Old killers

Dexter loved when Harrisson and his wife brought little Rita over. He and Lumen loved watching the baby. Dexter remembered when Harrisson was a baby, and he could be completely honest with his son. When Dexter was alone with his granddaughter he told her the story of him and Lumen.

" After your grandmother and namesake died I was stalking a man named Boyd Fowler. Fowler has raped, tortured, and murdered four women. Well actually I later found out it was twelve. Anyway things didn't go as planned and I killed Fowler in his own home. I discovered too late that he wasn't done with his latest victim, Lumen. I wasn't sure what to do. On the one hand Lumen had seen me commit first degree murder in a death penalty state. On the other hand I wasn't suppossed to kill an innocent. I reluctantly decided not to kill her. When Lumen told me others had been part of Fowler's group I helped her hunt down and murder the other men wo hurt her. After we were finished Lumen left, she didn't want to be part of my work. I tried to move on, raising your father, murdering other murders. But then, after the evil witch Hannah murdered my sister, I was lost. I found Lumen again, and we fell in love. And now, we have you too. Someday you'll grow up, I won't be able to be this honest with you. But for now, we can have these moments.