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Some events in this story may not match up with history in the show and i apologize for that but after all. It is fiction. I never saw my self doing a murder-fic but here it is. This first chapter just covers the death and I'll write more as fast as i can while juggling school and other STUFF. Can you guess what happened exactly and why? Pm me your guesses if you get it right i'll put your name on the credits on the last chapter :3

It was late on the night it occurred. No saw it coming. The scream could be heard for miles as he fell from the roof to his death. But lets start from the beginning shall we? ...

It was a sunny day as usual in Jump city. The teen titans had just had a run-in with Slade and

went home for a rest. Beastboy and cyborg immidiatly leaped for the couch and began playing

their favorite game. Raven wandered off to her room and Starfire to hers. But Robin went to his

study. All the titans knew that after a Slade battle to leave Robin alone. As usual he went and sat at his

desk with his computer and notes and a recorder for oral notes. Robin clicked the recorder on. "Slade

got away again... we'll be sure to catch him next time though with the new information I retrieved."

Robin sat spouting off information into his recorder for quite a while. The titans all got hungry and it

was time to watch beastboy and cyborg fight for the right of meat or tofu. As always they made their

dinners separate in the end. I think they just liked arguing. Luckily they had two pans and waffle

makers. Cyborg feasted on bacon and waffles and beastboy had seared tofu and tofu waffles. Raven

came out in her usual mood. a mixture of 'don't care' and annoyance. [but between you and me a think

she had a bit of 'crush for bb' mixed in there.]

but today she seemed to be hiding something... but these ideas forming in beastboy and cyborg's

heads dissolved when starfire burst into the room. "GREETINGS FRIENDS!" And with that Raven took

her newly made tea and went back into her room. "Was it something I said..?" stafire inquired meekly.

cyborg and beastboy said 'Yes!' at the same time. star shrugged it off and made her own dinner. Then

entered the bird-boy. he appeared to be exhausted. "ROBIN!" starfire squeeled and sprinted into a rib-

cracking hug. After nearly amputating robin in half she let go and cooked him dinner as well. A/N Robin

taught her how to make REAL food. They all ate noisy as ever and dispersed to their own rooms.

except for Robin. "hey I'm gonna go work on the roof a while. It's nice outside so I might work better."

a mixture of 'k's and 'alright's were responded.

Three hours later.

Robin sat on the roof edge. It was well after midnight now and everyone was asleep. or so robin

thought. Robin talked into his recorder and sat it down beside him forgetting to turn it off. He heard a

step behind him and turned his head. "Oh hey Raven." he turned back again and continued talking.

"Still up? I thought you had been trying to sleep more. I think I'm getting some good...what are you


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