Chapter One: Meeting Fudge and the True Dumbledore

Sirius is dead, the pain was still there for Harry, his only loving family dead because he couldn't control his emotions, 'It's my fault' he thought looking in the headmasters office, he was sitting in a chair looking at the portrait of Phineas Black looking down at him looking sour as ever from hearing of Sirius's death. Harry began to think of that prophesy about him and what it said, 'neither can live while the other survives' the words swan in his head…he had to do it, he had to kill Voldemort and he didn't know how. He heard two voices as he focused and knew the two, one was Dumbledore the other was Fudge.

"Harry, the Minister would like a word with you if you are able." Dumbledore slowly approached him, placing a grandfatherly hand on his shoulder.

"Yes sir, I've got some words for the Minister as well." He smiled, staring into Dumbledore's eyes with a dark passion.

"As you are entitled to Harry after the ordeal they placed you in." Dumbledore left, leaving Harry to his thoughts for the moment. It was easy for Albus to manipulate Harry, all he had to do was bring in Fudge for Harry to tear to pieces, then it would be back to the Dursleys so Harry could be saved and swept to the Burrow yet again. When Dumbledore returned Harry saw Minister Fudge trailing behind him, wearing his pin stripped suit and sporting his usual green bowler hat.

"Harry my dear boy, how are you?" Fudge asked shaking his hand in a friendly manner. One meeting with Harry and it would come up all roses for Cornelius. "So sorry about all that business with Sirius, it was tragic really."

Harry felt the anger grow as he heard Sirius's name mentioned. What right had Fudge talking about him like they were close friends? "What part exactly was tragic Minister?" He asked through gritted teeth. "The part where you labelled him a murderer or the part where he died doing what your Ministry should've been doing by protecting me?"

"Harry come now, we all make mistakes." Fudge shaky smile told Harry all he needed to know. Fudge was a washed up, no good, useless politician just trying to save his own selfish arse.

"Mistakes, is that what you call it? You allowed a psychopathic, evil, deluded, vindictive bitch teach D.A.D.A and then you start on a crusade to make me out as an out of balance, glory seeking brat who was letting fame get to him!" He spat, laughing evilly. "YOU WERE SO CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR POSITION AS MINISTER YOU ENDANGERED COUNTLESS LIVES!" Harry shouted now forgetting formalities.

"Now look here, I will not be spoken to like that!" Fudge shouted sharply at him. He was the Minister of Magic and no snot nosed brat would allow him to be undermined. "I am Minister for Magic and will be treated with respect!"

"Respect is earned by good leaders who don't deny a threat." Harry's fist dented the table as he glared at the Minister. "And after this year I doubt you'll remain Minister without my help."

"Yes…" Fudge sighed looking desperately at him. "Please Harry I know I have no right but if you could just help me with this one thing. It is better for the Wizarding community of England if I remain Minister." He pleaded trying so hard to keep his position of power.

"Actually, I've agreed to this to tell you I'll be helping whoever replaces you for some protective luxuries." He smiled, basking in the look of horror on Fudges face.

"Whatever you want I can give it to you." Fudge pleaded to him. The boy wanted something and if Fudge knew anything, it was how to bribe.

"Ok, here are my terms." Harry's feral grin reminded Dumbledore and Fudge of Sirius. "First off, Lucius Malfoy is imprisoned for life. I want access to my parents will now instead of when I come of age. I want Sirius's name cleared and for you to publicly say you were a fool. Then I want whatever magic that keeps me from using mine outside school removed, same goes for Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. I also want to be trained in the Auror ways by two Aurors of my choice."

"Merlin's beard Harry, I can't do that." Fudge exclaimed.

"Then you can count on me, backing your replacement when they agree on my terms." Harry grinned, walking away from the table and examining several of Dumbledore's silver instruments. "Professor Dumbledore sir, I think it's time the Minister left."

"I believe so too Harry." Dumbledore smiled walking to the door with Fudge. "Do come again Cornelius."

"Thank you for allowing the use of your office Headmaster." Harry bowed to the old man. "Who'll replace him?"

"Rufus Scrimgeour probably, he is the current head of the Auror office." Dumbledore explained, sitting across from Harry looking slightly different. "Do you really wish for the conditions you ask for?"

"Yes Headmaster, I do." Harry nodded looking at the old man's gaze from his half-moon spectacles.

"Harry…when your parents died I sealed their will for your safety until you were at a good emotional age to deal with it." Dumbledore stared at him. "I believe that time is now Harry so I will allow you to read their will now. Just don't think too badly of me, it was for your safety." He handed Harry a folder marked 'will'.

The last will and testament of James Charles Potter and Lily Veronica Potter

I James Charles Potter in my right state of mind agree on all terms set forth today.

I Lillian Veronica Potter in my right state of mind agree on all terms set forth today.

To our son Hadrian 'Harry' we leave the Potter fortune including and not limited to: Eighty million Galleons, the Potter family Manor and the house in Godric's Hollow, the family businesses including the property system the head of whom at the moment of this will been written is Sebastian Williams, the family moneylenders headed by you once you are ready, the family also owns small plots of land in the Devon and Bristol countryside. The title of Lord Potter to be enforced immediately after reading this will. And Harry, we're sorry, you've no doubt grown up without us and we hope you were placed in a loving environment where you had friends, we died helping the world so take solace that we loved you for whatever short amount of time we were able to spend with you our son. And never forget the challenges we face in life make us stronger, we know you are probably looking at this and crying, don't son, we want you happy.

To Remus John Lupin, we leave you the house in Brighton and a sum of one hundred thousand Galleons, we're sorry Remus, we mistrusted you and we shouldn't, we are only sorry we couldn't apologise in person, please take care of our son if you are not already doing so.

To Sirius Orion Black, Padfoot we leave you the most important thing, guardianship of Harry, Padfoot, we trust you solemnly with our sons safety if something happens to us keep him safe, we hope you and Harry will be ok together and Sirius if you can find someone good if not then we understand.

Under no circumstances is Harry to be given to Lillian's sister Petunia. If Sirius is dead then he is to be passed to Remus, Peter, Frank and Alice Longbottom or finally to Andromeda Tonks our close friend and James' fourth cousin once removed.

"You bastard, you unbelievable bastard, how could you!?" Harry shouted at the top of his lungs feeling unbelievable betrayed, all this time Dumbledore sent him to the Dursleys knowing Sirius was the appointed guardian. He didn't even notice the Potter Family ring appear on his ring finger.

"For the greater good Harry, you needed your mother's blood protection more than you needed Sirius." Dumbledore spoke in his grandfatherly tone, trying to calm Harry back under his control. "You're just a boy who knows nothing of the challenges ahead of you, you need my guidance!"

"You manipulative bastard…you don't care about me, you just use me!" Harry glared at him and smiled. "Well you've lost your puppet Albus!"

"No I haven't. Harry you will forget this anger and obey me now!" Dumbledore silently cast the Imperius. Harry felt the feeling of bliss and instantly began fighting the Imperius, all he heard was Dumbledore's hypnotic voice telling him to forget the anger and obey. He finally managed to shake it and took a deep breath.

"Are you crazy?" Harry laughed. "Watch this, I call it me leaving!" He grabbed the will and walked out of the office finding an empty classroom and burst into tears. "I'm going to be killed…" He stayed there sobbing and trying to make sense of it all. Why would Dumbledore use the Imperius on him? Why did he send him to the Dursleys and not let Sirius take him? When he finally managed to calm down and heard two sets of footsteps.

"I cannot wait until this is all over!" Harry knew that voice anywhere; it was Ron's. Harry moved to the door to listen in.

"Ah shut it!" Ginny scoffed leaning at a wall. "At least you got the easy task, make the mudblood pull away from him and I'll become his main concern."

"If I had known it would've been this difficult…I'd have never had agreed to help Dumbledore in first year." Ron rubbed his head obviously annoyed.

"How's it difficult?!" Ginny laughed at him. "I mean all we're doing now is making sure the mudblood will love you with potions. Then I can slip Potter a love potion, he'll fall in love with me. Then Dumbledore tells him about his destiny blah-blah-blah Potter marries me then somehow dies and we get his fortune and Dumbledore takes over."

"Speaking of, we'll sneak Potter his first set of love potions in the food Mum sends him." Ron smirked. "Finally we can end this stupid thing and I get my prize."

"I don't even want to know what you plan to do with Granger." Ginny cringed and walked away as did Ron. Harry broke into fresh sobs at those revelations, Ron was his best friend and he loved Ginny in kin to a sister and now it turns out they're part of this whole fucked up situation. When he recovered from this next fit of sobs he tried to plan something, but with Sirius's death and all this information all he could do is cry. Hermione saw him walking down the hall with red puffed eyes and grabbed him.

"Harry, what's wrong?" She asked. She had never seen him like this, whenever something happened his emotions shut down and he entered a nearly catatonic state. But this was different, he was after being crying and his voice was hoarse.

"Hermione, we need to talk in private." He said between breaths as he pulled her into the empty room. "Dumbledore isn't trustworthy he wants to overthrow the Ministry."

"Harry if this some stupid prank I haven't got time." Hermione stared at her oldest friend shaking her head.

"I'm being serious…re-read this." Harry's hands were shaking as he handed her the will. If she was a part of this then he was screwed. Had she being slipped a potion or was she under the Imperius? All these thoughts rushed through his head.

"The last will and testament of James Charles Potter and Lily Veronica Potter, is this really it?!" Hermione practically jumped out of her skin as she read the will she gasped and began to cry. "Ha-Harry…" She threw her arms around him ignoring the pain in her newly acquired scar and hugged him tightly.

"I overheard Ron and Ginny…they're working for him…they've been tasked with seducing us and from what Ron said…he has some plans for you…" Harry hugged her and stared at the floor behind her.

"Oh Merlin…are we safe in this school?" Hermione's breath was shaking and she felt herself suddenly relaxing into Harry.

"Yeah, we're safe here. But we need to plan." He sat down on one of the tables and stared at her.

"Ok, so do you think the Order members are somehow involved?" Hermione didn't know why but she sat beside him and placed her head on her shoulder.

"Maybe some…Remus I need to trust he isn't part of it…he'll probably be there, so will that Tonks girl." Harry placed his arm around Hermione feeling safer as he did. He nearly leaned in for a kiss but quickly stopped himself. All the pain was too fresh for this to happen.

"Remus loves you Harry. He's not part of some death sentence planned for you. We may have to wary of the Order, including the teachers." Hermione's eyes caught Harry's for the quickest moment as they both tried to clear their thoughts. "And for what it's worth, I'm on your side, forever." She just barely stopped herself from kissing him.

"Thanks Hermione." Harry just barely controlled himself as he hugged her. "Whoa, this must the Potter Family ring." He stared at the ring and relaxed.

"I'd say so." Hermione glanced at the ring and then at Harry as she gave his cheek the smallest kiss possible.

"What was that for?" Harry asked smiling and touching his cheek.

"For saving me from that Troll in first year, and for saving me from what Ron was planning." Hermione shyly looked away. "Now come on, we need to plan something."

"I know I want to go to Potter Manor, it's the ancestral home of my family, Sirius…" His voice broke at the name. "He mentioned that he lived there when he was sixteen…"

"Harry, look at me." She commanded him with no hint of disobedience being allowed. She cupped his face and forced their eyes together. "It. Was. Not. Your. Fault. He. Died."


"No Harry I'm not joking, he died trying to save you, he loved you more than anything, so much so he ran into a building full of people who wanted him dead just to make sure the only important thing in his life was safe." She saw the look of sadness in his eyes and sighed. "He loved you Harry, you were as close to a son that he could have…don't blame yourself, blame Voldemort." She didn't regret the next action as she placed a gentle kiss to his lips. Both of them enjoyed the feeling for a couple of seconds. "Now let's get this plan started please."

A/N: So everyone wanted this chapter to be redone, this is it. I have reworked it to a point that I believe it isn't rushed, I have read stories that are way more rushed. Enjoy.