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Chapter Twenty-Six: The List

It had been just over four months since Charlus Potters return and they had been planning, compiling a list of the 'Order of Shadows'. It was gruelling work and took a lot out of Harry and Charlus but it was finally time to start planning. "We've finally finished!" Harry grinned, collapsing his head onto his desk.

"I know it's a pain in the arse Hadrian, but we finally have a way." Charlus chuckled and wrote down the last name. "So these are our main enemies…"

Order of Shadows

Chancellor and head: Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

Inner circle: Bathilda Bagshot, Dedalus Diggle, Horace Slughorn, Sturgis Podmore, Charity Burbage, Cubert Binns, Damian Le Sade and Dolores Umbridge.

Benefactors: Tiberius Ogden, Cornelius Fudge, Pius Thickness, Lord Carrow and?

Harry looked through all the names and smirked. "The inner circle will be nearly impossible. We'll have to work on his benefactors first. Ogden will be the easiest to end." He circled the name and stuck the list on the wall. "Now grandfather, there's seven babies who need their daddy to read them all a story."

"Speaking of, how many kids do you plan on having?" Charlus chuckled, sipping on a whiskey.

"Honestly…I want loads." Harry sat down. "Growing up I wanted a big family, so I guess the harem gives me a reason to have loads."

"Define loads?" Charlus raised his eyebrows.

"I was thinking…maybe three kids a wife. I was going to say two but Susan wants another baby." Harry smiled at the picture of all the kids. "I was thinking of around fifteen kids all together, not counting any other wives…it's all official now I guess."

"So you've finally convinced Simone to go along with it?" Charlus asked sceptically.

"Define along with it?" Harry smirked, turning the tables on his grandfather.

"What did you do?" Charlus chuckled and shook his head at his grandson. Why did he have to be like James and Lily at the same time?

"Well," Harry opened the decanter of Firewhiskey, pouring himself and Charlus a glass of the fine liquid. "I promised Mum that she could review any woman that wants to join and I can only marry for love, so no going for really sexy Veela who make the other brain do all the thinking for me." He smirked and sipped the glass.

Charlus shook his head and finished the drink. "I agree with her. You've got five very rare and powerful family lines to reactivate. If Nymphadora doesn't want to take one then you'll need five women you trust, Hadrian." Harry understood the use of his name in such a formal sense; he wasn't going to betray the trust of those lines.

All the kids shared one big bed, they demanded it off Harry. James and Sirius, they were the eldest of Harry's children, both born on the fifteenth of March 1997 to different mothers, although you couldn't tell. Then little Edgar and Amelia, close to five years old, Amelia was well known as her daddy's little princess as she was the only girl, even though she was a warrior princess. Then little Teddy Lupin-Potter who was the child of Harry and Dora, he was well known for his prankster status. Then the Moody-Lovegood twins, Lorcan and Lysander, both of them had their mother's dreamy expressions and their father's messy hair. If there was one reason for Harry to love his huge family, it was the fact that they all loved one another. No jeering anyone for their mummy not being married to Harry or picking on one for any gifts they have.

Harry walked into the room and saw the one sight he hated, they had all fallen asleep and there was an unopened storybook on the chair he sat on. That was six nights in a row and he felt terrible about it. He quickly kissed all the kids' foreheads and went to the dining room. "I know…"

"They waited for an hour, Harry." Daphne scowled, lightly hitting his chest.

"We told them tonight for sure." Susan glared at him, tapping her fingers over her arm.

Hermione was sitting on the large sofa, her lips tightly pursed together. "James asked me why daddy couldn't read to him, again! Harry we know you want to end Albus, we all want that!" She took his hand and gave a pleading look. "But please, stop this stupid crusade and spend some time with our children…"

Harry knelt down and kissed her hand softly. "My dear, my love I promise I'll spend all the time I can with the kids." He smiled and stroked her hand, kissing all up and down her arm. His crusade was taking a lot of his spare time…he didn't have the chance to take James flying or doing some painting with Sirius. The twins wanted him to take them to the pool for some swimming lessons while Teddy wanted Harry to learn him about pranks. The twin boys wanted to go Nargle hunting in the forests behind the manor.

Hermione stroked his cheek. "Good boy." She smiled, kissing his forehead. Harry smiled and kissed her cheek, he loved Hermione's sense of humour. Over the years she had become a lot more social and less concerned with knowing everything, she still loved to read and study but the kids had mellowed her out and reminded her that fun was important too.

Daphne was the best potioneer in America. Harry knew she loved her potions and made sure she had a large potions lab in the Manor's Black wing. Her experimentation was mostly on a way to cure the werewolves who lived on the reservations of the Manor, refusing to live in the main house. Her other potions were ones to make sure the kids were healthy and strong.

Susan had become the 'Mama' of the house. She was the one most of the kids went to for a cuddle if they were lonely, tired, bored or just liked to cuddle. She didn't want to work at all, she was content to be at home and looking after all seven of her babies and Harry was her idea of paradise.

Dora had continued to train and with Mad-Eye's help, she had learned all the arts of war and strategy she need to win any fight. She had Teddy and Harry to keep her grounded and to see past revenge, her little baby and her 'Lord' as she liked to call him where the anchors that stopped her from going completely dark.

Hermione stroked Harry's hair, knowing he was lost in his thoughts. She smiled and laid his head on her lap, observing the other two wives who were chuckling. He slowly fell asleep on her lap and the girls levitated him to their bedroom where Dora was already asleep from a long day of training. "Both of them are running themselves into the ground training and planning…"

Susan nodded and changed into her pyjamas, cuddling into Dora's ample bosom. "They both spend too much time training for the eventually battle against Albus and his loyal followers." She sighed and cuddled into a sleeping Dora.

Tiberius Ogden was well known in certain circles of society. His family had been relatively poor when he was a young boy. He's father a member of the Department of Magical Games and Sports, in the Ludicrous Patents Office, making him a social outcast in school. When he was thirteen he took his first sip of Firewhiskey and nearly spit it out, it was revolting. By the age of fifteen he had made his first batch of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey and it was a success. The taste made in the cauldrons he used formed a better bite and if enough was used, people could actually breathe out some fire. He made his fortune by selling to the students who couldn't afford to buy the competitor brands and was helped by the then Transfiguration Professor, Albus Dumbledore. For a 10% share, Albus helped the small operation by supplying him with all the dates the students would need alcohol and the different events that Dippet was planning to do when he had the chance. By the time he was twenty-four, Tiberius had opened the brewery he owned and operated by himself and Albus, who was cut in for a 25% cut.

He had become a member of the Order of Shadows after Grindelwald's 'downfall' and funded several of their joint operations. He was in his eighties now and he was working on the finale of Albus's latest plan – destruction of the Potter Fortune. Oh how Tiberius wanted to be the one who ended that fortune…Charlus Potter, the bastard was the one who managed to add a ward to the school that halted Firewhiskey sales unless to teachers, his fortune was nearly ended when Charlus's damn law came in.

Oh he hated the Potters so much. The fact that he couldn't do anything about it made him determined to be on the Wizengamot…but seats were all held by those who helped with the founding of the Ministry and made large achievements that he could only dream of. Then when he was thirty he got the one thing he always wanted, a seat on the Wizengamot and social standing he believed his family deserved.

He signed another transfer form for some more galleons to go into the newest idea Dumbledore had. He couldn't wait for the chance to give the Potter family a taste of poverty.

Albus Dumbledore sipped his cocoa as he read through some extensive files on the women Potter married and kept for his personal use. The Greengrass family were a basic neutral family that valued business over everything else. Granger was a mudblood from a London suburb that held a large IQ. Bones was from a family of duellers and Aurors, with half her family coming from the illustrious Dalton family which long ago was absorbed into house Bones and the Bones which themselves were powerful, she was a threat. Tonks was a Muggleborn whom married a daughter of the Black family; he reactivated the Metamorph gene in the bloodline resulting in Nymphadora, another threat.

Then his thoughts turned to Potter himself. His core was known to be one of the largest in the Wizarding World, dwarfed only by Merlin's and the Founders. His titles were a problem, with the Peverell and Hogwarts lordships added into the Potter-Black-Bones line he was in trouble. The fact that America had given them citizenship was another problem, had it been Ireland, they could simply force the Potters into the Newgrange area* and force them back to England.

His plans were underway, he had gotten rid of the puppet Voldemort and now he had a new idea in the works, all he needed was Potter to keep his nose out of it while he implemented the plan in the main areas.

Charlus lay awake in his bedroom in Potter Compound. The last four months had him thinking of many things, how much he missed Dorea, how much Harry had changed since the last time he had saw him, saying that Harry was a new-born chewing on James's hair when he first saw him. He was amazed at how well his grandson had taken the titles they had. With the guidance of his wives and Dora, who was as much a wife as the rest, he was a true lord, fair, true and never unwavering in his goals. He reminded Charlus of himself as a young man, though that was so long ago.

The great-grandchildren reminded him of how much he had looked forward to being a grandfather. He had wept for twenty minutes after meeting them all, from little James who had his father's messy hair to little Amelia who had the loving heart of a Potter. Oh how he loved those little angels, and the two demons known as James and Sirius.

Like most nights, Charlus kept his thoughts on the betrayer, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, he had warned James about joining that bloody order and now he son and daughter in-law were dead, his grandson was a fugitive from their own country and his plan was now ready, it was time for the Potters to return to England, it was time for Lord Potter to show the true power that the Potters had and the reason why no one ever tried to usurp them.

Draco woke at 3am to the sound of crying. His four month old daughter, Juliet wasn't a real heavy sleeper. He picked her up and began thinking back to how much his life changed. He was a Black now, he was married to Pansy, and he had a gorgeous daughter, with his eyes and Pansy's hair colour.

And yet he constantly thought of his old life…the bully he once was, a racist who loved to torment children who were brand new to the magical world who hadn't been able to settle into the new world they were now a part of. He vowed to himself when he was fifteen to change his ways, he had one way to do so, but could he use that name again..?

Pansy began to stir as he rocked their angel to sleep. She loved watching Juliet and Draco when he was helping her to fall back into a gentle sleep. The warrior in Draco was always ready to fight, they had been through a period of peace the last couple of years but it was the calm before the storm and she knew it. She felt the same as Draco, thanks to the people around her, her world had been opened. The pure-blood supremacy that she used to believe was now nothing more than a vile thing England clung to. "Come to bed love, we can sing her to sleep." She smiled, loving the family dynamic.

Peaceful couldn't describe Ginny Weasley's life. Her brother had gotten her charmed at a young age to try and seduce a boy she had a crush on. Looking back on her crush on Harry she knew it wouldn't have worked out well. He was a loving, though at the time damaged soul while she was a selfish child. She tried to convince herself otherwise but she knew it was true. While her brothers all wore hand me down clothes, she got to go out and buy things, second hand but still, she was the first Weasley to wear them. Her evil psyche attracted that bloody diary to her, and began her descend into evil.

She had recently turned twenty-two and watched all her friends with their children and husbands. She didn't deserve love, which was the only way she could see her world. She tried to manipulate the person she had loved and pushed him away…she'd live her life alone, unloved, it was her idea of a fitting punishment.

She looked at the clock, 4am. It wouldn't be worth her time trying to fall back asleep. Her family was around her all the time, though her brothers all had children now so her mother spent most her time watching a gaggle of red headed babies and toddlers.

After her shower she walked down to the dining room of her parent's wing of the community manor. She hated mornings, they gave her too much time to think about things, how much she betrayed everyone…fuck Dumbledore, he ruined her life. She wanted closeness, to be loved by someone, but her heart had to suffer so she could atone for her darker ways. The tears streamed down her cheeks like every morning she was alone, why couldn't she just have someone to love her?

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