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Clegs x Chris Yaoi. You don't like, don't read.

Chapter 2.9: Open-Minded

Clegs felt a smile creep onto his face as an idea popped into his head. He pushed the door to his room fully open and walked in. Chris still hadn't noticed him, even after Clegs had locked the door. Clegs kicked off his shoes and threw himself onto Chris' bed.

"What in the name of fabulous!?" Chris exclaimed, jumping off of the bed and plastering himself to the wall. Geno, his Monferno, mimicked its trainer.

"Yo," Clegs smiled.

It took Chris a moment to process what was happening, but when his brain finally finished, a look of horror spread across his face. "You!"


"What are you doing here?" Chris demanded, his hands now on his hips.

"This is my room too," Clegs sighed. "I got tired and decided to retire early, got a problem with that?"

"Of course I do!" Chris threw up his hands in exasperation, "My roommate is some unfabulous idiot who always comes stumbling back into the room past three in the morning smelling of vodka."

"Hey!" Clegs sat up, slightly offended. "That was only one night, and it was scotch."

Chris frowned at him even more before putting his hand out. "Key."

Clegs raised an eyebrow but dug his key out of his pocket and tossed it to Chris. The blue haired teen snatched it out of the air and examined it in his palm. Unsatisfied that it was real and didn't look stolen, he tossed it back.

"I'm going to be in the shower, getting ready for the contest they're having later," Chris explained as he recalled his Geno. "Don't touch my stuff."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Clegs replied lazily.

Chris looked rather angry as he walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Clegs felt a smile cross his face again as he realized Chris didn't lock the door. "Chris, you're easier than a Mario game," he said to himself.

Clegs rose off of the bed and stripped himself of his socks, bandana, and trench coat, leaving him in his sleeveless white tee and ripped jeans. The brown-haired man walked over to the bathroom door. He could hear the water already running. Quietly, he pushed the door open.

Chris stood with his back to him, leaning over to pull off his socks. The blue haired teen had already stripped himself of his shirt and was about to work on the belt to his dress pants. That's when Clegs decided he should step in and help out.

Placing himself behind Chris, Clegs pressed his hips against Chris and snaked his arms around Chris' bare waist. Chris uttered a small shriek of surprise, and looked into the mirror to discover it was Clegs. "W-What are you doing!" Chris demanded, a blush already rising to his face.

"Just helping you get undressed," Clegs replied calmly. His fingers were playing with the buckle on Chris' belt absent mindedly.

"I don't need your help!" Chris tried to push away, but the taller man was much stronger than him. "And even if I did need help, I would have asked a girl to help me!"

"I don't believe you," Clegs had undone the buckle, and was now slowly removing it from Chris' waist. "I saw you falter and blush slightly when I told that girl we were lovers yesterday." The belt dropped to the floor, "You find me pretty attractive don't you?"

"O-Of course I don't!" Chris had stopped struggling. Some butterflies had somehow found their way into his stomach as Clegs danced his fingers across Chris' skin. "There's no way that I would have sex with a gay guy."

"But I'm not gay," Clegs replied. He ground his hips into Chris hard, letting the blue haired teen feel his hardened length. "I'm just very open-minded."

A very deep blush had reached Chris' face now, and he could feel himself getting hard. It didn't help him prove his point when Clegs began nibbling at his neck. Before Chris knew it, Clegs had managed to get his dress pants down around his ankles. Now his erection was solid proof that he wasn't against what Clegs was doing to him. Nothing Chris said now would be able to convince the brown-haired hunk that he wasn't into this.

A deep moan escaped Chris' lips when Clegs slid his hand into Chris' briefs and gripped his pulsing erection. Clegs brought his lips up to Chris' ear, "You're bigger than I thought."

His deep voice sent a shiver down Chris' spine, making him unable to respond to the insult. The things this guy could do with his lips made Chris feel like exploding every time Clegs lips touched his skin.

While Clegs played with Chris' length, he used his free hand to pull the dark blue undergarment off. When little Chris was finally free, Chris was panting heavily, his face red and twisted up with pleasure. Clegs used his other hand to reach down and cup his blue-haired lover before beginning to grind his own erection into Chris.

Letting another deep moan loose, Chris' length twitched again and shot his seed across the small bathroom. "You came already?" Clegs spoke with slight amusement.

Weak in the knees, Chris leaned against the wall and shot Clegs an annoyed look. He obviously didn't know how skilled he was with his own hands. Another blush shot to Chris' face when Clegs brought his hand up and began to lick some of Chris' cum off of his hand.

Clegs smirked when he noticed this. "I think it's my turn now," he said leaning against the sink.

Chris blinked, then realized what Clegs was saying. He blushed slightly before standing up and walking over to Clegs. Not looking into his handsome brown eyes, Chris slowly peeled the shirt off of Clegs body. His eyes lingered on Clegs body, surprised at how muscular he was beneath the shirt.

Chris fumbled a bit with zipper to Clegs pants a bit, his eyes kept drifting up to Clegs impressive six-pack.

"First time undressing another guy?" Clegs smirked down at him.

Chris bit the inside of his cheek, hating the look Clegs gave him. Yet that same look set the butterflies loose in his stomach again. "First time undressing anyone," Chris murmured.

Clegs raised an eyebrow, his look going from cocky to amusement. "I guess that after this you'll have to be taken of the list of virgin sacrifices then."

Chris blushed again; his only response was yanking down Clegs pants so fast that he took the pair of black boxers with the pants. Clegs flinched slightly, "Watch the delicates man."

Chris didn't say anything, only staring at the pulsing length that Clegs presented him with. Like the rest of his body, the length of Clegs erection surprised Chris. It was a lot bigger than when he was expecting. In fact he was slightly disappointed that it was bigger than his own.

However, Chris ignored how long it was and instead gripped it with both hands. Clegs let loose a hiss as Chris' hands slowly began to pump his length. Chris looked up, drawing in the view of Clegs body. He was surprised how much it turned him on, seeing Clegs with his head thrown back and having the pulsing length so close to his own face. Chris could feel himself start to harden again.

Feeling experimental, Chris flicked the tip of Clegs' length with his tongue. Clegs moaned so deeply that Chris felt himself blush again. He had managed to cause that much of a reaction in Clegs with just a little touch of his tongue?

Chris took the head of Clegs' length into his mouth and ran his tongue around it. Clegs moaned louder and gripped the sink so tightly that his knuckles turned white. Satisfied with this reaction, Chris slowly took more of Clegs into his mouth. When he could fit no more, he reluctantly pulled back out to the tip. He continued this motion, picking up a bit of speed each time Chris reached the tip again until he reach a steady beat.

Clegs was panting now, his twitching erection telling the signs before his words could. "I, I'm gonna-"

Chris pulled off and began pumping harder with his hands. When Chris dragged his tongue along the length of Clegs shaft, the brown-haired man moaned even louder than before, and shot his seed across Chris' face. The warm cum trailed down the side of Chris' face, and the blue-haired teen reached his tongue out to lick up some still on Clegs pulsing length. He was surprised at the salty taste, but found he rather enjoyed it.

"Are you sure you're a virgin?" Clegs panted, sinking down to Chris' level, "Because that was one hell of a blowjob."

Chris blushed and looked away before murmuring, "I just tried to imitate what I've seen in videos."

Clegs smirked at how embarrassed Chris was before looking down. "I see you're already ready for another round," Clegs said with a cocky grin on his face. Chris blushed and looked down to see himself standing fully erect. He blushed even harder when he realized how close Clegs length was to his own. If one of them moved just a few more inches…

"But I think we should clean ourselves up first, don't you?" Clegs finished. "I'm sure the water's pretty warm by now, don't you?"

Chris blinked. He had pretty much all but forgotten about the shower. "I-I guess." Now that the idea was in his head, he was actually looking forward to showering with another person. Chris stood up, trying his best to not seem too egger, which was near impossible with how often he stole a look at Clegs naked body.

Chris stepped into the shower, not bothering to draw the curtain behind him. As the warm water washed Clegs seed off of his face, Chris heard another body step into the shower and drawn the curtain. When he turned his head to sneak another look, he caught Clegs smirking at him.

"Mind if I get a turn in the water?" Clegs asked.

Chris shook his head and then stood aside for his shower partner to wash himself. He almost regretted saying yes. The sight of Clegs body, dripping wet as water droplets traced the outlines of his well-toned muscles, made Chris feel like climaxing all over again.

Not realizing he had been staring, Chris didn't even notice Clegs was staring back. "Like what you see?" Clegs asked with a cocky grin.

Chris kept silent, but another blush rose as he gave a silent nod. Almost instantly, Clegs had his hands pressed to the wall on either side Chris' head. "Well," he whispered seductively into Chris' ear, "how would you like to feel me inside you?"

Not even giving Chris a chance to respond, Clegs snaked a hand down Chris' body. He brushed over one of his hardened nipples, eliciting a moan from his blue-haired lover, and continued moving southward. He moved right past Chris' length and snaked his fingers beneath Chris' jewels and reached his entrance.

Too filled with lust himself to even bother teasing Chris, Clegs pushed his middle finger into Chris. Instantly, a deep, ecstasy filled moan reverberated around them. Clegs hadn't been expecting such a reaction that he even blushed slightly. Clegs press his body again Chris' and almost immediately Chris began to grind into him, moving at the same pace that Clegs moved his finger.

Their lengths rubbed against each other's body, each grind filled with more lust than the last. "Clegs," Chris panted, "p-please," he begged.

Clegs understood what he meant, and removed his hand. Before Clegs could decide on how to enter Chris, the blue-haired teen wrapped both his legs around Clegs waist and threw his arms around Clegs back, using Clegs shoulders to hold himself up.

The two made eye contact, both panting as the hot water rained down on them. "It's going to hurt," Clegs pointed out.

"I don't care," Chris said without looking away. "I…I just want to feel you inside me."

Clegs smiled a bit, and waited no longer. He got himself into position, and thrust his whole length into Chris.

"Dear Arceus!" Chris cried out, arching his back and digging his fingers into Clegs back.

Clegs found he welcomed the pain, relishing it as Chris adjusted to his size. When Chris rested his head in the crook of Clegs neck and whispered, "Go ahead," Clegs brought his hands down to grip Chris' ass and began to steadily pump into and out.

It didn't take long for a steady pace to form, and soon Clegs was pounding so hard he was sure that whoever was on the other side of the shower wall could feel each of his thrusts. Chris cried out, moaning deeper with each thrust and his head thrown back. Clegs watched as the water rolled off Chris' lips and couldn't resist the urge.

He leaned forward and captured Chris' lips with his own. Chris seemed to be surprised for a moment, but immediately gave in and allowed Clegs to explore his mouth with his tongue. Both men moaned, the reverberations shaking both to their core.

Finally, Clegs broke the kiss. "I-I'm g-gonna cum soon…" he moaned, pounding faster.

"Don't p-pull out," Chris pleaded. "I-I-I'm so c-close!"

Clegs held on for as long as he could, trying to send Chris over the edge first. He could feel Chris' pulsing length rub against his skin, and it was driving Clegs crazy. With a final thrust, Chris and Clegs both cried out. Chris' length twitched and sprayed his seed over both of their chests while Clegs released into Chris.

Both were out of breath, gasping for the air they had lost in their ecstasy. Clegs began to soften as he pulled out and Chris tried to regain his footing. A smirk reach Clegs face when he realized Chris was having a bit of trouble just trying to stand on two feet. "So, I take it you like your roommate now?"

Chris shot Clegs a look, "I guess," he admitted. "But you're still the most unfabulous man on the planet."

Clegs shrugged and turned to wash himself, "I can live with that."

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