Oscar, rose and Carrie all reported back to the office the next morning and stood in front of the head and agent stark. Frank was working at the computer at the front of the room and looked up at they came in.
'Agent Gupta and agent Stewart, you are to go with agent london back to base and work out the next agency organisation with hit' the head stated clearly.
'What about oscar?' Carrie asked frowning.
'Agent cole will continue with the questioning of 8975' the head said turning to stark 'With help from agent stark'.
'What?!' oscar and Horatio exclaimed.
'I'm sorry, but if you are to speak with the subject you must have an adult present' she said.
'Yeah i understand that but why him?' oscar complained.
'I'm not to fond of the idea myself agent cole' stark snapped.
'Get your differences aside before you question the subject' the head said before walking out the room. Carrie and rose gave oscar sympathetic looks before following frank and back to base. Oscar grabbed his bag and stark stood in akward silence before they walked to the interrogation room. Stark went in first and oscar followed, watching the older agent carefully before setting his bag down. The boy hunched up smaller and bent his head, trying to get as far away from the agents as possible.
'Alright boy, you give us the answers we want and maybe you can get a better looking room' stark said taking a seat and flipping through the files.
'Really, thats your approach?' oscar questioned as he sat against the wall opposite 8975.
'And what are you doing?' stark snapped looking up from the files.
'Making him feel like a person instead of a lab experiment' oscar growled glaring at stark. Stark rolled his eyes and went back to the files, readin gover them slowly as he tried to work out the code. The boy looked up at the sound of oscar's voice and smiled nervously.
'Hey' oscar tapped.
'Hi' he tapped back.
'Now what are you doing?' stark asked looking up from the files.
'If you can't figure it out then you don't need to know' oscar said looking up at the confused agent.
'Whatever' he sighed.
'He's a bit thick isn't he' the boy tapped and oscar laughed. Stark glared at him before going back to the papers.
'Yeah he is' oscar tapped back and he sniggered.
'So why don't you talk?' oscar tapped cautiously waiting for his answer.
'I just don't like talking around people i don't know' he answered.
'What if it was just m and you?' oscar asked, knocking on the floor.
'No-one else?'
'No-one, just us two'
'Ok then'
'Stark can-'
'Cheif agent' horatio interrupted looking up.
'Fine, cheif agent stark, can you leave us two alone?' oscar said through clenched teeth.
'And why would i do that?' stark sounding bored.
'Because its the only way he'll talk' oscar said.
'And how do you know that?' stark said turning around to face him.
'Because unlike you i actually talk to him instead of ignoring him' oscar said simply.
'You havn't talked at all' stark said frowning.
'Morse code, ever heard of it?' oscar said waving his hand.
'Yes i have' stark said gritting his teeth.
'Then can you leave?' oscar asked and stark stood up.
'I'll be outside reading over these files' horatio said snatching up the files and pointing a finger at oscar.
'That'll take him a while' 8975 tapped and oscar laughed. Stark turned red and stormed out.
'Nice one' oscar said outloud smiling. He looked up and smiled, a genuine smile. Oscar stood up and walked over to the door where he had dumped his bag. He opened the zip and pulled out two books.
'Whats that?' 8975 tapped as he heard the bag open.
'Its a book, written entirely in braille, i thought you might want to keep it, must be boring in here' oscar said walking over to the wall he was leaning against and sat down.
'Thank you' he tapped as oscar handed him the book. He let his hands travel over the dots on the front and smiled.
'The castle of mystery' he tapped smiling.
'Yeah, i've read it, its a really good book' oscar tapped grinning. Oscar read over his own book, mission impossible while 8975 read over his, smiling and frowning as he did. After a while oscar looked over and saw him looking up and smiling.
'Whats up?' oscar tapped.
'Its just the character, arthur mystery, he reminds me of myself' he said grinning.
'Well, wouldn't it be nice to have a name instead of 8975?' oscar tapped smiling.
'Like arthur mystery?' he tapped turning to oscar and grinning.
'Yeah, why not?, i mean its a charater and you look like an arthur' oscar joked and 8975 smiled.
'Arthur mystery' he tapped smiling 'I like that'. The door to the room opened and frank walked partly in.
'Oscar, its time to go' he said and oscar nodded.
'Bye arthur' oscar said standing up and grabbing his bag. He was about to leave when a voice stopped him.
'Bye oscar'.