Ever heard of Organisation Eight? Probably not but MI9 know them all to well. First of all they abduct agents from other secret services then they take every bit of information from them until they are left empty shells of who they once were...

'Now, MI9 have received intel on the operations currently going on inside organisation eight' stark said clearly standing at the front of the large room. Rose, carrie and oscar were all slumped at the back on their chairs, partly asleep.
'Have you ever heard of organisation eight?' carrie whispered and the other two sniggered. Frank smiled but changed to a straight face as stark looked over at them.
'Intel suggests that they are taking agents from our services, MI9,MI4,MI8 and MI44, those working there have been reported missing in action over the last three months and if intel reports are right, organisation eight are behind it' stark said as the head of m.i.9 walked in.
'Sorry for the interuption but can i speak to agent gupta, stewart and cole for a moment' she said turning to the three of them.
'Erm, um.. y-yes ma'am' stark said flustering a bit. Carrie held her hand over her mouth as she followed rose and oscar out. They walked down the corridors until they came to the heads office and walked in. They sat down on the chairs allocated to them as frank stood, hands clasped behind his back.
'Is something wrong ma'am?' he asked and she nodded, tapping away at her laptop as a picture of a teenage boy appeared on the large wall mounted projector.
'This is 8975, an experiment of organisation eight that m.i.9 have captured and held in a secure room on the fith floor of this building' she explained.
'So, whats it got to do with us?' carrie asked.
'Well, we beleive since it is infact your age that you would be able to get it to talk' she said kindly.
'Why are we referring to him as 'it'?' oscar asked a bit annoyed that they were calling him 'it'.
'We refer to it as 'it' because it was born in a lab from human cells and other life organisms close to humans, meaning its not fully human' she said sternly.
'But he looks human' oscar said insisted.
'You can refer to it however you like elsewhere, but here we say it because it has cause more of our agents to go missing than any other organisation' she said in a thats-the-end-of-it tone. Rose gave oscar a look as he was about to speak and he fell silent.
'Now, i want you to talk with it and see if you can get any information' she said and left them. The three of them and frank walked up to fifth floor and followed an agent as they lead them to a high security room. Frank nodded as the three of them were let in and he walked over to the observation room, built with a one way glass on one wall. Rose, carrie and oscar walked in and the door was sealed behind them, locking the only way out. The boy sat in the corner, his knees up to his chest, brown shaggy hair and his arms wrapped around himself. There was a table with four chairs around it and a file laying opened on it. The three of them walked over and sat down at the table. The other two looked at the file as oscar peeked over to the boy. He was watching him. Oscar smiled reassuringly but the boy didn't smile back.
'Oscar' rose said pushing the file towards him 'Its in braille'. Oscar looked over the file and started reading with ease, finding out more about 8975.
'Well?' carrie asked after a while and oscar looked up.
'It seems he hates strangers going near him, he doesn't talk to anyone or let them help him with anything and never moves too far from where he's sitting' he said quietly so the boy wouldn't hear.
'So this is pointless, we're strangers, he won't talk and he won't move' rose said sitting back and crossing her arms.
'You're missing something' oscar said going back to the file.
'What?' carrie asked leaning over and looking at the arrangement of dots along the pages.
'You know why braille is used right?' he asked still reading.
'Yeah, for people who are blind...' she trailed off and looked over to the boy.
'He can't see anyone, thats why he hates moving to far from where he knows is safe' oscar explained as rose leaned forward, being a bit more interested.
'So what do we do?' carrie asked as the three of them talked quietly.
'We make sure he can trust us before we ask him anything, if we jump in right away he'll just become worse and never talk' oscar said.
'Since when did you know all about this?' rose asked smiling.
'At my old foster home we had a boy named zach who was blind, you wouldn't beleive us if you saw him because he had memorised the whole house and walked around easily' oscar said smiling at the thought of small zach.
'So what happened to him?' carrie asked.
'He was fostered to a family after i left, we still send letters to each other, seems like he's enjoying it with them' he said still smiling.
'So how do we deal with 8975?' rose asked.
'We don't deal with him for a start, he's just like us' oscar said.
'But he's not human?' carrie said un-surely.
'Does he look like us?' oscar asked looking her in the eye and she sighed.
'Fine, what do we do mr. expert?' she asked putting on a fake voice and pretending to be a scientist. Oscar grinned and stood up from his chair.
'Where you going?' rose asked. Oscar sat down against the opposite wall from the boy and looked up to the other two who were confused.
'What?' he asked and they sighed and sat down beside him. The boy shifted further back against the wall, hearing them move away from the table and looked in their direction. Although he couldn't see, he was sure they were different from the scientists, as they called themselves, who had tried to move him.
'So how do we communicate with him?' rose asked looking at oscar he was leaning against the wall, completely relaxed around 8975.
'If he knows braille, then he might know morse code' oscar smiled. He moved his arm and let it rest on the floor for a minute.
'... .. / - -.- / -. .- - . ... / - ... -.-. .- .-. / .- ... .- - ... / -.- - ..- .-. ...' Hi, my names oscar whats yours? The boy listened to the taps and pauses before moving his arm aswell.

'.. / -.. - -. .-. - / -. - / -... -.- / .- -. -.- / -. .- - .' I do not go by any name

'-.. - / -.- - ..- / -.- -. - .- / .- ... . .-. . / -.- - ..- / .- .-. .' Do you know where you are?

'-. - / -.-. - ..- .-.. -.. / -.- - ..- / - . .-.. .-.. / - . -..- / .- ... .- - / .-. - - - / .- - / .. / .. -. ' No, could you tell me, what room am i in?

'-. / .. -. / .- / ... - .- .-.. .-.. / .- ... .. - . / .-. - - - / .- .. - ... / .- / - .- -... .-.. . / .. -. / - ... . / - .. -.. -.. .-.. . / .- .. - ... / ..-. - ..- .-. / -.-. ... .- .. .-. ... / .- .-. - ..- -. -.. / .. - / .- -. -.. / - -.- / - .- - / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. ... / .- .-. . / ... . .-. . / .-. - ... . / .- -. -.. / -.-. .- .-. .-. .. .' youre in mi9 in a small white room with a table in the middle with four chairs around it and my two friends are here rose and carrie

'.- ... -.- / .- - / .. / ... . .-. . ..-..' Why am i here?

'.. / -.. - -. .-. - / -.- -. - .-' I don't know...

Rose and carrie watched the boy and oscar communicate with each other and slowly, the boy seemed to relax around them. They picked up small parts of their conversation but no enough to string the full exchange together. Once oscar finished the boy nodded and sighed.
'So?' carrie asked.
'What did you say and what did he say back?' rose asked. He started telling them what they had both said and by the end they nodded and slumped back. How were they supposed to tell him he was here for questioning on something he probably didn't do?

So, what'd you guys think?, good?, bad? i got this idea when i was researching morse code and braille and thought why not make a story of it? I will include more information on Organisation eight in the next chapter and more of the background on 8975 (really need a name any suggestions?)
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