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Happy stared at her feet not knowing what to say.

Beastboy looked desperately at happy.

"Why?! Why did she do it!?"

Happy looked up now.

"It wasn't her fault ok? It's not like she could have controlled her."

Beastboy was about to shout but a single word in the phrase made him pause.


Happy sat on the ground and Beastboy mirrored this action

"Who is her? What do you mean?"

"Well.. ya see she did it but, only part of her did."

And then Beastboy did something now that no one thought would ever be possible for him to do.

He sat still and THOUGHT for a whole five minutes!

A/N sorry couldn't resist lol A/N

"only part of her..You mean one of you guys?"

Happy smirked. "Exactly! I told Raven your not just cute but your smart too!"

Beastboy smacked his forehead and ignored the comment.

"So what exactly happened? I need the whole story Happy."

"Got it. Ok so it happened last night,"

Beastboy listened intently.

"So last night while Rae-Rae was making her tea someone came in the mirror!"

Beastboy was getting hopeful


"no idea. He was like in a big black robe with a mask so we couldn't see who it was."

Beastboy got a little disappointed.

"but wait! there's more. So he came in and he ran past us all straight to Rage!

He like put some cuff thingys on her and took her out of the mirror with him!"

"If you couldn't see the face or figure then how do you know it was a him?"

Happy looked annoyed. "Dude. I may not know john doe's name but i can tell a freaking male from a female."

beastboy would have laughed if the situation had been well, less depressing.

"So he took rage out of the mirror...do you think rage killed Robin?"

happy smiled proudly.


"So it totally wasn't her fault! She can't control Rage! And if she's out of the mirror it's downright impossible!"

"Yay! Your happy again!"

"erm. not exactly I mean Robin is still dead... and his killer is on the loose! i have to find out who!"

"But how? Rage won't talk to anyone. All she ever says is 'Rage shall consume you' "

"So she was returned to the mirror? What time?"

"what time? what does that matter?" Beastboy glared.

oh well um it was a few minutes after poor Rae-Rae got taken to jail."

"That would be the best time to do it I guess. when she isn't there to see someone in her room."

Happy cut in. "Hey um beastboy?

If i had a kinda clue that sorta kinda pointed towards someone

but it's someone you like would you wanna know..?"

"Of course! Anyways it's not like it's one of the titans right." Beastboy said the second part slightly jokingly.

"...well yeah it is."

And this is where beastboy paused and slammed his head into the ground and proceeded to mutter under his breath. "Of course it's

one of the titans. It just had to be one of the titans." Beastboy glared at the author.

"Darn you! Why can't you write a more happy story!? This one is taking me out of character!"

At that I responded

"well sorry i thought i should try a murder fiction.

And if anything is taking you out of character it's talking to me.

Now back to your script!"


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