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Chapter 1- Almost Lost

Punk stood there in shock at what he just witnessed. Everything that he cared about was in the burning house screaming for his help and all he could do was stand there and watch as his world came burning down.

By that time, Paul and Shawn had pulled up to the house and saw the huge fire. They quickly jumped out of their car and ran over to Punk. "Punk, Punk are you alright man?" Shawn asked when they reached the shocked man.

"I…I…I'm okay, b...but A…April is…is in there," he stuttered and then all of a sudden, it was like he awoke from his shocked state and went crazy. "April! April!" he shouted out in horror as he ran up to the burning house. "April!"

Paul and Shawn reacted quickly and stopped him from entering the dangerous house. "You can't go in there man, it's not safe," Paul told him as they tried to restrain their frantic friend. "The fire department is on the way. We called it in when we saw the flames from the road. She's going to be okay man, they'll get her out."

Punk didn't hear a thing that Paul said, he was too busy trying to break away from their grasp and continued to scream like a mad man, "April! April!" Finally managing to break free from their hold, he took off towards the house again, but as he got closer to the house he heard a snapping sound and the whole roof caved in. "Nooooooo!" Punk shouted out as he fell to his knees. Deep down inside of him, he knew that if AJ was still in the house, she couldn't have survived the cave in.

Shawn and Paul rushed over to their fallen friend and tried to comfort Punk for he may have just lost his family in the fire. Meanwhile Punk just sat there on the ground and cried until the fire department came. When they tried to stand Punk up and get his away from the house, he became hysterical once again. "April, noooooo April!" he shouted trying to move forward as Shawn and Paul pulled him back. "Please let me go! I have to save her! Please just let me go!"

"She's gone man!" Paul shouted back at him. "I'm sorry man, but she's gone," Paul's heart broke for his friend as he heard the smaller man give out a horrible cry of sadness and pain. He knew just how much Punk loved AJ and was excited to have a family with her and now, it was all gone.

Shawn stood there and watched as Paul hugged Punk as he cried. He let out a silent prayer asking God for two things, either to take care of AJ and the baby, or to somehow make a miracle happen.

Just then, they all heard the sound of leaves rustling and a twig snapping come from behind Shawn. They thought nothing of it, until they heard a voice call out to them.



"Phil, come on Phil wake up," Punk felt someone shake him and the next thing he knew, he was jumping up in bed and was covered in sweat. "Phil are you okay? I think you were having a nightmare."

Punk turned his head to the side and saw his now almost 5 months pregnant fiancée sitting next to him running his back and moving the hair from his eyes. "A…April?" he called out to her with a crack in his voice.

"Yes baby, it's me," she said in a soothing tone. "You were shaking and crying in your sleep. Was it the nightmare again?"

Punk looked at her and pulled her to him hugging her tight. He buried his head in her neck and nodded. AJ just hugged him back and held him as he cried. This was a recurring nightmare that plagued his dreams for the past 3 months now and AJ knew how to calm him down. She would hug him, rub his back, and talked to him as he cried.

"I…I thought I lost you," Punk cried into her neck. "The…the dream was so real this time," he tried to shake the remains of the dream from his body.

"You didn't lose me," AJ whispered into his ear. "I'm still here and me and Junior are safe. Hear see for yourself," AJ took Punk's head and placed it on her growing belly. Punk waited for a few seconds and felt something gently hit his hand. His head shot up and he looked at AJ with tear filled eyes. "Ya," she said as tears started to flow down her face. "You felt the baby kick."

"I…how…when…" he stuttered. He couldn't believe that he felt his unborn son or daughter kick his hand, it was so amazing.

"I've been feeling things for a while now," she told him as she wiped the tears from both their eyes. "But 2 days I was able to feel it from the outside."

Punk put his hand back on AJ's belly and the baby kicked his hand again. "It's incredible," he whispered to himself. He then looked at AJ and launched himself at her and placed a powerful kiss on her lips.

Did she mention that this had become a norm for them too after Punk would have his nightmare. It seemed that after it occurred, they would end up having passionate intimate sex. It was like Punk needed to feel AJ around him, to have that intimate contact in order for him to believe that AJ and the baby were real and that they were safe.

As Punk kissed AJ, he let his hands wander under her shirt and let them move across her skin for a bit before they went to the hem of her shirt and pulled it off her body. He sat back a little and looked at her beautiful pregnant upper body. "You're so beautiful," he told her as he pushed her down on the bed.

He quickly attached himself back to her lips and began to nip at her lips, down her neck, and across her collarbone. He then got lower and took one of her growing breasts into his mouth while her played with the other one with his hand. AJ arched her back in pleasure and let out a moan while her nails dug themselves into his back. Punk groaned as he felt the pain of her nails in his back and all it did was turn him on even more.

Punk let go of her breasts and moved his hands to her panties where he quickly did away with them and he plunge a finger deep inside of her. "Yes," AJ screamed as a wave of pleasure flowed through her body. Punk began to nip at her neck again and continued to push his finger in and out of her.

After a few minutes AJ started to get restless and wanted Punk deep inside of her. "Please…Phil…" she pleaded with him. "Please…need you…so bad…"

Hearing her practically beg for his cock made Punk let out an animalistic growl and he felt himself grow harder. He wasn't the one to deny her of what she wanted, so he shed off his shorts and boxers and settled in between her legs. He kissed her one last time before he entered her with one powerful thrust.

Both partners let out moans of pleasure and Punk could feel her walls trying to adjust to his massive size. "Are you okay?" Punk asked his still moaning fiancée. AJ nodded her head and wrapped her legs around his waist signaling him to move.

At first he started off slowly thrusting at a pace that they could get used to. "Fuck you feel so good baby," he told her as he increased his pace a little bit. AJ brought her legs up higher to allow him to go deeper inside of her. "Yes baby…harder please…faster…"

Punk listened to her and started to pound into her hard and fast. Both of them started to feel their orgasms building up inside of them. "Oh yes baby," AJ moaned. "Just like that, I'm gonna cum." That was the thing that Punk wanted to hear, so he reached in between them and started to rub her sensitive nub and AJ came hard, "Phil…oh Phil!"

Punk felt her walls clamp down on him and that was all he need to come deep inside of her. "Fuck!" he shouted as he continued to thrust into her erratically until she milked him completely.

After a few more thrusts he pulled out and cuddled up against AJ. He had his head on her chest, one hand resting on her belly, and one leg thrown over hers while AJ hugged him tight. No words were exchanged and no looks were given. It was just them enjoying each other's company and they stayed like that until they were both fast asleep.

Poor Punk, he has been through so much and now he has to relive that day over and over again. At least he has AJ by his side to make him feel much better. So this story takes place 3 months after Forbidden Love and will move on from there. Tell me what you guys think.

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