not wanting to break a moment of their contact.

Daryl was using his arm to pull Carol against him, desperate for contact. They pawed desperately at one another's clothing, nothing managing to become removed the whole way. She was quickly becoming lost in her passion, only managing to unbutton part of his shirt and removing his belt. That was all she needed, she dove her hand into his pants, gripping his manhood. Daryl let out a low hiss, hips jerking on reflex. "I can't wait Daryl. Please," Carol begged, her voice low and glazed with lust. Daryl struggled to concentrate as Carol never removed her hand. He pulled her off of him with a growl, pressing her back against the mattress and removing her pants and underwear in one swift motion, for the second time today. They would have time for gentle later, right now as about pure need.

Without waiting to remove his pants all the way, he removed himself from confines of his jeans and sank himself within his wife's slick heat. Both of them paused for just a moment, reveling in the bliss that their love-making brought them. Before the world had gone to shit, neither had ever felt anything as strong as this. The heat of their bodies combined was a delicious torment to Carol and she writhed underneath him, silently begging him to move within her. He moved slowly at first, loving how her body twitched and shook uncontrollably. Delighted whimpers began escaping her throat, her eyes practically rolling into the back of her head at the pleasure of it all. Their bodies moved together, their movements becoming more frantic.

Carol hooked a leg around Daryl as he wrapped an arm around her for leverage, his thrusts picking up speed. He gave a low, throaty grunt that nearly sent Carol over the edge. The sound of his voice was intoxicating. She'd told him this on more than one occasion. He used this knowledge to his advantage, whispering her name in her ear as the applied pressure on the sensitive little nub between her legs. That was enough to send Carol spiraling with a loud moan, her peak almost too much to handle. Daryl reached his climax soon after, gripping his wife in ecstasy.

He fell to the side of her, pulling her back against his chest and draping at arm tightly around her. "I think this is just what we needed," he said into her neck, kissing her softly on the sensitive curve. "Now I can have you when I want."

Carol made a noise of assent and quickly began to drift, sated with her pleasure. Soon enough, Daryl heard the deep breaths of her sleep. "I love ya." With a final kiss to the back of her head, he pulled the blanket around them, repositioning himself behind her to join her in sleep.