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Story 4: Estellise and Dayrellan – Part II


Estellise was seated at her usual place, the luxurious desk by the window overlooking the Upper Quarter's streets. She sighed as she scrunched up her face at the difficult problem before her. She sighed as she sat back in her seat, defeated. Her mind wandered back to the previous day's excitement. Her new friends, the de Lyesia children, had spent the day in her room. They had talked and laughed and played the day away enjoying each other's company. She thought of little Kara, whom rarely spoke. She figured this was why the girl had trouble forming grammatically perfect sentences. She next thought of Tillya, whom she was already very comfortable with to talk to about almost anything. She really gave of the 'big sister' vibe which was hardly surprising since she was a big sister. Then she thought of their brother, Dayrellan. He rarely showed any emotion, making him seem quite mysterious to Estellise. But she enjoyed being around him and talking about their favourite books. She sighed again and looked out the window. She saw nobles walking around, Dayrellan pulling himself up her window-sill, knights patrolling the grounds, the gardeners watering the colourful flowerbeds and… She blinked. With a start she jumped to her feet and stared disbelievingly at the boy now tapping on her window. She quickly opened it and let him in.

"D-Dayrellan! How… How did-?" Estellise tried to ask as the boy casually brushed dirt off his trousers.

"I just snuck past the guards and climbed up to your window. They aren't too difficult to out-manoeuver." Dayrellan explained and walked over to the bookshelf.

"Oh… Why are you here?" Estellise asked and Dayrellan turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

"To read the next books in the series…" He said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Estellise stared at him in shock.

"What? You said that I could come by again to read them." He said and returned his attention to the bookshelf again.

"I didn't mean the next day!" Estellise said, her voice raising a pitch.

"Hm. Well, I'm here now so it's too late. Or do you not want me to be here?" He asked looking at her again having finally found the book he was after.

"No! I'm happy to see you again so soon!" Estellise said smiling and she sat back down at her desk. She decided to skip over the question she couldn't do and come back to it at the end. She found that doing the questions in the presence of someone else made them more fun. The silence however also made it all quite awkward. The only times they spoke were when Dayrellan had finished the first and second book he'd finished that day. Both times, the Princess asked what he thought and both times he gave an in-depth analysis of the book. Although it was never said, both children were rather enjoying themselves.


Just before noon, Estellise finished her work and stretched. She decided to look over her answers and made a few corrections here and there. When she got the question that she could not do before, she hummed in annoyance. Dayrellan looked up when she did and upon seeing her expression, he walked over out of curiosity. She jumped when he leaned over her to see. She studied the question for a second before taking the pen she was using and started to scribble something. Estellise's eyes widened when she realised he was answering the question with ease. When he was done, he put the pen down and looked at her.

"Wow… You're really smart!" She said in awe.

"N-Not really." Dayrellan replied, looking away.

"Yes really! Do you think you could teach me sometime!?" Estellise said enthusiastically. The boy looked at her incredulously.

"F-Fine… If you insist." He conceded, looking away again and crossing his arms. This caused Estellise to giggle. She looked at his answer again and memorised how to do it.

"You know… Your handwriting is really messy." She noted.

"Hey! You'd better get used to it if you want me to help you!" Dayrellan snapped but this only caused Estellise to giggle more.

"Don't worry, I will!" She beamed and Dayrellan could help but let a small smile spread on his face in response.


Nearly half an hour before lunch, the hallways outside the Princess' room suddenly came alive with activity. Suddenly, there was a quick knock at the door before a maid came in.

"Terribly sorry to disturb you, Your Highness, but something has happened! The Duke's son has…" The maid was saying in a hurry but stopped suddenly when she noticed the young male peering over a book at her in the corner of the room. The maid became very confused and her mouth opened and closed, unable to form words. The sound of several running footsteps could be heard approaching the Princess' room.

"Did you find him!?" A frantic Duke of Zaphias said and he looked into the room, the rest of the de Lyesia family following suit a second after.

"Good Afternoon, Father." Dayrellan said politely before returning to his reading.

"Dayrellan! Don't tell me you were here the whole time!" Arinne de Lyesia yelled. The boy just nodded in response.

"How DARE you disappear like that! Do you realise how worried we were!?" Richard scolded and Dayrellan started to look a little guilty.

"Why didn't you tell us were you were going!?"Arinne continued.

"I told Kara." Dayrellan responded.

"Don't give us that! You know what your mother meant! And of all the places, you snuck into the Royal Castle!?" Richard said, rubbing his temples. Estellise decided to intervene at this point.

"Please, stop. This is my fault, Duke de Lyesia." She said with a curtsey.

"Your Highness… With all due respect, I know you two are friends but…" Richard started but was cut off.

"No, I told Dayrellan that he could come by and read books yesterday. I apologise." Estellise said and Richard thought for a few seconds.

"I see. Your kindness is most appreciated but that does not excuse him. Come along now, son." Richard said and Dayrellan closed his book.

"Very well. I'll see you soon, Estellise. I'll return this book when I do." He said.

"That won't be for a week, young man! You are grounded." Arinne said sternly and her son nodded.

"Come by anytime! I look forward to seeing you all again soon!" Estellise said with a wave. The de Lyesia family bowed or curtseyed and left. Estellise smiled but couldn't help noticing the sudden lack of company. With a sigh, she went over to her bookshelf and picked out a book.

Exactly a week later, Estellise grinned at the sight of Dayrellan knocking on her window.

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