Chapter Thirty-four: Resolution

They said that time often stood still when the brain couldn't deal with the situation in hand and had to give a person time to find a solution. For Harry, that was truly happening now. He stood at the apex of a large army, trying to think of the words to say. The battlefield would soon be filled with the blood of both his allies and enemies.

"My friends!" He called out to the crowd. "We are here today to finally end the oppressive reign of terror that Dumbledore and his government has besieged upon the people of this land. The castle behind me was once a school of thought and magic, but's a relic of the ideals of those who built it. Within those walls nothing but hatred and violence was nurtured by the one who claimed to be a Herald of Light and those who rebelled against his ideals were branded as dark or evil and ostracized by the community that was supposed to protect them." He closed his eyes. "We will suffer losses. Some of us shall not leave this arena alive. But those of us that do, we shall remember how oppression was ended on this day. You are the greatest warriors of this planet. For centuries you have been the allies of my family, and it is on this day that England will see just how strong the bond between us truly is. I could not hope to fight with warriors as fine as you all...and if I die upon this day, I will die happily knowing that I died alongside you all. So we shall fight, FOR ENGLAND!"

"FOR ENGLAND!" The crowd cheered.

"Dragon riders, use the forest for cover. Parseltongue warriors, enter the school grounds and create an army of snakes for us to command." Harry walked along the lines of his men. "My brave werewolves...I want you to use the mountains. Be on the lookout for any Aurors who plan to ambush us." He turned to his wives, Ginny and Dora. "I want you all at the Manor..."

"No way." All of his wives said together.

Harry sighed. "Worth a try..." He rubbed his forehead. "Hermione, you and Daphne will go to the Headmaster's Office and activate the statues and extra defences there. Dora, you and Ginny go to the dungeons and raid Snape's old storehouse to find whatever poisonous substances you can find. Susan's still at the Manor with the I've kept Hugo, Jake and Molly with her for both security and assistance. I'm going to head to the Astronomy Tower and set up the signal fire for the Dragon Riders to attack the enemy. Tonight's the night, we're going to finally destroy the evil that is Dumbledore. I want to thank you all for being here." He walked towards the castle, listening to the sounds of the paintings and ghosts. He had missed this place. As soon as he got to the tower his earpiece beeped. "Who is this?"

"Am I fucking chopped liver?" Alexis asked. "Uncle just told me that you're getting ready for war. Why aren't we there?"

"Because the Lorcan and Lysander need you. And I can't lose grandfather. I want you on point at the Manor." He whispered through the earpiece. "I love you cousin."

"I love you too, numbskull." She chuckled. "And I'm going to kick your ass when you get back."

"Thanks for the warning." He smiled. He looked over at the entrance to Hogsmeade, frowning as he watched the enemy approach. He blasted the fire pit, lighting the signal fire before running towards the main grounds. He grabbed his wand, pointing it towards the castle. "It is time. Protect your heir." He commanded.

The ground shook as large ornate cannons began to rise from the ground. Large iron knights walked out of the main doors, holding onto large swords and shields. The Dragon Riders jumped upon their powerful steeds as they flew to the skies.

Harry closed his eyes, slitting his wrists. He poured his blood onto the cold ground, chanting the spells he had mastered over the course of a few month. Dajoji had talked him through it and he had spent time rehearsing the chants needed to keep the power within the circle. He healed the wounds, falling to the ground with exhaustion. Two quick blood replenishing potions and the chocolate in his pocket and he back on his feet. "The ritual is set, all we have to do is grab Dumbledore into the area. I'm going to the Headmaster's Office to regroup with Hermione and Daphne. Everyone be on guard, the wards haven't been active in years so we've no protection from them. I saw a large army, at least a thousand men, maybe more. If you pray to a deity then make your peace with them. Good luck everyone." He sprinted to the Office, catching his breath.

Hermione kissed him as he walked in, pulling Daphne into the kiss. "We're going to survive." They whispered to him.

"I know." He held onto them, hearing the first screams of the dying.


Samuel charged towards several of the English Aurors, swiping his claws at anyone he could reach. Things had changed for the werewolves under the Potters guidance and he had been willing to risk his life to protect them. Under their guidance his people had began to read and write again. Civilisation replaced the pact mentality and the infected had finally been seen as human.

He sliced the flesh of one of Dumbledore's highest ranked lieutenants. "Die."

Several Aurors converged their efforts on Samuel. "Kill the mutt."

Draco ran towards Samuel, sending three killing curses to his attackers. "No one kills my friends."

Samuel laughed. "Good timing, Malfoy. I would've been a wolf head mounted on their wall if you hadn't gotten here in time."

Draco shrugged, running towards other Aurors. "Just fetch my slippers and we'll call it even." He joked.

Samuel growled. "Asshole." He followed him none the less, protecting his friend.

The Dragon Riders flew above the battlefield, scorching the larger groups of creatures that were under the control of the enemy. The Parseltongue warriors fought the Aurors, sending every poisonous reptile they could conjure. The Knights of Darkness attacked the enemy werewolves, slicing their heads off with their stronger weapons. The revolutionary members Ginny had recruited fought alongside the allies of the Potters, defeating anyone who dared to runaway.

Hermione, Harry and Daphne were close by, facing off against Dumbledore, Grindelwald and the Head Auror. Harry charged the energy of the Navajo, his eyes closing as the power surged through him. 'Complete control! Let the power flow through you. I believe in you. RELEASE YOUR POWER!' Dajoji's voice called out to him. He took deep breaths, holding out his arms.

"Now is the time for you to die." Multiple voices spoke from Harry's mouth. "You are a corruption, Dumbledore. Someone who should have never been born." He walked towards him. "You have tipped the balance of the universe into darkness and for that, you shall be banished from this plain of existence."

Dumbledore frowned. "And who are you to decide who lives or dies?!" He shouted.

The voices chuckled. "We are balance. We are JUSTICE. We are the universe." Harry's eyes finally opened, revealing two pure white eyes. "You and your people have caused the balance of power to shift into total darkness. We have tried to create balance, but we will not allow you to exist any longer." Harry's arms opened, causing a large blast of light to engulf the area.

"What have you done?!" Dumbledore demanded to know.

"We have moved all the innocent civilians and bystanders to a safe place." The voices explained. "You will not live to see tomorrow." Harry's hand raised, causing energy chains to grab Dumbledore and Grindelwald. "The twin Dark Lords. The ones who have ruined this world for the last sixty years. We have had to create so many people to counteract your evil. So many who had to die, just to create this vessel." Hermione and Daphne gasped. "We had to let a young couple fall in love, have a child...then we had to end that couple's lives." The voices began to sound tormented. "We have manipulated many lives just to keep balance, Dumbledore. Lily Evans, James Potter, Harry and Daisy Evans, Dorea Potter and so many others, all sacrificed to ensure that Harry had the heart to fight for good."

Hermione frowned. "M-My parents only conceived me after years of I..?"

Harry turned to her. "You are part of our plan, yes. But your love for him is your own." The voices promised her. "We only created the people in his life, your personality and social choices have been your own."

Dumbledore chuckled. "Oh the irony. You all claim to be the balance keepers, but how much damage have you done to the balance?" He asked coldly.

Harry moved close to him. "You are the reason we have had to interfere so much. We were only watchers until you were created." The voices turned colder. "You were created by one of us who thought the balance had been kept for too long." They explained. "You are not meant to exist."

Dumbledore laughed at them. "Neither is the boy, yet you will not kill him after," He smirked. "Or will you?"

Hermione frowned. "Will you kill our Harry..?"

Harry's eyes closed. "Harry is part of the balance. He represents the grey. The inbetween area which is needed to keep the balance between good and evil at bay. It is your son Alexander who represents the light. And while Darkness will always exist, it shall never exist in these extremes again." The voices whispered. "You're the reason the balance kept for so long. You, Daphne, Susan, Nymphadora and Ginny have all loved him so much. His family, YOUR family has been the only thing keeping the balance from completely tipping to darkness. We shall not take the life of our Keeper." They turned back to Dumbledore. "You will not turn them against us. Tonight shall mark the death of Albus Dumbledore and the rebirth of balance."

Dumbledore laughed loudly as the chains bristled with his body. "You're all fools. The man who was once called Dumbledore died years ago." His voice took on an ethereal quality. "You speak of balance, yet you're all afraid of change."

Daphne frowned. "Who are you?"

"I am the only one who understood that the balance had to end." Dumbledore chuckled.

"The names!" Hermione exclaimed. "They're all pillars of light. The ones who fight against the darkness."

"The ones who needed to die so we could finally live. The balance is not going to survive anymore." Dumbledore growled out.

The ones inhabited Harry's body frowned. "We thought you died when we banished you from our plain."

The voice within Dumbledore chuckled. "I would've died, if not for the fact I had created another vessel long ago. One who would help the balance finally come to an end."

"Grindelwald." The voices surmised.

Grindelwald turned to them. "There is no Grindelwald. Only a portion of myself separated into its own body." He explained, dissipating the chains. "You fools have shown your hand now."

Harry's eyes returned to normal. "And now you've shown yours." He said with his normal voice. "My entire life has been leading up to this moment, you shall die." He blasted the full extent of his power towards the two shards. Everyone watched as the power charred the vessels, leaving only two empty husks. He walked towards the husks, his eyes glowing again. "It is time."

"What are you going to do?" Daphne asked curiously. "Is it dead?"

Harry's head nodded. "We believe so. We'll take the husks to our plain of existence just to be safe."

Hermione frowned. "That's too easy..."

The voices chuckled. "The hard part for all of you shall be fixing things here. Avalon is not an island, but an ideal. It is your job to do with your lives whatever you want now." Harry's hand moved towards the castle. "This castle was made by the last guardians of the balance. It is time for this to be destroyed and a new symbol of unity to be created." The voices chuckled softly once again. "If you will allow us to help," With a wave of Harry's hand the castle began to crumble into dust, leaving a large number of small huts and houses. "Our gift to your family."

Hermione and Daphne watched their husband's body. "What happens to Harry now?" They asked curiously.

"We will take him to the desert and take the power from him. His time as our conduit has ended. Harry will return to you and your life shall be yours to live." With a crack of lightning, Harry disappeared from sight.


Harry finally return to his family after a week in the desert. He walked towards Charlus, speaking to him for hours on end until finally Charlus explained to them all that his time on earth had ended.

"I was allowed to remain on this plain until such time as the balance had been returned to normal." He said softly to his grandson and his wives.

Hermione frowned. "I understand now." She whispered softly. "James and Lily weren't supposed to exist, so it makes sense that neither of them exist after leaving this plain. The voices mentioned Lily's adopted parents, were they created?"

Charlus nodded. "The Evans', my son, mad-eye's daughter, our only grandson. All creations to keep the balance of the universe safe. However, Harry and his children and all of you are able to pass on to the next plain when your time finally comes. It's been an honour to know that my family is in safe hands." He hugged each of them. "Just tell the children I've gone back to Dorea."

Harry nodded, wiping tears from his eyes. "Of course." He whispered.

"No tears, lad. I'm going back to my love. You have yours here. Now marry those two fine lasses and make everyone remember why the Potters, Blacks, Bones', Peverells and all the Founders were so respected." Charlus smiled, walking out of the house.

"I'm going to miss him." Susan whispered softly.

"So am I." Harry wiped his eyes again.

After Charlus left, the family worked towards rebuilding England. The battle had decimated the Auror Corps, the Wizengamot and the Ministry in general. The I.C.W had agreed to support the new administration and offered aid under a set of certain rules.

Harry reluctantly took the position of Minister for Magic and appointed many people he trusted to positions to help them meet the criteria laid down by the I.C.W and especially by the American Ministry. The balance may have been restored but there was still a major amount of Dumbledore's generals and lieutenants remaining around Europe and Asia. The allies of the Potters had began to create their own militia designed to take down the remaining enemies.

Harry himself took no part in the action since his duties as Minister kept him from fighting. The combined fortunes of the Potters, Blacks and Bones was used to keep the economy from going into recession. The I.C.W helped with a repayment plan to ensure they received their money back within two decades. He eventually married Dora and Ginny, uniting the final lines so he could live with his loves.

Hermione worked with him in the Ministry, creating a department devoted to the introduction and help to muggleborn children at the respectable age of nine, giving them two years to come to terms with their new world and the prospect of magical schooling. After three years it became clear that the department was well needed for muggle parents. She and Harry had three Potters: James Potter, Lily Potter and Alastor Potter.

Daphne opened a chain of potion stores that specialised in healing and contraceptive potions. She also began work on opening up a training school for house elves. It was a combined effort with Hermione to create the perfect workers for house help. She was the one who decided that two children was enough for her, but of course Sirius and Alexander had enough siblings to ensure they were never lonely.

Susan eventually began work on a memoir about Harry's life and the history of Dumbledore's manipulation. It launched in early '05 and became an instant bestseller among people who wanted the real history of their country. By 2016 she and Harry had welcomed seven children into the world. Edgar and Amelia were joined by Michael, Darius, Ezekiel, Anastasia and Susanna.

Nymphadora returned to the Aurors and completely revolutionised the entire department. By using the same chain of command the Muggle law enforcement agencies used she created one of the most respected Auror forces in Europe. Eventually she and Harry learned the truth about Teddy and decided to tell him once they thought he was old enough. They joined two more children into the mix over the years. Anita and Samuel Peverell were nothing like their parents, though Metamorphmagus genes helped to that extent.

Ginny and Harry combined the four bloodlines of the Founders into a new line, the Fondura family. Ginny didn't bother with Quidditch and instead focused on philanthropic organisations and charities to get rid of the stigma associated with the lower classes in society. Her Weasley genes really flourished, with her birthing ten children over the course of thirteen years. Names were the hardest thing for them to choose from. Nathaniel, Isaac, Arthur, Ronald (Ginny's idea), Gideon and Fabian, Harry, Penelope (they had heard of her death during their exile), William and Danielle really kept Molly on her toes.

Draco and Pansy remained life long friends of them all and were often found in Potter Manor, joking and laughing with the rest of them. They only had two kids themselves, as they always teased Harry about. Juliet and Scorpius were lovely children and once Draco regained the Malfoy name, it became a respected one again.

Alexis and Luna were married in England when equal rights began to take hold. Thanks to Harry they added Selene Lovegood-Moody to the family in 2010. Luna spent a couple of years travelling around with Alexis, leaving the kids with their siblings. Not that Harry minded having the boys and Selene around a lot more. When they returned to England they agreed to move in with the rest of the family in Potter Manor. Alexis worked with Dora as a top Auror in the homicide division while Luna worked as an author of school books about magical creatures.

Life had changed for the better in England takes to the Potters guidance and support. Of course any power came with costs and rules. Though he was the one who saved their country, Harry wouldn't live to see all the changes he had made. At the age of fifty he suffered a heart attack caused by the stress the balance had given to him years previous. He died a week later. The country entered week or mourning as their saviour was placed to rest. His funeral was attended by all twenty-five of his children and fifteen grandchildren. Werewolves, muggles, magicals, goblins and elves all broke bread together to remember the one who saved them. And true their word, Harry entered the next plain of existence.

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