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Chapter 0.5: Stormy Night

Rainclouds were slowly forming in the quickly darkening sky, the black clouds tossing and turning high above. As they rumbled overhead, a different kind of storm was brewing below.

"No, I insist," Saimax grumbled, "YOU take the bed."

"It's your house," Kar objected. "You should sleep in your own bed. A guest should never make the host feel out of place." Candles lit the messy living room, as the power had still not come back on. As the two argued about who would be taking the bed, they flickered back and forth with each statement.

"But a gentleman is supposed to do his best to make a woman feel the most comfortable," Saimax retorted. "And I will not take 'No' for an answer. I'm going to get you into that bed weather you like it or not."

From his perch on the couch, Alcard brought his wing to his face in embarrassment. Status was perched next to him, and she looked equally embarrassed as she hid her head within her fluff. Realizing what he said, both trainers flushed with embarrassment.

"I-I mean, not in bed with me!" Saimax quickly corrected himself. "I mean you're gonna sleep in the bed and I'll sleep on the couch. Because, you know, I didn't mean to imply that I was going to force myself on you. I won't even think about sleeping with you."

"So I'm not pretty enough for you?" Kar mumbled.

Saimax felt half of his brain melt away. Where the hell did she get that idea from? "No! You're beautiful, the prettiest girl I've ever meet in fact!" They both blushed deeper at this. "I, I just mean that I wouldn't sleep with you against your will."

Alcard rolled his eyes and took flight, leaving the apartment through the window in the kitchen as if to say, I can't stand watching this, it's too painful.

Straus must have felt the same way, because the Altaria took off only seconds later to follow him.

"Fine, leave why don't yah!" Saimax yelled after them, annoyed with himself more than he was with the bird Pokémon.

"Well…" Saimax turned to Kar as she spoke up, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to take the bed…"

Saimax sighed. Finally, he thought, relieved. "Well then, let me show you to your room for the night."

Kar giggled, which brought a smile to Saimax's face, and she followed him without any complaints. At the end of the small hallway, Saimax kicked aside a dirty shirt and pushed open the door. Kar stepped in and was slightly surprised to find it clean.

"I can't sleep in messy spaces," Saimax explained, reading her mind. "It's kind of surprising considering how I live." He looked her up and down before walking over to a small dresser. Before Kar could question what he was doing, Saimax produced a pair of sweats and a small white tee shirt. "I think these will fit you."

"What?" Kar asked, slightly confused.

"Well you left your bags on the ship right? Including your clothes?" Saimax asked, "So you'll need something to sleep in instead of your dress, right?"

"Oh, I suppose you're right," Kar giggled and hit her head gently with her hand. "I guess I left my brain on that boat too." Kar quickly took the clothes, and then waited. Saimax was wondering why she was giving him bashful looks, until she spoke up that is. "Um, could you leave? You know, while I change?"

Saimax blushed, "Right!" He half-shouted before quickly speeding for the door. He paused however, turning back to ask a question. "Do you want something to drink? You know, before everything goes bad."

Kar tilted her head, "I guess I'll take some juice, if you have any."

"Mkay," Saimax quickly shut the door and released a breath he hadn't even realized he was holding. He walked slowly to the kitchenette and pulled open his refrigerator door. His gaze passed over the content of his fridge, and sighed at the lack of, well, anything. Save a few water bottles, a few eggs, and some cheese that was molding in the corner, he didn't have anything worth eating.

Saimax glanced outside as the first drops of water began to fall from the sky. He quickly shut the open window and walked back to the fridge. Deciding water was better than nothing, he grabbed a bottle and headed back for his room. "Kar," Saimax called through the door, "are you done changing?"

Thunder rumbled overhead and there was a crash from the other side of the door. Saimax had half a mind to go in, but Kar called back, "C-Come in!"

Saimax opened the door and found Kar was on the ground, lying on her stomach. As she sat up, she giggled, "I guess I just tripped on the extra fabric."

Saimax felt another blush rise to his face. Despite being the smallest pair of clothes he owned, they seemed to be two sizes too big on Kar. Her tanned skin seemed to glow in the darkness. "W-Well here you go," he said while handing her the water bottle.

Kar took it and immediately took a long drink from it. Of course, Saimax paid no attention to the bit of water that trickled down her face, or that fact that the shirt was starting to slip off of her right shoulder. Nope, he didn't pay attention to either of these facts. "Thanks," Kar recapped the water bottle, "I was starting to get pretty thirsty."

"No problem," Saimax replied. A hole in his wallpaper had suddenly become very interesting to him. "I guess I'll crash on the couch then." He turned to leave, "Night-"

Saimax was cut off by a flash of lighting from outside the window and a crash of thunder so loud that it shook the entire apartment. Kar gave a scream of fright and crashed into Saimax, throwing her arms around his waist in a death grip. Saimax stumbled, regained his ground monetarily, but another crash of thunder and lightning found the two on the ground seconds later.

Saimax's head spun as he tried to grasp the situation. He was lying on the ground, propping himself up with his elbows, while Kar was lying between his legs; her arms wrapped tightly around his torso and her head buried in his chest. Heart beating heavily in his chest, Saimax could feel all the blood in his body flowing directly to his face.

About a minute after the rumbling had finished, Saimax seemed to have found his voice again. "K-Kar, are…are you okay?"

Kar's eyes shot open and she looked up at Saimax's deep blue eyes before quickly letting go of him. She gathered herself into a ball, an act that twisted Saimax's heart for some reason, and brushed a strand of her orange hair out her face. "S-Sorry," she mumbled, speaking into her knees, "I…I just don't like storms that much."

Thunder rumbled overhead again, not as loud as before, but Kar flinched away at the sound of it. Saimax had to resist the urge to throw his arms around her and tell her it was alright. Did she actually want him to hold her, or was he just a laps in her judgment; someone who just happened to be there.

Thunder and lightning danced together again, causing Kar to whimper slightly. Unable to stand it any long, Saimax ran a hand through his sandy brown hair before carefully saying his next words. "You know, if you wanted, I could stay here. If you wanted that is," he added quickly when Kar glanced up at him.

Kar seemed to roll the idea around in her head and when she opened her mouth to reply, thunder cut her off. Immediately, she threw her arms around Saimax. Hesitantly, Saimax wrapped his own arms around Kar. She seemed to relax slightly in the embrace, the tension going out of her shoulders. They sat there for what seemed like a blissful eternity, the only sound echoing throughout the apartment being the rain rolling off the window.

Kar was the first to speak up, "You know Sai…" Saimax blushed slightly; only his past girlfriends had ever shortened his same, "I just meet you today, but…" Kar looked up, her face now mere inches from his own. "I…I feel like I can trust you. Like, we've known each other for years."

Saimax had stopped breathing. Kar was so close that he could feel her warm breath on his skin. And then he kissed her.

The world stood still, and Kar's grip on his shirt tightened. It was a soft, gentle kiss. So warm and filled with emotion that the storm seemed to melt away.

Suddenly, Saimax pulled away. A blush remained on his face, while darkness hid the one on Kar's. "Sorry," he said quickly, not looking at her. "I, I don't know what came over me."

Saimax felt a hand on his face pull his gaze back to Kar's. "Don't be," she said quietly. And then she placed her lips on his.

Saimax was in shock for a moment, but quickly gave in to his emotions. He wrapped his arms around her tighter than before and kissed back. He ran his tongue across her lips, and Kar opened her mouth, allowing him to explore her mouth.

She tasted sweet, almost like candy. Kar sucked greedily on his tongue, electing a moan from Saimax. Their tongues danced, exploring every inch of each other. The more heated the kiss became, the more lust-filled it became.

Without realizing it, Saimax had already carried Kar to the bed, and was placing light kisses down her neck. When he reached her collarbone, Kar's breath hitched in her throat and she arched her back, pressing their bodies together. Saimax anchored himself there, dragging his tongue across her skin, skinning his teeth in, and sucking with an unearthly passion.

As Kar was sent to a world of bliss, Saimax's hands went on an adventure. They ran down her arms, tracing each crevice of her delicate skin, and then danced delicately at the hem of her shirt. The farther up he dared venture, the harder Saimax felt himself become. He resisted the urge to grind into her, deciding to finish pleasing her before he helped himself.

He brushed against the soft skin of her breasts, and Kar moaned lustfully. Without any hesitation, she let Saimax pull her shirt off. She gasped slightly as the cold hair kissed her skin. But that was nothing compared to what Saimax was doing. He came back up to capture her lips before gently cupping her breasts. He squeezed them softly, causing Kar to moan into the kiss, sending the reverberations throughout his entire body.

Saimax made slow, rotating circles with his thumbs, brushing only slightly against her nipples to tease her. When he finally reached her hardened nipples, Kar broke the kiss, throwing her head back in ecstasy. A smile reached Saimax's face and he brought his head down to her breasts. He gently kissed the left one over and over again, massaging the other one with his right hand.

As Kar continued to live in her world of bliss, Saimax used his free hand to play with the hem of her panties. The sweats were already half kicked off from all the wriggling Kar was doing. "Sai!" She moaned blissfully when he began rubbing her wet underwear.

When he was about to pull them off, Kar's hand stopped him. "W-Wait," she panted. A horrible feeling rose up in Saimax's gut. Had he done something wrong? "It's not right." Kar brought his head back up with her hands, and before Saimax could say anything, whispered into his ear, "It's not right, that you're still fully clothed."

Saimax lost his breath for a moment and he felt himself get harder. Kar's fingers were already playing with his belt; her delicate hands brushing against his naval every few seconds were driving him crazy. "Well then why don't we even the playing field?" Saimax said as steadily as he could. He reached down to help her, but Kar stopped him.

"Not so fast," she scolded him. "I'm going to be undressing you."

Saimax blushed harder and gave in, letting her explore his body. When she finally got the belt buckle undone, Kar slowly undid the zipper, unknowingly driving Saimax crazy. When she had pulled his jeans down to his knees, Saimax kicked them off, helping her along. She brought her hands back up, brushing against the hardened length that was pressing against the cloth of his boxers.

Instead of releasing little Sai, Kar brought her hands up and placed them against Saimax's abdomen. She ran her soft hands along his body, lingering ever so slightly at his strong chest. She felt safe, protected, and…loved when she rested her head here earlier. His strong arms wrapped around her, even now, she never wanted to leave his warm embrace.

Finally, she peeled his shirt off. His skin was radiating with heat, warming the cold room. "So," Saimax panted slightly, "Are you satisfied?"

Kar blushed slightly, but smiled. "Not yet."

With a quick tug, she pulled his boxers down, exposing his pulsing erection to the colder air. Saimax gasped slightly and a new blush rose to his face now that he was fully naked. He smirked slightly before kissing Kar. "That was a dirty trick," he whispered to her ear when they broke the kiss.

He kissed her again, not giving Kar a chance to respond, and worked her panties off as their lips danced. When they broke, both out of breath, Saimax positioned himself at her entrance. He looked back to her eyes one more time, and when she nodded, Saimax slowly entered her.

Kar gasped loudly, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the sheet. Saimax kissed her softly, one hand going to gently hold her cheek. When her panting slowed down, Saimax pushed himself in farther, stopping when he was nearly buried to the hilt. Kar moaned lustfully and arched her back, pushing Saimax all the way in.

Saimax groaned as well; in his hands were fistfuls of the sheets. It took all his willpower to not finish here right now. It was not his first time, but this was the first time anyone had ever made him feel this much pleasure before.

When their breathing had returned to normal, Saimax took Kar's silent nod as a motion he could start. Slowly, he pulled himself out, nearly all the way to the tip, then shoved himself back in. Despite his best efforts to go slow and gently, Saimax's body worked against him. Quickly his thrusts became speedy and powerful, a tempo developing.

Kar's hips thrust against him as well, her arms hooked to his back to draw the two of them as close as possible. They ground back and forth, all words lost between bliss and ecstasy. Their breath became more ragged, with each thrust they were thrown closer to the edge.

Kar screamed Saimax's name and her walls clenched down around his length. As her body rippled with her orgasm, Saimax let himself go. With a final twitch, he loosed his seed inside her, pumping himself into her body until he finished. Saimax rolled himself off of her, panting heavily.

The rain pattered steadily against the windows, singing a sweet, strange lullaby. Her breath regained, Kar rolled herself into her brown-haired lover's embrace. Saimax wrapped his arms around her tightly, and she buried her face into his strong chest.

"I think," Kar started sleepily, "that after this tournament, I might come back to visit Sunyshore City more often."

Saimax smiled and placed a kiss gently on her forehead. "I think I'd like that."

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