This should be better then what I had before. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

The wind blows across her face making her shiver slightly. Katniss Everdeen sits up the valley with her back against the valley wall where she usually meets her best friend Gale Hawthorne. Its the day of the seventy-fourth reaping, so they don't have a lot of time to hunt and gather. Suddenly Gale is there behind Katniss making her jump which makes him laugh.

"Do you realize that ever since we met you have always made me jump?" Katniss says trying to keep a straight face but failing.

"Yeah I do know that, and ever single time I see you from afar, I go behind a tree very quietly not making a sound, then I appear behind you, making you jump is just part of the package and it never gets old." Gale says grinning.

They sit in silence for a bit, then discussing what they are going to do. They decide on gathering roots, then foraging for fresh berries. Gale and Katniss get up from the floor of the valley, Katniss loads her bow just in case they run across some game along the way. The woods are alive with life now, They see a butterfly fluttering around, after walk for twenty minutes they reach the lake and start foraging for Katniss roots, in no time her forage bag is half way full of the roots.

After they have enough stop and head to their berry bushes which are about thirty minutes away walking distance. Along the way Katniss comes across two squirrels which she takes out without even trying. Gale and Katniss each take one putting them into their belts. They decide to set some snares

"Why don't we set some snares, that way we are almost certain of catching something." Katniss says pausing.

"Good idea,Catnip"Gale says as they begin to set the snares about twenty feet apart. As Katniss does mine she pauses, looking over at Gale. He really is a wiz at making snares, his hands moving quickly and Katniss cant stop watching. Gale sees Katniss watching him and she blushes. He finishes the snare he was working on and comes over to Katniss as she finishes her snare she stands up. Gale has started walking on and he is a little way ahead. They reach the berry bushes and are happy to find that they are full and rip for the picking. Gale takes two small buckets from his belt and gives Katniss one of them. They immediately pluck all the berries so each of them have a full bucket.

"These will be great for tonight"Gale says plucking a berry from a bush, then tosses the new one way in an arc towards Katniss who catch it easily in her mouth.

"Yes they will, everyone loves berries, they are always a treat" Katniss says smiling looking up at the sky and I see it must be eleven am.

"Well I suppose we should head back now"Katniss says looking at Gale who can see the hatred he has for the capitol in his eyes. He gives her a curt nod and gets up which prompts Katniss to get up as well. Katniss put her forage bag on her shoulder and begin walking with Gale. They reach the fence within thirty minutes where Katniss usually enters,she nod to him as he says

"See you at the reaping,Catnip"Gale says going on and not entering with her.

"Yes, cant wait"Katniss says sarcastically as she starts to head home walking swiftly through the backstreets heading to the hob, where she picks up a Mockingjay Pin from a merchant who is setup up just inside the door.

Keeping her head down and readjusting her bag to where it needs to be,Katniss heads for home, as she walks up to it. She pauses and rests her head on one of the posts looking out at the woods as she comes to the door Katniss pauses again, this time at the door where she allows herself a small smile, then she turn the knob. As Katniss enters, her sweet little sister Prim comes over at once to give her a hug.